Bloggers United 4: Why I Won't Be There BUT You Should Be!

4:08 PM

It has been more than a month since I last updated my blog. Sometimes I wonder, is it because I don't know how to manage my time that I find it difficult to squeeze in a lot of social media activities? Or (on the more positive side) I have been doing so well in prioritizing all the things that I ought to do first above blogging?

The latter, most probably.

Well for one, the most obvious reason (the one that I keep on saying over and over) is that I've been too preoccupied with work -- been juggling quite a lot actually. Kudos to those who can still keep their virtual lives pretty much active despite their tight schedules. As for me, whatever free time I have left, I'd rather spend for myself and the people who mean a lot to me within my personal space. Apart from that, I went as far as I could from all the negativity that clouded the fashion blogging circle a few months ago caused by a toxic online catfight as puts it, and simply did my own thing.

Now that I have some time to spare, I'm back in blogging with amazing news: Bloggers United Bazaar is here once again! Since Ana, Aisa and I are too busy to be too hands-on in planning the event, we agreed to partner with WorldBex (World Bazaar Festival) Bazaar so we won't have to worry on everything else except for the most important tasks like coordinating with the bloggers, promotions and handling our event on the day/s itself which will be on December 15 - 16 at World Trade Center!

For this particular installment, I chose to take the backseat unlike during the previous events because I'm more focused on my work for indie film productions (my top priority!), hosting and wardrobe styling. Among the three of us, Ana has stepped it up and I'm just glad that my co-founders understood that I had to give way for certain opportunities that are far more important in the direction where I'm taking my life right now.

As much as I would love to be at the back-to-back bazaar, I can't because during that time, I will be in a Singapore trip sponsored by Air Asia Philippines and Air Asia Go Philippines. One of the reasons why I felt the need to announce this isn't because I wanted to brag. It's more of because I don't want to leave with people spreading false gossips about why I'm not around Bloggers United bazaar. With everything that happened, it's better to make sure people know so they don't assume or speculate anything wrong. I was touched when Raleene told me BU will never be the same without me hosting it but this trip really means a lot to me. Sure, I can afford to travel on my own but this blog project is special in a sense that, I was chosen and was offered this experience despite the fact that I'm not as active in blogging as I used to be. Who would have thought?

There may be other people out there who think they deserve this kind of opportunity more because they have more followers or higher statistics or a better updated blog. However, those aren't always the factors (though they play a huge role) why certain bloggers are chosen to take part in collaborations and campaigns. I feel so blessed that despite a humble following and lack of recent posts, my content is well-appreciated.

Unexpected surprises truly feel the most amazing of all. Just when I no longer think of the perks blogging has to offer, here comes something that makes me grateful that I decided to be one as my pastime. I'm really excited for this trip! Will tell you more about it when I come back! Aaand... will try my best to stay updated, hehe.

Meanwhile, when you do visit Bloggers United bazaar this weekend, please drop by my booth because I'm selling over 100+ items for as low as P50! Stay tuned to Style and Soul's facebook page because I'll be posting there a teaser of what you can expect from my closet!


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  1. have fun, melai!! you deserve this! oh and ral's right :( bu won't be the same without you :((


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