How much do you invest for your safety?

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I haven't had the chance to update this blog as regular as I should. I think I'm partly going crazy [thinking] as to how I could manage to post all the piled photos in my desktop; not to mention the toneladang ideas I have in mind of articles to write (features, political opinions etc.) and the lengthy daily stories that I've failed to share.

For some weird reason, I wouldn't want to publish an entry with just an outfit post on it. Though at rare times I do that, I would like to put my soul in my style as much as possible (which was the purpose of this blog to begin with anyway).

Going back to what my title was about:
Last year, I attended a self-defense session for aspiring media practitioners; which was very timely since it was related to the Maguindanao massacre. The opening statement of the speaker was "How much do you invest for your safety?"

Our lives do not cost anything (so does love, freedom, etc); so [as ordinary citizens] we shouldn't think twice of spending or taking our time in order to ensure our security - all the time. At first I was puzzled. I thought I knew how it is to be safe. Turned out, I didn't. How about you? Let's find out!

The speaker said that you should at least have the following safety basics:

1) In your bag
  • Pepper spray - a chemical compound that irritates the eyes to cause tears, pain and temporary blindness that can be used for personal defense against attackers and even wild animals. (Make sure you also know how to use one.)
  • Whistle - when you feel like you're about to be in danger (example, someone suspicious is following or about to approach you), blow the whistle immediately to attract immediate attention from the people around (you might accuse someone falsely by shouting for helpagad-agad). The attacker might think twice of coming near you then since you have the crowd's eye on you. Never mind if you'll look like a fool. At least you've lifted the target off your back.
  • Umbrella - not just for the rainy day. It's one of the best items you can use to hit an attacker.
  • Taser/stun gun - (for hardcore self defense) an electroshock weapon that uses electrical current to disrupt voluntary control of muscles
  • Swiss knife
  • Tracking device in your cellphone and/or car
  • Wallet with emergency contact numbers
2) In your house
  • Fire exit - the most important thing according to the speaker
  • Fire alarm (in each room, most especially the kitchen)
  • Burglar alarm (strategically placed around the house, can be at the gate, front door, back door)
  • Double-locked doors (especially main doors)
Also, have the police hotline on speed dial or an immediate S.O.S. text message set up in your phone. Knowing a few self-defense moves would definitely help as well and research more on other safety precautions (in and out of the house).

Almost in danger
Why did I discuss the above? Okay, I'll try to tell the story as short as I can. This thing about "safety" hit me this hard two weeks ago. My boyfriend (JR) and I were about to go to my high school girlfriend's simple day party. He was driving along Litex road (the way going to Rizal) relying solely on directions given through text. However, it was confusing and it left us turning on a wrong way. JR continued to drive but certain "stated" landmarks (like a church) weren't present so we finally figured out that we were on the wrong street. After asking for directions, we decided to head back to the exit but were perplexed to see that the corner where we entered was already blocked with wooden stuff (there was a table, chair, etc) and so we had to stop.

A group of men approached the car on both sides. They tried to open the door (which was thank God locked) and said "Baba kayo, basta baba kayo." (Get down the car.) I was sooo scared that time and my heart was pumping really fast.

In an impulse, JR stepped on the gas, taking them by surprise as we almost ran them over and hitting EVERYTHING that was blocking the road (the wooden stuff flew off, it was a moment like in an action movie for me). He drove in high speed all the way back home. I called my friend and told her we couldn't go back there because for sure, they would recognize the car. God knows what more (even deadly) could have happened.

I was so frightened that I didn't want JR to go to the police. All I wanted that time was to go home so I could finally feel safe. I'm just really grateful to God that we weren't harmed and that his car only had a minor damage.

I shared our story plus basic safety measures so that each and everyone of you would be concerned of your own protection. Stay alert and be prepared for such circumstances. Invest and read more tips. When you're out there, don't be too complacent and always be vigilant. With that I leave you with "Ingat lagi!" (Take care always!).

All these photos were taken before the incident happen.

Photos by: JR Espejo
Post processing: by me

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  1. wow... thank GOD you and boyfee is safe.. I agree, we should be vigilant and alert at all times.. your experience is so scary.. good thing you did lock the doors..

  2. Oh my goodness! It's a good thing your boyfriend had the presence of mind - I would have panicked! Good to know you are safe, Melai.

    On a side note, I really love that lace top. :)

  3. @Krystal: Thanks! OO nga eh buti safe kami :) Then I realized, I need to take that self-defense session seriously because among the things the speaker asked us to bring in our bag, I only had the umbrella! Gosh.

  4. Oh gosh, what a nightmare! You never think it could happen to you talaga...until it does. @.@ and yes, it's important to always be prepared - for anything. Kaya nga ako I usually just want to stay home and lock the doors eh. Hehe.

  5. OH MY GOD SUPER SCARY!!!!! Kinabahan ako just by reading it.. I'm glad walang masama nangyare and you guys are safe.. Grabe.. Natakot talaga ko..

    I've been mugged several times. :( But thank God I'm still alive and walang masama nangyayare saken..

  6. hala that was really scary! buti nalang nga you guys were quick to escape!

    btw love the top and shorts! :)

  7. Holy crap, that's so scary! O_O Glad to know you guys are okay. JR did the right thing by speeding off. I think you guys should have reported the incident to the police too, maybe not the one in the area but in a different one. Sometimes the police can actually be helpful.

  8. oh girl that is so scary.

    i don;t know what to say, but thank God you and JR are okay. Thank God for his quick thinking and not get intimidated by those goons.

    i remember i have a friend, he was stopped by the police, saying his was a stolen vehicle. He showed his papers. he was a second owner btw. He panicked and surrendered the car to the police as per advice of those crocodiles. He contacted us and i told him to call a lawyer. As if naman kasi meron tayung palaging lawyer di ba? DI naman natin gustong ma trouble. Anyway turned out yung mga police na yun eh namemera lang. Lam mo na. Ang hirap pa, papano sya magrereklamo, kanino, saan? eh pulis nga yung nang-gancho sa kanila.

    Crazy noh?

  9. Ang scary nga nun sis... Nakakakaba! Buti ang may presence of mind pa si JR that time! Tamang move! Hindi ko alam gagawin ko if ako yun!

    I guess hindi lang sa amin commuters ang threat, everyone! :P Ingat and always pray you and see you soon!!!

  10. OMG, melai :( that is SO scary. JUst goes to show the car door should ALWAYS be locked. :| I'm glad you and JR got out of there safely.

  11. omg, that must've been so traumatizing for you! good thing your boyfriend didn't panic. i'm so glad to hear that you're both ok!

    stay safe, Melai!

    boat ride through the sky

  12. Oh my gosh! I can really imagine the scene, and the hair on my arms practically stood. Good thing nothing bad happened to you.

    Take care always!<3

  13. What a scary story :( Thank God both of you are alright.

  14. Omg. So scart, glad you're okey!

    Love your short!

  15. luckily you're safe! the situation so scared!
    and thanks for the safety infos.u so nice to share with us:)


  16. Mygosh that was super scary ha! Thank goodness you were safe!

  17. For some weird reason, I wouldn't want to publish an entry with just an outfit post on it. Though at rare times I do that, I would like to put my soul in my style as much as possible (which was the purpose of this blog to begin with anyway).

    Anyway, I read about what happened and I'm sorry. I don't really know what's up recently. That must have been traumatic and no one deserves that. Now, I feel slightly ashamed that when my boyfriend and I were mugged last Sunday (he was the one who had the gun pressed to his chest and his hand smashed with it), I didn't feel panicked at all. The entire time, I was wondering why my heart wasn't hammering and shit. I was standing 4 meters away from him thinking of what I can possibly do--I even contemplated on using the photography umbrella I had with me to stab him (it was the only item I was carrying) but stopped myself from being impulsive because I figured the robber obviously had the upper-hand and could just pull the trigger if he saw me heading towards him. Anyway, when he left, I was the first one to shout (because the bf was stunned) and run after him (but he rode away on a scooter). Now, we're thinking about investing in a gun.

  18. oh my god, that's the scariest thing!!! good thing your boyfriend had presence of mind to step on the gas!!! i'm glad you guys are safe! the tips you gave are very helpful too lalo na that people can get desperate during the holidays. :(

  19. I'm just glad you and JR are okay. grabe na talaga panahon ngaun. If I become President (yes naman) shoot to kill lahat ng goons (kahit mukhang goons! joke lng). Swear why can't they just get a decent job? Kaya ako whenever I go out of the house I imemdiately feel threatened as in praning. Let's all just be cautious. Miss you girl!


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