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To find one's edge is essential. "Edge" is what keeps you different from the other and makes you stand out -- that little extra something that puts you one step ahead of the pack. It's in you all along but most of you haven't found it yet. In order for you to do so, you need to explore the world around you, learn new things, experience life out of your comfort zone, jump into the uncertain and push yourself to do the impossible. Achieve all these things in the realm that knows no boundaries and you'll come out bolder and edgier than you've ever been, ready to take on life's greatest detours and challenges.

Although this idea of "edge" may not be the direct and exact point of Wrangler's Fall/Winter 2012 Collection campaign, I think it's good to exercise thinking and interpreting a brand's ad campaign beyond what its press kit says. For Wrangler, the Boundless Traveller is a free-spirited, adventure-seeking nomad, always on the move to his next destination day and night. Its latest campaign for the season "Find Your Edge - Boundless Traveller," revolves around the tale of two people who are driven by their passion for discovery and armed with "functional yet edgy outfits for every journey."

Others can probably relate to the campaign for they are experienced jet-setters who have toured many different places while in their most stylish yet comfortable clothing staples. I, on the other hand am a boundless traveller myself for I have lived my  life without rules. I've taken some short cuts, I've taken a detour. I once turned left from the 'right' path, deviated from everyone else's route. I've run away and on certain moments I've taken my time. I've constructed my own road and walked on it freely. Looking back, I know I'm miles away from where I began. Each one of us has our own journey - literally and figuratively.

Wrangler's empowering slogan for its campaign is not only open to one's relative understanding. It is also accompanied by a collection of bright-colored tops, tailored cover-ups and light-weight denim bottoms. A few weeks ago, the brand showcased it's new array of apparels at Robinsons Place Manila. Let the Wrangler #RoadShow begin!

Upon arriving, I knew that  Wrangler would make the catwalk experience more overwhelming to its guests when I saw the creative set-up of wooden platforms with hanging cut-out boards instead of the usual long runway stage. 

One of the freshest faces in television today hosted the event. The British-Filipino model and ETC host, Kim Jones.

From the clothes presented, I was impressed by Wrangler's trademark product which are the denim bottoms, and a few pieces of their menswear cover-ups. However, I wasn't a big fan of some of their tops for women maybe because I'm not that into fitted shirts and polos. 

If you want to check out the rest of the collection, visit Angel's blog.
Hmmm... I'm not digging the outfit on the left.

Right after the unveiling of its Fall/Winter 2012 collection, Wrangler presented the 7 Icons featured on their jeans. As a shopper, I wasn't actually paying attention (except for the logo and "W" stitch patch I guess) to the brand's detailing -- not until they pointed it out. 

Overall, the Wrangler Fall/Winter 2012 collection launch was a huge success. Robinsons Place Manila Atrium was extremely packed (no kidding) with guests and press people. Congratulations to the whole team for pulling off a well-attended #RoadShow.

From the "working cowboy" to now the "boundless traveller," Wrangler has indeed evolved over a hundred years of denim heritage since it was founded in 1904. As one of the biggest denim brands worldwide, you can clearly see that the team behind the brand is fully committed to denim innovation and craftsmanship which allows it to keep up with the latest and modern trends of today. I guess that is the brand's edge. What's yours? (30)

For more information, visit http://www.wrangler-ap.com.
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P.S. I didn't have an outfit shot for that day but I have a group shot with some bloggers I met during the event plus my Nail It! sisters Tina and Jac! 

Photo source: (L-R) Tina, Me, Jac, Hash, Adly, Gian and Kayra
Wearing: F-STOP Bodycon dress | SM Parisian bag and boots | I am Girlie Necklace | Thrifted vest

Disclosure: Blog entry and event attendance is by invitation and blog collaboration with First Tier Brands, the agency handling the PR and Marketing of Wrangler PH. Special thanks to Ms. Angie Limbaco.


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  1. I love how you interpreted their campaign...life is indeed one long journey...we don't have to be jet-setters to say that we're travellers!

    1. Roma! Haha. I really love it when I know someone has obviously read the entry. Haha. Tamaaa! :) But still, even though I'm life's boundless traveller, I'd love to travel as well! Pero savings muna bago spending for travels! Hehe :)


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