Meow-ry Christmas!

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It's two days before Christmas and I would like to extend all my holiday greetings to my readers in advance!

Unlike most kids I grew up with, I never collected Hello Kitty products when I was a young. Although I'm not a big fan, I can say I still do have the utmost admiration for the most popular bobtail cat as a children's icon around the world.

Everywhere I go, I get compliments because of these Vans sneakers Hello Kitty edition 

This fashionable feline has become a global superstar, and her face adorns over 50,000 products - from  dolls, apparels, stationery, bags, accessories, home decor and many more, sold in over 60 countries. Because Hello Kitty has become such a brand phenomenon, all I can feel is just this overwhelming gratefulness that I was one of the hosts of the "Hello Kitty Christmas at the North" event last December 8, 2012, a whole day affair which included a Hello Kitty meet-and-greet and fashion show, a collaboration between SM Department Store and Sanrio.

For the meet-and-greet pocket activity, Sanrio had its own host (forgot to catch her name but she's really good and she's a disc jockey I heard) while I took part in the Kids' Style Council Fashion Show. I'm so glad that at least, I got to host a segment even though my sore throat left me with this really husky voice which made it very challenging for me to do my job. Thankfully, my bosses have been truly understanding of my condition. Whew! I was able to pull through despite my swelling tonsils!

1. Me hosting the Hello Kitty Kids' Style Council / 2. Hello Kitty mascot / 3. HK themed kitchen at Interior Zone 
4. HK volkswagen / 5 - 6. HK Christmas Village houses (Photos taken from Rhea Bue & SM North FB)

Apart from the event, Sanrio has also put up an enormous and awesome Hello Kitty Christmas Village at SM North Edsa (The Block, Atrium) which is definitely a must-see! Some of the attractions include a cafe that is selling scrumptious breads and pastries courtesy of Bread Talk, cool houses, cat cars on display, an exclusive luxe collection, an array of small to giant HK dolls, themed homes at Interior Zone, lanterns and many more.

I must say, Hello Kitty's kawaii goodness and charm has started to work on me; slowly luring me into this intense Kitty craze of kids in all ages. Seeing a myriad of HK items, I couldn't help but be a little nostalgic about buying a few HK stationeries during my grade school days because back then, it was such a big hit so girls could write to their friends and of course crushes.

Hello Kitty's image transcended its initial market - from children, to teens and now adults. "Cute" has become a personal style and/or look of choice among most people and this is why this puss in red bow managed to appeal even to grown ups.

Since Christmas only comes once a year, I wanted to reminisce my childhood by dressing up a little juvenile than I usually do with this Lanvin-inspired thrifted tulle dress and my dandy Vans Hello Kitty Edition sneakers. Plus my nails match the yuletide season really well courtesy of course of Nail It!

Lanvin-inspired dress, Thrifted | Celine Belt
Rhinestone holiday themed nails c/o of Nail It!
Bracelet c/o of I am Girlie accessories

Meow-ry Chritmas everyone! Have a good one! This Christmas, I encourage everyone to read my past two holiday-related entries for the past two years for a little more depth and substance.
1) Do You Know Why We Wear Red During Christmas? 
2) Christmas Season Engages the Whole World in a Conspiracy of Love

Photos c/o of Adly Velasco.


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