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Crochet Top Thrifted | Shorts | Black heel-less shoes PRP | Bronze braided belt Sister's |
Brown Fringe Bag Thrifted | Black inner | Random accessories | Gray hat SM Dept. Store |

Got another project.

I was touched when one of my readers, Ladyulia, commented that she has been waiting for a new post from me this past week. The reason for my absence was, I’ve been working on a new short film - my friend’s thesis.

Contrary to my previous job description on Ang Paglilitis ni Andres Bonifacio (The Trial of Andres Bonifacio), an indie film shot last May wherein I worked as a stylist; this time, I was requested to be a production manager.

A PM (production manager) entails the following assignments:

1) finding actors / talents

2) looking for shooting locations

3) selection and maintenance of equipment

4) working on the other material resources needed

5) coordinating with other departments (e.g. prod design, post prod, lighting design, etc.)

6) and MANY MORE

P.S. I'm not a newbie in film productions, I used to volunteer for indie films way back but I usually work on the production design team. This is my first time to oversee a production though (nervous much, hihi).

Going back, in a high-budget film, the PM is usually the boss with certain people directly under her, who do the said responsibilities in her behalf like the talent coordinator, location manager, etc. However, the nature of this production is otherwise. And so, I do the legwork on my own with help from my boyfriend and the filmmaker herself.

A production manager is involved in both the pre-production (planning) and production (control and supervision) stage. The bulk of my job involves dealing with lots of people. I literally had to gather all the public relation skills, plus the magical charm that I could squeeze out of myself in order to communicate well to people I don’t really know (soo not used to doing that). In doing so, I also have to have tons of patience and kapal ng mukha (guts).

For this week, my main concern was booking talents for the planned August 28 – 29, and September 5 shooting dates. The film only needs two lead characters (an old father and his late 30s – early 40s daughter), one supporting 30s - 40s female talent and a load of extras. Because my friend wants ONLY THE BEST for her project, she intends to hire experienced actors in Philippine showbiz (wow big time, haha).

I’m not allowed to give too many details yet but to tell you honestly, I’ve been having a hard time getting actors! I thought it would be a piece of cake since I only needed three persons. To my distress, NO, it’s not! We’ve attempted to offer the film to six elderly male actors first before we've gotten our "YES" And after contacting around five veteran actresses, till now to no avail. Frustrating right? *Deep sigh*

Meanwhile, what we are sure of are the shooting locations of the film. Yey at least! I’m still following up on one though. Also, I’m waiting for my director to approve which of the four equipment rental companies are we going to choose for the project. I sent her price quotations of lights, rigs, manpower, etc. per company in one file. We just need to consult with the cinematographer and then she’ll decide.

Goooosh. Still have plenty of tasks/errands/work to do!

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Thanks to almost 90 followers! I know I said a long time ago that I'll be having my giveaway but I've been so conscious on what to give. So I'm still working on it until now. A few more and I'll be hitting my 100-followers mark. Gosh. I can't believe it (after more or less four months, turning five of blogging). Didn't really expect people to actually follow or read my little space in the blogosphere just because there are soo many awesome bloggers out there. It means so much to me (my heart melting right now), haha. A BIG THANK YOU TO YOU ALL!

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  1. love this look,melai!
    your blog's always a good read.^=^


  2. You'll be a great production manager! Nice shoes!

  3. Melai I think I just dropped my jaw with your heels, those are beautiful...totally invisible....

    wow, just amazing!!! love your outfit...I love this one...and the bag too...

    just take it easy dear...

    before I forget, please help me with my photo entry in a photo contest. So please vote for me, the details are in my blog right now...spread it also...so that I can have more votes.

    thank you love
    kisses to you!!!

    take care always

  4. I love your whole outfit! Especially your shoes :)

  5. The crochet top and the fringed bag, all gorgeous!

    xo Lynzy

  6. i know how you feel when readers anticipate a new post :) its like these people dont know us in person but they care about us ! that's wat i love abt blogging :)

    i want to steal your fringe bag and the wedges ! the shape is soooo unique !

    thanks for the blog birthday wish :)

  7. Wow! That sounds like a lot of fun even if it's a lot of hard work. I'm sure that you'll be enjoying every minute of it. It's nice that you have opportunities like this that press you to push your boundaries and go out of your comfort zone, Melai!

    Your heels are so unique- I really though there was no heel :P

    Bea from A plus B

  8. wuah, what a cool job, i envy you girl..
    nice outfit by the way, love your shoes!

  9. what a cool job u have, i envy you girl..
    and nice outfit! i love your shoes :)

  10. i love how you look so cool and laid back and them BOOM you kil us with your shoes!

  11. Nice outfit
    your Job sounds great :)


  12. This is a great outfit! Love that crochet top and those shoes are fantastic!SarahD:)

  13. Melai!!!! i love your top!!! and the shoes are so cool!!! wait lang, have you graduated already? so you're are a freelance PM? baka maka-work kita one of these days. i'm from a media agency naman and most of the time, i work with production houses. :)

  14. Really love that crocheted top! Is it difficult to walk in those shoes? They look so cool, I thought you were just standing on the tips of your toes!

  15. hi melai! we have the same fringe bag, got it from a thriftstore yey! very nice sya no? one of my fave bag. nice outfit!

  16. wow really nice blog i love it :)
    your style is so adorable.
    and oh my... that heel-lees shoes is very unique.

    and goodluck for your project...

  17. Good luck! Nice shoes, btw. :)

  18. hi Melai!YeaH I am loveing red right now hehe! And yeah I want a collaboration with you. Magsched ka naman girl!:) hehe

  19. OMG melai! I SUPER LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS LOOK! (haha sorry for the all caps) I really love your crochet top, bag and shoes!!! they all worked together beautifully! oh and congrats on being a PM! :)

  20. I LOVE this look! At ang shoes mo girl, kabog! :D

    Lee [spunkandglam.blogspot.com]

  21. lovin the top, AND WOAH THOSE HEELS ARE AWESOME!! THEY HAVE THOSE IN PRP??? i dont usually look in prp because everyone in my school goes there, but now im gonna check it out!!


  22. Woah those shoes look amazing!!! And so do you Melai. (: fringe girl! Haha.

  23. Gosh! I love this! Everything! I am so going to check out PRP asap! And you do have an interesting job! :))

    P.S. Yes, Jolina's place I featured in my blog is in Tagaytay. I live there. So buzz me if you drive by and want to meet up. I'd gladly be your guide :))

  24. i really love your blog :) you have great style too! would love to link you.

  25. super duper love your style melai! :D the shoes --just too fierce! :D

  26. looks so great!!
    very nice, girl


    (check out my new post: golden rings)

  27. Oh my god, I just LOVE that shirt! You have a really cute blog!


  28. Thanks for all the comments :) I try my best to visit each of your blogs and reply to you all :)

  29. yes yes yes love your shoes!!! love your outfit melai!:) and pixie dust! hope you get the actors you need now na!:)

  30. I've said it once and I'll say it again -- your style is brilliant, Lai. :) And I agree with what the others have said, your blog is always a wonderful read!

  31. eeey, your shoes is soooo unique!

  32. my gosh!!!! those heels are so ferosh!!! love it!! :D and i love the way you layered that crochet top!!! :D super chic!

    Animated Confessions

  33. Your blouse is amazing! It really is!


  34. Cute look! The crochet is adorable :)

  35. i love the crocheted top :) AND those shoes are OUTRAGEOUS! Great look <3

    started following ;>

  36. OH MY THOSE HEELS ARE KICK-ASS! i want! i want! i want!

    xoxo Mode Junkie

  37. thanks for your comments on my blog! I was going to respond to you there but I thought here would be better to make sure you read it :D

    anyways, you're VERY pretty as it is so you don't even need make-up, I on the other hand, have to put a face on! I eventually got better at it since i NEED it. me w/o make-up = disaster

    about the tutorials.. hmm, i've actually been meaning to try to make one.. maybe i'll give it a try.. but if it doesn't look good, i'll never post it hahaha!

  38. Great outfit, love those heels and hat! I'm now following you, hope you want to check out my blog as well :)

  39. i LOVE your shoes Melai!

    good luck with the project & thanks for stopping by devilishly pleasurable.

    am adding you to the blogroll + google follow!

  40. hey thanks for commenting on my blog. really appreciated it.

    i love your blog too! you have a great style!

    i want to have your heelless wedges

    following you now, and linked u on my blog:)


  41. Ohhh these shoes are so awesome!!!!


  42. wow, i absolutely adore this look, your top and bag are gorgeous pieces!

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    Shoes are wonderful. Very elegant and perfect fit.

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  45. love the crochet top! and those shoes... WOW!!!!

    great post!


  46. haute look! i esp. love your heels!

    xx raez

  47. wow! ate, ang ganda lang ng shoes mo! i want! hahahaha. ^^

  48. How do you walk in those shoes? I mean, hindi ba nakaka-off balance kasi when you land your foot, ang mauuna usually ay yung middle or heel area? :) Curious.


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