Halloween Outfits: Updated Versions of Timeless Characters

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Not everyone has celebrated Halloween yet. A lot of you have probably waited until the very last minute (again?!) to decide whether or not you'll attend a "spooky" drinking-slash-costume party this weekend. I'm guessing you're not really digging the idea of wearing a costume as well but you sort of have to just so you won't be such a pooper. 

Without much time left for you to be "creative" enough; plus you aren't really willing to spend, what now? 

It's crunch time and the only choice you have is to go for the overused characters. Luckily, you have a closet to scour and here are a few ideas on how to stylishly pull off the costumes that almost everyone has been wearing.

Morticia Addams (or a vampire perhaps)
There's probably no other female vamp character in popular culture who is more famous than Morticia Addams. She may not be an actual vampire (although some still speculate that she is) but she embodies the iconic look of the "undead" folkloric being with her long jet black hair, pale skin and signature Gothic style. 

To achieve this character, make sure you wear a black body-fit maxi dress with long sleeves. Since we're living in a tropical country, it would be impractical to wear velvet. I'm sure you have a lot of sheer items somewhere. If not, wear mesh or lace. If you don't have a one-piece dress, try wearing separates like a long sleeved round neck top and a maxi skirt.

Complete your look with either a pair of fangs or a haunting vampire makeup. Contact lenses are a great addition too!

Solenn is wearing: See-through dress from Apartment 8, red necklaces courtesy of Farah Abu, black inner and sequined skirt are stylist's own.

White Lady (or the creepier version, Sadako)
If you want the easiest way out, then being a ghost is as effortless as it can get. Anything long, white and loose or oversized will do -- perfect for the lazy dresser!

Solenn is wearing: Lace top from Wardrobe Check, white chiffon dress from Olivia & Fifth, blue collar necklace courtesy of Farah Abu.

Fairy (Godmother)
For the feminine and girly-girl trendsetter, if being a princess is tedious, then why not be a fairy? It's not only a safe option, it's also the "pretty" choice too especially if you don't want to ever look ridiculous! Once you open your closet, anything dainty, floral and whimsical would fit right into the stereotype. Grab those A-line short dresses or bubble and tulle skirts, corsets, glittery tops and floral appliques. The one thing you should never forget? Your wings!

Solenn is wearing: Peach designer creation by Koo Gotauco, gold tulle, floral wreath and wings are stylist's own, shoes brought by Solenn herself.

Not everyone is as adventurous as some people out there during this pagan holiday. Make use of these ideas if you aren't feeling like going over the top by putting on a costume. Just make them believe you're in one! The good thing about these looks is that you can wear all of them even on a normal day; not to mention, it won't cost you much. You can even go home without anyone thinking that you actually came from a Halloween party. Simple right? (30)

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If you want to see more of Solenn Heussaff and her Halloween outfits (styled by yours truly), then tune in later tonight, 10:00 PM at GMA News TV Channel 11 and watch Fashbook! You'll see these in action plus a whole lot more! 

Special thanks to my styling associates, Rizzi Gorospe and Adly Velasco.

Credits: Behind-the-scenes photos by Adly Velasco. Pictures were taken during the taping of an episode for "Fashbook," a fashion and lifestyle program of GMA News TV 11.


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