What's in my bag?

10:13 PM

Nothing much, really.

Denise of Simone's Fashion Closet tagged me in a "What's in your bag?" post. Most often than not, I bring with me two to three bags. Huh right? Other than my "bag", I also carry with me my laptop (together with its accessories) and a bunch of photocopied reading materials, plus my bf's camera.

For some weird reason, I'm bothered whenever I pack lightly. Being always on-the-go, as much as possible, I want to bring everything with me. It's a girl scout thing. Disclaimer: I'm a bit shy to show off the stuff that I usually carry because there's nothing grand about it, just cheap stuff... well I'm doing it anyway. Haha. Here it goes!

Align Center

Also known as the reporter's notebook. I'm always a student everywhere I go. Whenever I pick up useful information that I could use, I jot them down here. As you can see, it has all colors and sizes of post-its for important, one-liner notes. I like steno notebooks because I write in small letters so I find it difficult to finish writing until I reach the other side. It makes me more efficient when I use the half per half part.


Maybe you're thinking: I could use the planner as my study ideas notebook right? Well it won't work in my case. My thoughts are compartmentalized so I have to keep academic ideas away from the creative ones. Basically what's in here are my schedules, my mood board, my to lists etc.

Essentials to make me pretty. Simple as that.

Self explanatory.

I'm a commuter and as a precautionary measure, I don't like to bring out my wallet in public. Unless I feel safe about doing it.

My wallet is like a small notepad. Without paper inside of course. I'm using that with a purpose. In my self-defense class, we were told not to bring fancy wallets so the robber won't notice. Before, I used to have a pretty dummy wallet. Which reminds me to buy a new one now, and you too!

How useful is this actually? Here's a short story: I was in Recto when a hold-upper simply walked beside me and asked for my wallet. Though he wasn't violent and that threatening, I was so nervous for my life. Immediately, I pulled out my pretty fake wallet and gave it. The hold-upper slid it in his pocket and walked away casually while I rode the first jeepney that I saw. Now I'm wondering what was he's reaction when he found out that the wallet has nothing - only scratch papers. It's like a "toink" moment for him don't you think? Hihihi.

Believe it or not, I don't use expensive or branded make-up. The only pricey item here is my Loreal British red lipstick from mom. When I buy makeup for myself, I only purchase Ever Bilena. Good thing I was blessed with nice skin that isn't picky to cosmetic products. I hardly even have pimples though I sometimes forget to wash my face when I'm so exhausted to do so. Since I have short hair, I don't really need to bring a bulky brush. That comb will do. Haha.

Looks too small to house all these items? Well, cause I forgot to include the alcohol andcologne in the first picture, I just placed them here since all of these are under one classification (
too lazy to take another photo, haha). As for the deodorant, I bring one with me because being a dancer made my sweat glands hyperactive. So when I get all prickly from commuting (due to the heat), I use it. Meanwhile, the hair polish is for those bad hair days.

See?! Nothing much right? Haha. That's about it! Till my next post. Hugs and kisses everyone!


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  1. you're pretty organized with your things melai. :)and the dummy wallet is such a nice idea! magawa nga...haha! :)

  2. i always lug around my planner too1 i can't live without it! :)

  3. I am heading over to your shop now :)

    xo Lynzy
    Enter my giveaway to win an OufiLondon handbag!

  4. wah u're so organize, awesome.
    cellphone and wallet is enough for me ^^;

  5. i loved seeing what was in your bag! have to have all the fab essentials:)


  6. Ooh, I always love the "what's in my bag" posts. You must have a huge bag, cause you've got a lot of stuff to put in! Seeing it all makes me feel positively unprepared XD

  7. Wow you have so many kits!!! So interesting!

  8. You're so lucky you have non-picky skin :) I still can't graduate from powder mineral makeup, still haven't found a product that's hiyang with my skin yet inexpensive!

  9. -super cutee,
    your blog is lovely(:

    havea great day,

  10. u bring these stuffs everyday? omg.thats lot.hehe:)
    u great in handling ur beauty and hygiene! :)


  11. wow you are so organized Melai!I just love the idea of the fake wallet!I need to do it asap!hahaha!and oh thanks for the award Melai!I am so touched dear!Mababaw lang din kaligayahan ko.:)

    and I forgot to tell you my store is also turning 1 this aug.23 I just found out a while ago and it's right on time since I am working on my current collections!:)

    Thanks also for the birthday greeting to my lovely baby!:)

  12. You're far more organized than I am! All of my bags are big jumbled messes!

  13. hi mel! sorry if its been so long since i last popped in--ive been so busy with my blog changing, work etc.. havent had time until now? how's you? looking fabulous! also lost my blogroll so will be adding it back, won't forget you of course! pop in sometime:)

    love the outfit btw!


  14. super girly

    I think this my first time visiting ur blog
    nice to find it :D

  15. looks like you are very neat person melai.. hehe :) nice

  16. What an awesome way to answer that tag! It's much more interesting than just typing it out. The stuff I carry around is so shameful. I don't have an actual wallet-just a little stuffed crocodile which holds my money.

    It's so cute how you have a kikay kit AND a hygiene kit. You are so darn organized and it shows :) Your dummy wallet idea is just BRILLIANT!

    Bea from A plus B

  17. omg!!! i really miss the local brands in terms of your kikay kit.. aaahh!! ang babaw ko for being happy to see philippine brands, pero kasi you dont see them here everyday.. :)

    Animated Confessions

  18. The BDJ planner is the best!!
    Love your blog!

  19. wow that's quite a lot of things to carry :) buti guess all is well for you since everything seems so tidy and neat!

    anyway, i used to carry baby powder as they always come in handy for food stains :D

  20. cute! i like that you carry around a notebook for ideas, i wonder why i don't do that! x


  21. i always tote around a notebook too :)

    btw check out my giveaway for a chance to win $100 worth of A'GACI clothing & accessories!


  22. great idea for a post <3

    you have so much stuff, you are very organised indeed

    thats a good thing though

  23. You're so organize. My purse is just a huge lump of stuff. I totally have an idea notebook too! Whenever I have a good thought I write it down, it's so useful.


  24. hi melai
    I'm waiting for your new post :D
    by the way
    I'm surprised even u have special kit for hygiene things
    cool :D

  25. what a great post!


  26. this is so cool! i need to do my bag post soon! it's all a mess! haha! and it's cool to know that you also write on the first half of the notebook page first. my notebook before used to had dents and doodles. it saves a lot of space when you write on a half page. :)

  27. big yes for johnson and johnson powder

  28. The dummy wallet is a brilliant idea! One of my friends has a dummy phone haha! :D

    Lee [spunkandglam.blogspot.com]


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