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It's funny how people assume so many things once they know you're taking part in styling a celebrity for a television program. Show business has been projected as a glamorous and lucrative industry that most people would immediately think that all the money and fame involved in it automatically trickle down to everyone involved in the production. The answer, no.

I usually get a lot of questions regarding this styling stint and having a blog makes it convenient for me to answer some of it in just one sitting. :)

1. What is Solenn Heussaff like? Is she nice?
I get this question 100% of the time. Instead of asking about my job, people would usually ask about the celebrity first.

Hypothetically, let's say she turned out to be a real bitch. Do you think I'd really rant about it to other people and jeopardize my job? Probably, but not out in the open; as open as this haha!

Solenn is wearing: Top and Pants c/o Style Staple, Shoes from Gold Dot, Necklace I am Girlie

I'm sure around one third of you would think that this is a very "showbiz" answer but the truth is, Solenn Heussaff  has been pretty nice to us. Well, I cannot speak for everyone but in my case, if you try to strike a conversation with her, she's cordial enough to talk to you and answer things that you're interested to know about her. Piece of advice though: don't ask anything personal. Keep it trivial and basic if you're relatively new. With her, you wouldn't feel dismissed or ignored because she nods (sometimes she smiles or waves) at almost everyone in the production team.

At first look, you'll probably sense her intimidating and snobbish aura especially when she's just in one corner and quietly resting. But when she begins to loosen up, you'll see that she cracks a lot of jokes, she does comic hand gestures and she's such a cow girl - really game to do and wear anything.

2. How's the job?
This is really more of a hobby to me than work. In the hierarchy of things, my priority are my jobs on production management (for film and events) and events hosting. Wardrobe styling for television and films is something that I just do on the side, since I can allot time for it, so I could make some extra cash. In addition to that, whenever I can, I squeeze in some social media and PR work offers like blogging for commission and taking part in handling social media campaigns and promotions for some brands. Also, in the future, I somehow want to produce and/or create media content (videos, films, shows, programs, etc.).

I don't have a photo of my self working. Eh pa'no I'm the one taking them, haha. This is the only one I can find na kasama ako, hehe.
In the elevator: Mark (GMA researcher) and Mike my head stylist!

With all of these on my plate, I guess I can say that the job is pretty manageable and at certain times can be quite challenging. So far, I'm really enjoying what I've been doing. I don't feel that stressed since I only go to taping once and for the rest of the week I'm back to working on my other passion projects. Dressing up Solenn Heussaff and keeping up with the wardrobe requirements of the show isn't that easy. However, there's something about her beauty and body that makes it effortless for her to carry clothes really well.  

The whole production crew of the TV show with actress Rhian Ramos. Cute pala ng outfit ko dito sayang no outfit shot, hehe.

Lastly, my working relationships with the production crew have gone steady. We have less awkward moments now and I'm no longer timid to approach people when I have to. So it's all goooood. :)

3. Are you and Solenn friends now?
Nope. What we have is a professional relationship. We chat during taping, plus she shares a lot of stories about her work. Our usual conversations are fun, happy and shallow. Most of the time, we talk about her interests, projects and show business as an industry but nothing on juicy controversies or anything negative about other celebrities. I try so hard to stay away from gossips na rin e. No "feelings" talk either, haha!

Dress by Renan Pacson, Shoes c/o Gold Dot

4. Is Solenn pretty in person?
What kind of question is this? Of course she is -- smoking hot pa! What you see on TV or film is what you'll get to see in person as well - nothing less, but better. I'm really insecure about her figure but it also makes me more inspired to shed off the extra pounds that I've gained (take note, 10 pounds haha) these past few months.

Graphic bodycon dress c/o F-STOP

5. What are the dos and don'ts in your job?
You know, the management didn't really "set" actual rules for us to follow but personally speaking, the main rule here is to just "Always keep things professional." Once you keep that in mind, everything else will follow through like avoid being too chummy at work, avoid being loud or talkative and most of all try not to be a know-it-all.

Gold metallic dress used as top c/o Style Staple, Silver Metallic shorts c/o Wardrobe Check, Shoes by Gold Dot

To expound on my last advice, I'll try to explain to you the bigger picture: I took up Broadcast Communication in a premiere university plus I do indie films and video productions so I'm pretty much familiar with the media work they're doing there. Even if I have something to say, suggest or comment, I just try so hard to hold my tongue. I don't want to rub people the wrong way especially if I get misunderstood. I always choose to just keep quiet and whatever it is that I observe or notice I just keep to myself, focus on what I'm supposed to do and let other people do their jobs but at the same time be a team player as well.

Oh and one last thing, don't rant specific details about your work or colleagues on social media. I've done that before and even if what you're saying is/are probably true, people will always take it against you and you'll get yourself in trouble for that, haha.

6. So... you're a stylist?
This is what I always tell people: "I'm an occasional wardrobe stylist." I always want to specify this because I do this for fun and this is NOT my bread and butter. What I am is really a production manager and an events host who do styling and social media work on the side.

My styling background is character styling and wardrobe management for indie films. Fashion styling (especially the high-fashion and super stylized type) that we always see in magazines seems like a different world to me. I have assisted but I haven't done (as in I was the one who spearheaded) an editorial shoot or grand runway shows (although I experienced fashion week and headed the Elle Kids fashion show) or any major campaign ads.

This is why I don't consider myself a legitimate fashion stylist yet or if I do, I make sure it's clear to people what exactly a wardrobe stylist is. For you to understand this better, read my past blog article about "Wardrobe Styling VS Fashion Styling." May ilang mga purist fashion stylists kasi diyan who look down on other people who call themselves a "stylist" and so, I'm sparing myself from all the judgment. Keri? Haha!

Bodycon dress c/o Style Staple

7. I'm interested! Are you looking for styling interns?
Actually yes! Mike (my head stylist) and I have been quite busy with other endeavors and we need a hand at some of the tasks in line with this job. We welcome people who are young, new and would want to gain initial styling experience. Anyone can apply, just send me an e-mail and send your profile plus a letter on why you're the best person for this experience (don't forget to showcase your eye for style!). Previous styling experience is also a plus!

At first, I was asking for a resume but on second thought... in this job, we don't need your achievements. We'd be happy to work with someone who will do it simply because his/her heart truly wants it no matter how opposite of "glamorous" it is, and because they just love fashion and styling! Feel free to send me an e-mail!

P.S. If you still have time to watch TV, catch Fashbook every Wednesday at 10pm on GMA News TV Channel 11.


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    1. Mas bongga ka mami! I owe all the experience to you! :) Love you forever!

  2. I agree with not ranting. For some reason, even though all of us do it, people get turned off when you rant on social media. I'm all for being positive, but IDK, we get too sensitive when we're online? I try to avoid that na rin, because I got in trouble for that before haha!

  3. Thanks for a peek into the world of celebrities, specifically Solenn Heussaff. We, who are not really involved in showbiz, are always curious about what happens behind the cameras. Nice photos, by the way. And Solenn's dresses and shoes are lovely!


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