Precious Moments: Nail Pampering Sessions

8:10 PM

My schedule has been pretty hectic these past few months that's why my Nail It! weekly nail care pampering time is very precious to me.

For me to use the word preoccupied seems to be an understatement. I feel like being more than busy; my work mostly eating up long hours every day, including my weekends (which are supposedly rest days). Recently, the hours that I'm said-to-be "available" are either dedicated for travel time, sleeping, eating or getting dressed; which you might think I'm exaggerating but it honestly does feel like it.

Even my love life had to take the back seat. I only get to see my boyfriend every Sunday since he started working full time in the office (until Saturday). I no longer enjoy shopping or going to the mall or even manage to allot time in attending events or meeting my equally busy close friends (we communicate through text and online though). When I decided to focus on my production management / styling / hosting work and grabbed every promising opportunity being offered, I lost time for almost everything. BUT I'll never let my work load take away my time at least for myself (the little that's left of it). This is why I make sure I schedule a Nail It! appointment at least once in my week because it's a time for me to simply sit back and truly relax.

Before, I usually get my nails done at Nail It!'s Abada branch in Katipunan. When the Centris franchise opened last month, I was was so happy because now, it's more accessible to me. It is conveniently located along Centris Walk, the area beside Centris Mall (which is connected to MRT Q. Ave station). When you see Gold's Gym, walk the opposite way (you'll pass by the activity area) all the way towards the end.

Like all Nail It! branches, the one in Centris is clean and very cozy. I like that the colors are all white for that calming effect, with accents of lilac and purple - Nail It!'s signature color!

There are also a lot of polish colors and nail products to choose from such as OPI, Orly, Vegan, Dazzle Dry and Essie! 

Since I always go there alone, the only photos I have are in my phone. If you follow me on Instagram (@thestyleandsoul), you'll notice how most of my photos are about my Nail It! trips, haha. Some of my readers even think I go there almost every day (no once a week lang naman, haha).

Aside from the excellent service, Nail It! is very affordable! It only looks expensive but wait till you see the price list (taken from Nail It!'s FB page). If you're having a hard time choosing a service, you can try the nail salon's packages!

If you're too far from Centris branch but would like to try (you should, haha) Nail It!, you may visit its other branches located in:

Pearl Drive
Rosa Alvero St., Katipunan
Estefan Abada, Loyola Heights
Rockwell Business Center, Ortigas
3F Glorietta 3, Makati
Connecticut Arcade, Greenhills
Dona Soledad, Better Living, Bicutan
Festival Mall, Alabang
SM Valenzuela

Nail It! also opened in Alphaland Southgate Mall (Magallanes) just two weeks ago! I'm so excited to tell you more about that slumber party in my future post. Congrats Nail It! for a booming business this year!

Disclosure: I'm affiliated with Nail It! as a resident blogger.


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  1. felt jealous for a while there while reading this post haha. Need a little pampering myself!

    1. You should dear! And go to nail it of course! hehehe :)

  2. I love the French Manicure color (top photo)! Should probably visit Nail It! :)

    Daphne of Metamorphosis

  3. Me time is great!!! :) make sure you I clude that weekly okay? To keep us sane!!! :)


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