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There's a big reveal when I remove this fur vest...
Taaadah! An ultra oversized tunic!!! BOOTS: SHOP ASIAN in F-STOP | Fashion Stop.
Runway ready.
That was the theme of my first-ever styling stint way back last, last weekend for an open shoot with photographer MJ Cachero. My friend Aisa (thank you dear!) trust me and Ana enough to let us co-style with her and her styling partner Jear. Unlike the two of them who had formal training in styling under Fashion Institute of the Philippines (F.I.P), Ana and I were merely amateurs and only had our personal style and random fashion and blog reading as credentials.
Aisa and Jear ^__^
(L-R: Ana, production head Jay Santos, photographer MJ Cachero)
But despite the lack of experience and head-on knowledge, the professionals that we've worked with like Jay Santos (production head) and MJ didn't treat us as newbies at all. The professionals present there were amicable but without air (if you get what I mean right?) and yet firm in getting the job done but definitely not bitchy.
Jear wasn't difficult to get along with either. He is down-to-earth and supportive; not the know-it-all kind of guy and unselfish in giving styling tips, in pushing us hard for us to give our best shot and in leading us to the right direction - very much like Aisa herself.
Hair and make-up!
Like what Aisa mentioned in her post, open shoots demand quick-thinking in terms of styling. To those who have not yet gone to one, the process is, a client comes in with her own set of clothes and the stylist should spontaneously come up with a look that is 1) fashionable, stylish and theme-based; 2) appropriate with the client's personality and wants; and 3) reflective of the stylist's creativity.
From the whole experience, I've learned that you can always be true to yourself without compromising your client's own personal style if you know how to negotiate and communicate well your styling ideas to input in the totality of the client's look. If they (the clients) have unworkable stuff or requirements to begin with, like for example, the clothes they bring don't fit in with the theme, the shoes they have don't match their clothes, they didn't bring anything at all (in the case of walk-ins), or the style they want wouldn't suit their stuff; it is the stylist's job to "find a way".

Jear styling for men clients.
Aisa made this sweet girl into a fierce beauty.
One of my favorite clients. She's wearing a tutu skirt (F-STOP SHOP ASIAN) from my SHOP Fashion Stop!
Cute couple!
More behind-the-scene shots.
Look what we have here: a European goddess.
Solutions to these cases are very easy to get a hold off as long as the stylist is prepared with a set of his/her own of extra clothes, accessories, shoes, a visual peg, and again, communication skills (power to negotiate, suggest, convince without hesitation to ask if needed). For that day, we weren't able to bring much maybe because we got a little bit complacent that the clients would bring enough. However, I'm proud that we have maximized the available resources that we had.
Some of the stuff we brought that we could use to enhance the styling.
The roles of each and everyone in the production (us, make-up artists, hair stylists, etc) ain't easy but the atmosphere of work place was generally encouraging (despite the delay). Also, the clients were cooperative and the whole thing ended on a positive note. Though I may still not figure out for myself if I'm for this job but I genuinely had fun at the same time grateful for all the new people that I've met-slash-encountered during the course of the experience.
Knowing that I'd be moving around a lot, I wore combat boots from my supplier (if you wan't one SHOP ASIAN at F-STOP | Fashion Stop), an ultra loose tunic, and my dove necklace - very comfy indeed!
I couldn't get over my top! I love how square it is! :) Buy my boots at SHOP ASIAN in F-STOP | Fashion Stop!
Make sure you drop by my shop F-STOP | Fashion Stop

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  1. super duper love your tunic (and how square it is nga!) haha! also love your dove necklace and your boots! :)

  2. love your super square tunic..:D i also love the hat and the boots! <3


  3. thanks for showing us a glimpse of what goes on behind the scene..sure is enlightening :)

    eclectic du jour

  4. love love the photos and it shows how busy you are my dear!!!


  5. Love your tunic! I love how box-y it is. Some people don't like it but I think its fab.

    You look awesome! Keep in touch girl :)


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