Things to remember if you're going to F21 SM North opening this Friday

7:30 PM

You don't have to wait for forever. 

Forever 21, one of the giant US fashion retailers is now in Quezon City. I bet fashion enthusiasts residing in QC like me couldn't be more than delighted with this news. So far, F21 in Philippines has branches in SM Megamall, SM Makati and SM City Cebu. 

Starting April 20, QC stylistas and F21 fans will never have to go that far. 

Charlotte Free for F21 (Photo grabbed from Forever 21)

Looking back at my experience when the first F21 branch opened in SM Megamall July of 2010, I endured the long lines, the crowded store and the packed dressing rooms. I wouldn't be surprised if the very same scenario occurs once again. 

Since I've been to both F21 openings here in Manila, I've come up with a few reminders which are all based on experience, which you would probably find useful if you're a first-timer this Friday.  

1) Come early. As early as 8:00 AM.
Nah, maybe that's too much. But no kidding. A friend of mine came at 10:00 AM and the line was very long that seemed like it would never end. Going before mall hours won't just put you ahead of the line. You'll also get the first dibs on the items, enough space to roam around and a slot at the most-coveted dressing rooms. By the time you're paying for your purchases, the more shoppers will start to come in. That way, you won't have to brave the chaos of the F21 craze.

Also, early birds get special freebies from F21!

2) Have a game plan. 
Ask yourself, "What matters the most?" Rank the items that you want to buy. Example: 1) Shoes, 2) Blazers, 3) Bottoms, 4) Tops, 5) Dresses, 6) Accessories. By doing this, you don't only save time, you get to buy the pieces that you really want without being so confused about which section to visit first when you get inside the huge F21 store.

During the F21 SM Makati opening, I wanted to buy the floral Mary Janes but decided to put it off and walk around first in order to take photos for my blog. By the time I got back to the shoe rack, to my horror and dismay, the shoes were already out of stock particularly in my size, which was 7. I sighed and stared with envy at the girls who got their own pairs.

3) Prepare your budget.
Everything in F21 is tempting. You might overspend if you don't watch out for your expenses. Just make sure you have enough moolah to satisfy your fashion cravings.

4) Know your body too well.
You may not be able to fit the clothes you want to buy because a lot of girls will definitely be competitive when it comes to owning up dressing rooms. Memorize your sizes. Make sure you know which silhouettes fit you best and if you're having second thoughts, simply go back another day to fit the items just so your money don't go to waste. 

5) Stay fashionable but comfortable.
Fashionistas like you will be there, without a doubt. Of course, you wouldn't want to look out-of-place around stylish girls. Just make sure you don't over do it. You'll be doing a lot of walking and shopping so you may want to put comfort first this time.

Don't forget F21 SM North Edsa branch is located at 2nd floor in SM The Block, situated in front of SM Appliance Center, near the activity area. There's also a free gift that comes with every P5,000 peso worth of purchase. Enjoy shopping! 

Disclaimer: All F21 store photos were grabbed from


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  1. cool post! love forever 21!!!!

    Visit my blog and if you want we can follow each other via GFC!
    have a great day!

  2. Great post, Melai! Hope to see you soon! :) :)

  3. @lisa: Thanks dear! :) People here in the philippines super love this brand too :)

  4. @Cristina: Thanks dear! Yes hope to see you soon too! :)

  5. such an informative post Ms. Melai :)

    ps: thanks for liking my tumblr post. btw, i got the pants from SM Surplus shop.

    paint it stripes
    New Post is up, Hope you can check it out :)

  6. @Melissa: Thank you! :)

    @czarianonuevo: Thaaanks dear :) Wow you got it there? Nice! Yep, will check it!

  7. Iba talaga ang experience sa F21 eh. Though I have been sa SM Mega... grabe ang daming tao.. too many choices pero dapat alam mo na tlga gsto mo at ano ung babagay sayo.. which is good you noted on this entry. Unahan yan kaloka. I'm excited though hehe and I can't wait as well. Sana may extra cash ako for this one <33333

  8. @Aisha: I know what you mean. It's a huuuge store and minsan, it's enough to just shop there. Even though the items are above average price, people still really flock the area. And yes, too many choices. It can get you too confused on what to get! I bet kalurky nga yan this opening! :)


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