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Christmas may be over but the act of gift-giving definitely runs all throughout the year. Now that you're all done worrying about what to give to other people, it's time to think about what to give to yourself without the feeling of guilt!

Yes, despite your recent expenses this Yuletide season, shopping this 2013 will never put a weight on your conscience as long as you put your money in affordable and worthy purchases. 

As a self-proclaimed budget fashionista, I will continue to remain true to my advocacy of practicality and frugality. I buy a lot of my personal things with careful thought and consideration with how much money I actually make in real life. Even if you're saving for rainy days, make sure you don't deprive yourself of life's little pleasures. There's definitely a way to go around shopping without indulging.

1.) Shopping knows no season.
If you ask me, I think the holiday aftermath (aside from the Black Friday and end-of-season sales) is one of the best times to shop because this is when prices usually drop. I made a quick stop to the mall on Christmas day and lo and behold, I saw my favorite knits, jackets and boots already on sale! I know the cool weather is about to end soon but I was incredibly tempted to spend since I can do an early shopping for next year (exag sa aga noh? haha) or use it when the rainy season strikes. 

Whether or not products are on sale, shopping is a personal leisure and enjoyment for many of us. As long as we see something we like, it doesn't matter what time of the day or what day of the month it is. A lot of us would make that purchase and most of the time at a heartbeat, haha.

The key is to shop wisely by investing in basics. These are items that you can repeat over and over, no matter what season it is or what trend is currently hot on the racks.

Plain neutrals are great for unlimited mixing and matching with colored items or printed ones. Low heels and/or wedges plus over-sized bags are perfect for fashionista commuters like me. Instead of the usual basic black dress, try a white dress with interesting accents which you can use either for a casual or dressy occasion. 

2.) A gift is meant to be free but as much a we hate to admit it, it may involve an expectation of reciprocity.

The scenario: You've given almost everyone you know gifts. However, the amount of presents you personally received were... quite underwhelming. You didn't just get few, these were also a bunch of items you sincerely appreciate but won't necessarily find useful. So you end up fleeing to the nearest mall to buy yourself the items in your own Christmas wishlist.

These days, going to the malls or bazaars can be quite stressful especially during holidays. You have to brave the traffic, fall in such lengthy lines and find your way around a crowded space. For a hassle-free shopping, why not do some online or catalog shopping? 

After spreading some holiday cheer, why not spread positive vibes and good luck for 2013 with these polka finds? 

3.) 2013 is coming! Time to refresh your closet with new finds.
A new year is always an excuse to buy something "new" as well. As early as now, I've packed my unwanted items and Bloggers United bazaar left overs for a garage sale that I'm planning for January. Along with a change of bad attitudes and habits, 2013 also calls for an updated wardrobe!

P.S. Avoid buying items that you already have in excess! *wink*

Commit to a more beautiful and stylish you by pairing these bold and bright colorful items with your sunny personality!

4.) Learn to reward yourself.
For all the hard work you've been doing, you have to reward yourself with a certain material thing every now and then. This is one of the things that I personally do because it's one way for me to savor the fruits of my labor. 

Keep in mind that life is one big celebration! Rejoice in small personal achievements: like losing a few pounds, finishing a certain project, accomplishing a short term goal or (as petty as) being able to consistently do a skin care routine. Spoil yourself but then again, always, always, be conscious of how much it costs. :)

If you're a male fashion enthusiast, here are some of my top picks from F/X which not only embody simplicity and class but also reflect a refined style for guys who want to dress up without going over the top. 

ALL of the items I personally handpicked and curated in this post are exclusively available at Fashion Exchange's (F/X) December issue. Wait till you see what they have in store for us this January!

To those who haven't heard of it yet, F/X is a lifestyle brand and a dynamic direct selling firm which features a wide range of products; from clothes, shoes and accessories for very affordable prices. Unlike other stores who caters to a particular group of people, F/X is targeted to almost everyone - babies, kids, teens, men and women in various shapes and sizes. It's definitely a one-stop-shop for budget shoppers! Go to the nearest F/X dealer to your place or visit their branches.

Disclosure: Sponsored post. See my sponsorship policy here. All photos are from F/X, post-processed by Melai Entuna.


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