The Inconvenient Truths

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Back when we were kids, various kinds of narratives used to be the source of how we come to distinguish what is right from wrong. These fairy tales, fables, allegories etc. somehow served as the basis on how we conducted ourselves as children.

Pinocchio for one, is the fictional character prone to telling lies and whose tale is being used as an example to kids who are fond of making up stories. His account is considered a classic in children's literature (the derivative version at least) and the moral lesson as always, is that (as we tell the little ones), lying is bad and telling the truth is good -- as easy as that.

However, for most of our lives, we are confined in situations that aren't as simple. As we age, we also come to realize how convoluted life is. In reality, truth is not always virtuous. William Blake (a critical figure in the history of poetry and visual arts in the Romantic Age) said it best, "A truth that's told with malicious intent beats all the lies you can invent."

thrifted neon lace high-waist skirt

We could agree or dissent with Blake's idiosyncratic view on truth and lie altogether but I'd like to  acknowledge the point that he has raised. For instance, dishing out dirt on other people, no matter how true it is, isn't a matter of telling the truth for the sake of truth itself. A lot of us think that disclosing others' filthy little secrets, off-putting attitudes or awful behavior is fair. It isn't. For whatever justice you think it serves, despite all the negative attributes a person has, I also think that no one has the right to humiliate or destroy someone's character using truth as an excuse for any insecure, vengeful or nefarious purpose. All of us are free to express but none of us can say that we are better beings if all the while we go on naming names and telling other people how mean, evil or fake another is.

"Let he, who does not sin cast the first stone," so He said.

With all due respect to those who are probably raising their eyebrows as they read, I'm not trying to insult your intelligence with hypocrisy nor am I pertaining to anyone in particular. My past may come back to haunt me or for more, may be used against me. However, I take pride in never denying who I am and who I used to be.

Life overall had it's painful way of teaching me something valuable. I've come to learn that truth take many inconvenient forms. It can be detrimental as I previously mentioned, and in a lot of cases, unnecessary.

Floral corset, Style Staple | Printed cover and belt, Thrifted | Shoes, F-STOP

The fact remains that a major fragment of real life includes being spectators at the juicy and/or controversial personal lives of people we know (or probably just acquainted with) either within the same industry, in our workplace, our neighborhood, school or even family (referring to the relatives). Whatever issues these people are going through is none of our business except for those directly involved. We may not see eye to eye here as you may call it indifference but for me, it's simply restriction.

Think about it. We may observe from afar or be aware of what has been going on around us but our particular unyielding desire to hear the stories, to witness the scenes and to know the specific details of the affairs of other people are certain "truths" we may want to consider abstaining from.

Most of the moral lessons in this world are incommunicable. The books contain it and the wise elderly may advise us about it, but actually, there are things that we will only truly learn if and when we experience it ourselves. I realized that these inconvenient truths are part of the pitfalls of living. When we have a life that is satisfying, then it should be difficult for us to find the time to participate (even though merely passive) in the lives of others.

What happens to other people within their personal (or even private) space is irrelevant to our lives. There are certain things we do not need to say, to listen to and to discern no matter how true these are because it means nothing and won't gain us anything. (30)

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I'd like to thank Tina for taking my outfit pictures (yahoooo). Seriously I haven't taken one in ages since I haven't worn anything blog-worthy lately, haha.

This is what I wore for Nail It's ad campaign pictorial in Cubao Expo. It was such an honor to have Everywhere We Shoot's Ryan (our photographer) and Garovs (our art director) work with us on this. I was such in a fan girl mode the whole time they were shooting us (kilig much)! Of course special thanks also to Jean Uvero (the owner) and Jariss Manlapas (marketing manager) for giving me this opportunity.

Here's our behind-the-scenes video!

Recently, I haven't been doing as much blogging collaborations as I used to around a year ago since I decided to focus on my projects in indie filmmaking this year. I guess it's nice to do one every now and then. This is maybe why I really found this shoot very exciting. I'm not that close to my fellow resident bloggers and it's great to get the chance to bond and know them a little better.

Can't wait to see the photos when they're up!

Foot Note: "Inconvenient Truth" is also the title of a 2006 documentary film about Vice President Al Gore's campaign to educate citizens about global warming.


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  13. First off, love the outfit. You got me at yellow tapos neon and lace pa! That's a winner in my book.

    And about the post, I agree with you. It is not justice/fairness to "reveal" to others another person's dirt just because it's true. If it's particularly damaging, how would you gauge it to be fair? There's no standard of measure and people will go on getting an eye for an eye until everyone's blind.

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