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Tough times call for tight spending or worse, a shopping ban. However, for all recessionistas out there, no need to fret because Auxmanila, which stands for “Auction in Manila” offers quality second-hand, vintage and thrift treasures in unbelievably affordable prices.

Auxmanila website (

Indeed, online stores have emerged as heroes to the price-conscious and budget-oriented shoppers. But if the average online buy price of PHP 400 is still too costly for an apparel, then for sure, you’ll always find yourself pushing your funds to the limit with Auxmanila’s products within the PHP 270 – PHP 50 (even P20 when on SALE!) price range.

Some of Auxmanila products.

Nursing graduates Michelle Chua and Kat Ambrocio created the shop out of their love for fashion and clothes. I think it’s such a sweet gesture from their very supportive mom and her crew to help them out by handing over the sold items to clients who opted to pick up their items at España.

Auxmanila owners Michelle and Kat

Kat shares:

Michelle told me one day that she wanted to have an online shop and sell clothes. I didn’t take it seriously and thought that after a few days, she’ll forget about wanting it. Few days have passed, and the next thing I knew, we have a multiply account, the layout was being constructed, and the following day we began shooting photos with me as the model.


The two have distributed their tasks really well. Michelle does the photography and most of the initial works. She handles post processing of photos, pricing and posting, up until the release of the collection. Kat on the other hand, models the products and is in charge of packing sold items and communicating with buyers.

Kat shares:

By the time we had Aux, shooting photos would be done in the afternoon when she gets back from school, and a few hours later would be the time for me to go to work. But right now our schedule is a lot more flexible since she has already graduated, and I quit my job.


The “first time”, most of the time, is the most memorable experience for any online seller.

Kat shares:

I remember our 1st collection, few seconds after it was posted, Michelle turned to me with a sad face and said that no one is buying the clothes. I tried not to laugh, thought hard and fast for an answer. With dignity and conviction, I told her that people are on the verge of turning ON their computers. Eventually after minutes or so, people started to comment and buy the clothes. (And that’s the time that we panicked – we didn’t know what to reply to them haha ϋ) Every now and then we get feedbacks and comments from buyers and other visitors of our site telling how they liked the garment they bought and how it looked better than the photo and better than how they imagined it. Some even expresses how badly they wanted an item that has already been sold. It overwhelms us to hear that what we sell and what we do is being noticed and appreciated. Those messages from other people makes us feel that all the hard work that we put to Auxmanila every week, is worth it.

Kat likes comfy yet stylish clothes. Her usual look: shorts, flats and a top. Her colleagues describe her as androgynous but Kat would like to sum it up as “nothing forced and overstated”.

Meanwhile, Michelle is on the other side of the pole by being into sophisticated, vintage, and timeless pieces. Intricate details of clothes catch her eye every time she’s on a shopping spree.

Kat dons casual yet stylish clothes while Michelle is a vintage classic babe.

Kat shares:

She (Michelle) has this white sleeveless top from Dorothy Perkins which has a nice floral edging on the neckline, and that piece is hardly ever worn ‘cause she doesn’t want it to look old and worn-out. “wag, maluluma kasi...” ϋ Her favourite shoes then (may its SOULS rest in pieces, ahem, I mean peace) was a pair of brown loafers/ driver’s shoes from Pabder Uomo. I saw her wear it all the time and with different clothes, colors, and style, it still looked put together, always matched everything as one. May it be with shorts, pants, simple shirt, or even a detailed top.

The most adorable styling habit of these two lovely ladies is when they dress up as twins – from head to toe, wearing the same clothes and shoes in different colors. And when they do, they would remember the KimmyDora (movie) line: “Dora, maganda lang ang na pareho ang suot ng kambal kapag bata pa. Kapag matanda na, mukha nang timang!” Despite that, they still do it nonetheless.


When I celebrated my birthday, Auxmanila sent me a plunging, printed cropped top. I’ve styled it a couple of times before but sadly, I didn’t have photos because the boyfriend and his camera wasn’t around then (boo no decent photos!). But here's a sneak peak of the top.

Lovely right? I love how I can style it in different ways and has that unique print.

My friends say I shouldn't advertise other shops because business is business and still, there is competition no matter how I deny it. But you know what, it doesn't really bother me because the reason why I'm launching the SHOP SUPPORT MOVEMENT is to foster camaraderie among all online sellers. Besides, I know what it feels like to be one and I believe in the power of paying it forward. To Auxmanila, more power to you Kat and Michelle!

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  1. Oh love the top in the last picture!

  2. This is very nice of you Mel, helping one another in the business...

    and seriously with that value for their clothes???

    wow!!!! I though Bangkok is way cheaper than I thought hahahaha...

    take care gorgeous!

  3. Lai, I tagged you in an award:

  4. That is a great outlook towards other shops. You guys all have different styles anyway so there's really no need to compete with each other.

    I always appreciate shops that help us students make the most of our budgets! :)

    B from A plus B

  5. nice pieces !
    i love michelle's vintagy style :)


  6. Awesome! Sweet gesture, Melai. Multiply sellers unite :D And they're nursing graduates like me too, we have ZERO opportunity here in the Philippines as nurses. Sigh.


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