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Aside from some "me" time, sleep is the next thing that I consider most valuable to me right now.

I know, I've already said countless of times how busy life has been for me these past few months. Seriously, I haven't been getting enough hours of sleep because of my projects. Currently, I have on my plate: TV programs, indie films plus other video production projects, styling stints and hosting gigs. Ah, the life of a freelance diva of all media!

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However, despite my ultra hectic schedule which left me with almost no time to do anything else (and yes, that somehow includes blogging), some of my friends and workmates wonder how I'm able to jump (or as they say, tumambling, haha) from one project to another without losing my zeal and energy for the things I do. 

Well of course, passion and faith is a major factor that fuels my positive attitude towards work. Nevertheless, nothing beats sleep! I'd like to believe that there's more to a good night's sleep than eight or more hours of bedtime. The most important thing is that you're able to go to bed with a clear conscience -- knowing that you haven't wronged or harbored any ill feelings towards anyone.

To those of you who have been keeping a close eye to what's happening in the fashion blogging circle, you are probably aware that anonymous accounts had been created (at present, a notorious and controversial blog has been recently shut down) to bash other bloggers. To see all of these happening and to hear rumors and accounts circulate like wild fire isn't entertaining at all (for some of you, yeah maybe it is).

It can be disappointing to witness how far and low other people would go in order to ruin others by spreading hate and gossips altogether especially if you'd like to focus on the "goodness" in people. Imagine how much time they have to make a calculated effort to cut each others' throats. It makes me wonder, how do persons like these sleep well at night if they are so full of animosity?

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Though I have these sentiments, I'm not here pretending to be all nice and perfect. Speaking from my own personal experience, I've had rifts with other people in the past too. One thing about me is that I'm the confrontational, expressive type who will fight if I have to. However, I never go out of my way or resort to sneaky and evil tactics to purposely hurt anyone (in a lot of times, it has been the other way around). I've experienced a couple of issues, got hurt and now, I'd like to believe I have learned from these and have grown to be mature and more in touch with my faith. Whatever it is, I now always try my best, no matter how difficult it is, to choose the higher road -- to think before I speak, to fix conflicts at its earlier stages before they even get worse, to stay away from people who love to talk about others in a negative light, to distance myself from people I don't want to maintain superficial relationships with, to use proper personal communication in addressing those whom I have to clear the air with and to give my trust only to a selected few.

Too much work may have taken away some hours that I would've allotted for sleeping but I'm really happy to say that less drama in life plus my dedication to achieve peace and contentment within myself has brought me the best quality of sleep that I can ever have. Now, my next goal is to save up so I can reward my hardworking self with a luxury bed in the near future!

What I'm talking about is not exactly a specific furniture or bed frame design. I'm actually referring to getting myself a high-quality mattress from Magniflex.

The brand was introduced to me when I got booked for a hosting job for Magniflex' Blogger Slumber (thanks to Marj) last month. Unlike Lacey Jones The Poker Barbie, a pro poker player and a well-known host of poker tournaments, shows and events; I on the other hand don't have my own niche just yet. I'm an events host and I'm up for anything! To those who are interested, just feel free to contact me. :)

Of course as the host, I familiarized myself with the brand and its products. Magniflex is an Italian, high-end brand of mattresses, pillows and other resting accessories. Endorsed by Daphne Osena-Paez and Kenneth Cobonpue, their products (especially the mattresses) are all made from "eco-compatible" materials and are specifically designed to follow our body's natural contour in order to correctly support the spine, neck, shoulders and other limbs.

The Magniflex show room

Magniflex has a Classic and Geoethic line of mattress types that would address all of your needs (solution to back problems, spine ailments etc.) and preferences (size, firmness/softness, etc.). The mattresses also come in unique, stylish embroidered covers made of wood, bamboo, gold, silver, corn, botany wool, cotton and even outlast. My most favorite is the Duoform XS, one of the softest variant among the mattresses available.

The event occurred in Home Studio located in Greenhills San Juan.
Saw these beauty bloggers Angel N. together with (finally been formally introduced to) Nikki!

We gave the bloggers a quick tour around the place before heading to the Magniflex show room.
Raleene and Vern participated in a game called "Pinoy Henyo!"
Torch Restaurant served us a scrumptious dinner (composed of 4 - 5 courses)!

Together with Marj's event planning team!

Yummy sweets and desserts by Sophie's Mom.

I'm sure you're wondering how much these extravagant mattresses are. The price range of Magniflex is around P60,000 to P200,000++ and they accept flexible payment terms. Coming from a middle class family, I understand how it is to settle for mediocre furnishings and appliances. This is why I'm trying to save up so I can soon afford the better things in life. Honestly, the price is something a frugal person like me would be willing to pay if it means investing on something where I would spend one-third of my life (which is sleeping) in. (30)

Everyone enjoyed the bed photo booth. How unique!

* * * * *

"Be angry and do not sin; let not the sun go down upon your wrath." -Ephesians 4:26

P.S. You have to see and feel the Magniflex mattresses yourself to understand what I'm talking about. Visit the Magniflex showroom at Home Studio Building, 63 Connecticut St., Greenhills, San Juan. The place is also open for event venue rentals.

Disclosure: I hosted the Magniflex Blogger Slumber last September 20, 2012. Photos are taken from Home Studio PH and http://annalyn.net.


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  1. Getting enough sleep is so rare! But if you have a mattress like those, for sure getting sleep will not be a problem! Now if only I can afford those! Haha!

    And the food made me hungry!

  2. OMG. Ang mahal naman ng bed. Parang ayoko na bumangon if I buy one. Hahaha! Sleeping Beauty na ang peg ko. Hahaha! Also, I am so astounded with the amount of time people spend to create anonymous accounts and leave nasty comments. It's so ridiculous.

  3. Wow! I love your job! I'd trade nights of sleep for an exciting work such as yours :*

  4. It was great meeting you (formally) that night and I hope to bump into you again in future events! :D


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