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A lot of us are recessionistas in real life - style enthusiasts who always keep an eye out for the latest sales, biggest price cuts and frugal finds. For every fashionista on a budget, this is your lucky month as I give you a quick list of the recent bazaar schedules and brand sale announcements for the month of July.

F-STOP July Sale
F-STOP is an online store selling unique and fabulous thrift treasures, trendy brand new items and popular Asian shoes - all for a price that a budget fashionista can definitely afford. This month, enjoy whopping price cuts on items that are unbelievably cheap already. 

Because you don't need to spend that much for your fashion craving, don't miss out F-STOP's July Sale starting July 20 till the end of the month!

Freeway / Ensembles / Solo Mid-year Sale
The sale for every style. For the young trendsetter, fashionable professional and the edgy wild card, this 3-in-1 sale is all for you guys! Elite Garment's 3 major brands started their mid-year sale since the start of the month and it's not too late for you to catch up!

Are you building up your work wardrobe? Then hit the nearest Ensemble branch. Want to get your hands on Freeway's National Artist collectibles? Time to get high with culture! Thinking about experimenting with edgier street style? Then go Solo!

For each style, there a wide variation of apparels to choose from. You have until July 30 to shop!

Super Sale Bazaar
Super Sale is one of the most popular bazaars in the metro. It features alternative brands which you can only find online at the most reasonable prices. If you're still having qualms about shopping online, then time to meet the owners of the stores and of course, check out their products in person so next time you go web store buying, you don't have to worry about your purchase.

P.S. I'll be selling here some of F-STOP's items and of course personal pre-loved clothes. See you on July 13 - 15 at the World Trade Center!

Sale: Michael Antonio PH
We all know that Michael Antonio isn't for the ordinary, middle class shoe lover. Their prices are above average and if you've been drooling for their bangin' heels for quite some time now, then grab this chance and be on the look out for your favorite pair from July 13 - 15 only! 

According to their advertisement, prices will be discounted up to 70% off, so what are you waiting for? Ready, set, go!

Hang Ten Mid-year Sale
Hey camper! A new season is about to come and last season's clothes can still come in handy! Check out Hang Ten's Mid-year Sale for your everyday street style needs. Sale is until July 30, 2012.

Comfit Last Big Sale
For my fashionista commuter friends and readers, score those Comfit-able flats for your everyday style adventures! As I always say, stylish commuters like us should always be armed with shoes that will be worth the walk. Don't miss their sale on July 13 - 15.

As a budget fashionista myself, I must warn you, sales indeed give us more bang for our buck when it comes to shopping. BUT never forget to save up your hard-earned money and shop wisely, not impulsively. Happy sale shopping girls!

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