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Last Wednesday, I assisted Aisa in a styling stint for an ad campaign for a "sporty" brand. It was a great opportunity so I took on the chance though it was a bit last-minute. Jear and Argie passed the project on to her and so, I got to be a part of it. At times, I'm really amazed at how fate works!

I'm keeping it mum until the campaign is finally launched this November 11. I've had the chance to see the rough edit of the photos and so I know this will turn out great, especially that the campaign has a cause unlike any other random beauty and fashion shoot. Will tell you more about it soon!

As early as 6:00 AM I was up to hopefully make it to the 8:00 AM call time. Sadly, I didn't but thank God I didn't miss much because the rest of the crew were late too. Apart from Aisa, everyone else that I met there were all new. What I loved most about it is how grounded everyone were. All were super nice, approachable and humble - exactly the people I would wish to always work with.

I was creating a DIY pepper necklace for veggie advocate Kathrina Lugartos.

The most exciting part for me was when model Ornusa Cadness wore the red biker jacket from my shop (F-STOP | Fashion Stop) for the shoot! Bea, one of the organizers thought it would be better. Deep inside I knew it would fit her style too so I suggested it to Aisa as well the day before. I'm so happy for my shop! My product will be on campaign ads, on the media, etc. Super kilig times for me! Weee!

Ornusa wearing a red biker jacket from my shop, F-STOP | Fashion Stop! I'm soooo kilig talaga!

After the shoot, we headed to SM Mall of Asia, SMX Convention Center for the SM Fashion Show. We thank Denise for inviting us. At first, I didn't think I could make it since by that time I would probably be tired because of the shoot but since we would just be around the area, Aisa and I decided that we might as well watch the show. Though haggard and under-dressed than the rest of the attendees, we cared less since we were incredibly tired. I decided to change the last minute though because my top felt sticky so I wore the jacket Ornusa used which Aisa bought (what a cycle that was! hahahah).

On the other hand, Jear (would you believe his day job is a chemist!), who also had the tickets of the show with him was late because he came from work. It was very understandable since he traveled all the way from Alabang! As friends, of course we couldn't go inside without him; even if it means giving up good or almost-front-row seats. So we let Denise and her boss Ate Marise go without us since we know they were very much enthusiastic for the show and we wouldn't let them miss it because of us. We got in late, seated at the back row, but we had fun seeing SM's fantastic collection. Loved the Parisian shoes.

After the show: Aisa, me, and Jear!
PLUG: Aisa could attest that I was wearing these wedges 7AM - 11PM!
Buy my comfy wedges at F-STOP | Fashion Stop (SHOP ASIAN category)

BTW! I also saw Michelle and Kat of Auxmanila. They're both so pretty! They're part of the Philippine Fashion Week production. I love Michelle's sense of style and strong presence. Such a cute tandem! Glad to see you guys!

The whole day was draining! But we were able to resist the exhaustion we were feeling then and we made it through the day. High five Aisa! Love you girl!

Photos from: Aisa and me
More photos to come!

Make sure you drop by my shop F-STOP | Fashion Stop

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  1. hi Melai how are you na? I hope you could have time for us to talk about our bazaar plans. :) you're so busy these days.

    btw, Marise is not my boss. :)

  2. Congrats buddy! I'm kilig for you and F-stop too! ^-^

  3. wow. ive been following you guys! especially you and aissa. :) though i rarely comment, because its in me tht i rarely comment on *sikat* blogs. hehe awkward kasi masyado. but you guys rocck. such an inspiration <3 Kudos!

  4. hey love I already replied to your email...thank you again dear!!!

    I am so happy...I love the chili necklace brilliant!!!


  5. I love your blog!my name's martina and I come from Italy...I would like you visit my blog and if you like it...follow me!I wait you and your importante fashion tips!^^

    Now there is a giveaway (a pretty present for my followers!) on my blog and you can win an accessory of SOCUTE!

  6. hi melai, just wanted to drop some love and to say just how enious i am of your styling+bonding moments w aisa! looks like things are truly happening for you gals and im so glad for you!:) congrats on ornusa wearing your biker jacket:)

    should check out your shop soon!


  7. congrats melai!!! :) i looooove ornusa! how was she? mabait ba? :)

  8. woohoo!!! so happy for you dear! :)
    love the wedges! and your outfit

    fashionista fortune cookie

  9. congrats, good woork :)

    xx Marina

  10. Good job, Melai!! :) I love your work!

    Shari of Aviator Shades

  11. i can't wait to see the outcome of this styling stint!:) so happy you're getting all these great opportunities, melai!

    btw, shucks i feel bad I wasn't able to introduce you to efril last PFW :( got too caught with PFW..sorry!:( and we didn't get to take picture during PFW :((

  12. you consider that maxi number as underdressed???? haller!!! so fasyon kaya! congrats on the styling gig, Melai! and woot for F-Stop on billboards and everythang!

  13. that is really cool
    great experience


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