Nails For The Halloween (+ More Spooky Nail Ideas)

11:00 AM

I'm the type who's not into dressing up for Halloween. Since wearing a costume is not an option, I found an alternative solution - right at my finger tips.

If you're like me who's ditching the prosthetic and "character" wardrobe, then why not give people the goosebumps with cool and creative nail art ideas? I'll tell you more about it plus give you a peek at my Halloween nails, which are simply perfect for the spooky season.

I visited Nail It! (Rosa Alvero branch in Katipunan) over the weekend to have my nails Halloween-ready. Mine are tiny and short that's why complicated designs would be difficult to put on it. Since this is the case, I chose a cobweb print instead and decided to make it literal and obvious with black and orange polish (plus silver for my toe nails). 

Been getting a LOT of compliments with these nails.

Trivia: Did you know that I never experienced trick-or-treating when I was a kid? Caroling during Christmas, yeah, sure I did that. However, going door to door to ask for candies while in a character costume was something that wasn't a practice within the village where I grew up in. Thus, Halloween was never really a part of my childhood.

When my boyfriend JR and I became a couple, he introduced Halloween to me. Believe it or not, I'm in my last teen year when I experienced my first-ever "Trick or Treat." Every year, it is his village's tradition to have its residents adorn their houses with "scary" decorations. A special program is also organized on the last weekend of October and kids (even teenagers and adults) would dress up in cute costumes (career kung career) and would go from one house to another for treats. To my surprise, each household don't just give candies. Some give away money, toys, ice cream, cupcakes and pastries. No wonder the kids are having such a blast!

As of now, no one can still convince me to wear a costume during Halloween. However, I'm excited to go trick-or-treating with JR's little brother especially now that I have these fancy nails to flaunt!

Here are more Halloween nail ideas you may want to try! I included a few easy ones which you can do yourself if you have no time to go to the salon. But I suggest you visit one to further achieve the more daring designs! Visit the nearest Nail It! salon to your place. For a list of branches, click here. Happy Halloween!

More designs you can try!

Disclosure: I am affiliated with Nail It! as a resident blogger.

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  1. super cute nails! :)

    enjoy trick or treating Melai!

  2. Hi, dear..find you and very happy too see good photo & great stylish ideas in your blog!!!
    I be happy more if u be "my sweet reader")
    I promise following 4 u back!!!

    xoxo Lucky


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