Nail Trend: Chanel Couture Fall 2012

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In case you didn't notice, fashionable nails have made it to the center stage since 2011 as an addition to existing famous beauty trends, evidently seen on blogs and websites solely dedicated to nail art and nail polish must-haves - all thanks to the popularization of behind-the-scenes coverage of runway shows. 

Early this year, pastel colors have been such a hit that these colors are carried over till the second half of the season and probably till next year (as seen on Resort 2013 collections). Pastel nails have been very prominent during spring/summer 2012 catwalk particularly in Chanel, Phillip Lim, Monique L'huillier and Zac Posen collections.

With these creamy toned-down hues, no one can go wrong. A huge portion of today's young fashionistas are more into anything dainty, pretty and ladylike so it's no wonder why pastels made their mark this year.

Despite the change in season, pastel nails aren't going anywhere. Chanel particularly kept this color (in rose blush pink) to compliment its Couture Fall 2012 collection but added a silver lining twist to it. According to MTV FORA, this is the first-time ever that Chanel did nail art for its couture show.

Chanel's Couture Fall 2012 was themed "new vintage" but I'm not so sure if there's anything surprisingly new to it. The show was said to be an homage to Chanel's design history where the label's signature classic tweed jackets and suits made an appearance. The silhouettes presented resonated the clothes of the 1940s made modern with shimmer tights, finger-less gloves, crescent moon manicure and shiny slouched beanies.

The palette of the collection revolved around blush pinks, grays, blacks and metallics for an additional dose of modernity. Other details placed for dramatic effect included feather appliques, heavy beading, pearl, tulle and pom pom embellishments that speak of class, sophistication and luxury for the "privileged" lady.

Like Chanel Couture's F2012, you can spin any feminine ensemble using metallic accents and accessories. When it comes to your simple pastel-polished nails, transform it to something forward and edgy by adding a metallic outline to it - feminine, classy and never too crazy.

You can afford to keep up with the latest nail trends straight from the runway without compromising your budget. You can request for this nail art at any Nail It! branch near you.

Disclosure: Style and Soul is a resident blogger for Nail It! Photos were grabbed from and MTV Fora


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  1. Hey melai..I actually just written an article for a site re nail art options for women..apparently, some of them feel the trend is for the young ones lang :) personally though, I haven't tried :)

    1. Really? I feel like it still suits older women, depends on the combination of colors! :)


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