Summer lovin' had me a blast

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Even though I'm not very fond of the beach, when I got an invitation from Globe Tattoo to go to Boracay for a little getaway, I said yes. I figured, declining would only mean how much of a KJ (kill-joy) I am for not having fun every once in a while, and how dumb it could possibly be to say no to an all-expense-paid trip.

Weeks before the trip, I couldn't stop imagining the outfits that I'd be wearing during my 3-day stay there. But I was lazy to ready my things and kept on putting it off and little did I know, I got so busy till I realized it was only three hours before my trip! Nakakaloka. I was sooo unprepared. All my imagined outfits are in the laundry, Raleene and I were texting each other what we'd be bringing at 1:00AM and I ended up stuffing random items in my bag. Gaaahd, I hate cramming so much.

I then arrived at the airport two hours before my 7:00AM flight. While waiting, I was wondering what the other bloggers would be like since the only familiar faces that I'd be seeing are Raleene, Cheyser and Megann (who currently works for Tattoo).

At first, I was anxious about socializing with strangers, but knowing myself, I usually loosen up after a while till I become my talkative version. Believe me, sobrang madaldal ako and being one has a mixed review. Either people love it or would find it too annoying.

Thank goodness I sat beside Kring Elenzano during the flight. We instantly hit it off. To those who aren't familiar with her, Kring hosts a humor blog and anything-korean or K-Pop blog plus she's a video blogger with as much as 600K views (wow). She considers herself as one of the 2nd generation bloggers who have been posting online since around 2006, when blogging wasn't that popular yet. Finally, I found someone who talks more than me, haha! I listened to her narratives of how things used to be way back when she started.

1) Boracay airport photo by 
2) Coy Caballes (Social Media Manager of Tattoo), Ivy of, Raleene and Kring
3) Raleene and Megann
4) Caticlan pier, about to ride a boat going to Boracay

As soon as we reach our destination, we immediately settled in our 2-bedroom suite at The Palms of Boracay. Raleene and I shared a room together while Megann and Cheyser were roomies for the time being.

Our room had awesome lighting I promise! Look at Ral and Megann giving it a try.

After a quick rest and getting-to-know-you stage with Ivy and Kring, we headed to Shangri La hotel for some buffet lunch.

Gorgeous Shangri La hotel in Boracay. First 2 photos above by 

Food at the end of this walkway :)

Tattoo then prepared a mini SPArty for all their guests by the beach. Just in time for Cheyser's arrival. She took on a separate trip since she came from Davao. We all enjoyed massages plus a mani-pedi, something I missed out to do before leaving Manila.

My favorite shot of the four of us. 

Kring having a foot massage while Cheyser waiting for her turn at the nail service.

Spotted: Style Bible's Jacque De Borja, Chalk EIC Nana Caraga, Preview's Daryl Chang

 I bet he's tweeting! Ganyan ang blogger, haha.

Our group was an interesting mix of bloggers who are passionate in their own respective fields. The trip included Survivor castaway Chucky Dreyfus of All Chucked Up (personal), Kring Elenzano of Funny Sexy (humor) and My Korean Boyfriend (K-Pop culture), Ivy of When In Manila (general), business blogger and social entrepreneur Sonnie Santos, Cheyser Pedregosa of Walking Recessionista (fashion), Doy Buenviaje of I love Cebu (Cebu lifestyle), Megann Jabola of Style Surgery (fashion), Mark Macanas of Tech Pinas (technology), Melai Entuna (me) of Style and Soul (fashion), artist and fashionista Raleene Cabrera, plus multi-awarded personal blogger ES Diman of Yoshke.comThe Poor Traveler and Philippine Beaches (travel).  

By the time I reach this part of my entry, I'm now exhausted between sorting and editing photos while writing. Let's just say our day was extremely packed and telling the whole story can be tiring. Our last stop was a dinner and media press conference at a Spanish restaurant called Dos Mestizos.

Spotted: Tim Yap and Raymond Gutierrez 

We were free to do anything we want afterwards so we hit the night life of Boracay. As the cliche' statement goes, "The night is young and so are we."

How about you? How's your summer? Comment if you like and I'd love to hear more about it! :)


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  1. Totally love how you shared to us your experiences for Live Tattoo's first day in Boracay! :) Looking forward to your next kwento's, Melai! :) Glad you went there!


  2. Your photos are so lovely, Melai! It was so great to meet everyone. Glad you enjoyed Boracay! :) Thank you for this post!

    ♥ Megann of Style Surgery

  3. Hi Melai! Mica here hehe :P I'm glad I met you in Boracay even if I am not officially invited for the event hehe. Hope to see you again soon! Kaaliw ka Beki girl ka rin LOL :P

  4. @Arnie: Thaaanks! :)

    @Megann: Salamat! I know right! I love Yoshke! Thanks too to you guys! :)

    @Mica: Mica!!! Hello! Nice to see you in the blogging world! Nice to meet you!

  5. great photo's!!! <3


  6. great photos Melai! Hope to see you again! :)

  7. @Ivy: Thanks dear! I want to see you again too! Soon! :)

  8. class! parang ang saya :)) you go, Melai! :) nice photos!

  9. @Paul: Thanks dear! Yep it was fun! :)


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