Where Wonder Blooms: Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

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What I like about the weather in Singapore is that it's pretty much like here the Philippines. I don't have winter clothes; just a bunch of blazers and light jackets. So if it were cold in SG, then I would be needing to shop for apparels that would be appropriate for such climate. Comparing theirs with ours, the only difference I noticed is that Singapore is warmer in December (especially at noon).

It was scorching hot when I got there so it was a good thing that I brought light and easy-to-wear pieces that helped me endure the heat. Since I was a tourist in a foreign country where no one practically knows me (I have no known relatives in SG), I found an excuse to try and be a little more daring yet laid back with the outfits that I wore. I wasn't quite in the mood to dress up so I threw on an over-sized sando which is practically open on both sides and paired it with checkered leggings which I thought was sort of a quirky (yet still a little edgy) combination.

For such a humid day, it was the perfect time to visit somewhere chilly. If we have Baguio or Tagaytay here in the country, in Singapore, all you have to do is drop by Gardens by the Bay - a cool conservatory complex and large horticultural attraction which offers an awe-inspiring fusion of nature and technology.   

Gardens By The Bay: A flora explosion
The 101-hectare "garden within the city" boasts of its vibrant garden artistry, educational yet entertaining interactive displays, fascinating landscape architecture and promotes environmental sustainability. I'm really amazed by the fact that everything here is man-made and that its creators were able to put in and maintain a wide range of plant life which is definitely a visual treat to its guests. Its expansive botanical grounds serve as a great backdrop for a romantic date at night or an adventurous family tour during the day. 

The first thing I saw the minute I got there were these massive 16-storey-tall Supertrees. I couldn't help but marvel at these dramatic, giant vertical gardens which generate solar power and act as venting ducts for the park's conservatories. 

The trees' design looks like something you'll see in a sci-fi film; don't you think? We all just had to stop from our tracks and take a moment to capture its majesty.

I felt like my photos did not do the Supertrees justice so I had to grab a picture from the Gardens by the Bay website to give you a better view of these magical trees.

This photo taken from GBB Website.

Khai and I managed to take each others' outfit shots first before wandering around its key attractions. One of these is the Flower Dome, which showcased an awesome display of natural blossoms, lush lawns and tropical trees. 

This photo taken from GBB Website.

Meanwhile, along its waterfront promenade, when you look through these glass walls, you'd see a breathtaking view of the Marina reservoir skyline. 

This photo taken from GBB Website.

Our next stop was my personal favorite, the Cloud Forest, another area in the garden which gives off a cooler Tropical Montane climate and houses a 35-meter-high indoor mountain and waterfall. It attempts to recreate the feel of the highlands with its foggy and misty conditions.

Once you go inside and up the "mountain," you'd be greeted with a display of real-life stalactites and stalagmites.

There's no need to hike all the way up because escalators and elevators were available to be able to reach the mountain's peak. Khai is a self-confessed acrophobic so I had to go up alone and meet her downstairs. 

A view from the top. My hands were actually shaking when I took this. 

If you think I've seen a lot, actually we haven't been to the other areas of Gardens by the Bay. There other locations include Bay East Garden, Dragonfly and Kingfisher Lakes, Heritage Gardens and World of Plants. Plus, there are quite a number of restaurants around the vicinity that we haven't had the chance to try. 

When you plan your itinerary, I suggest you allot around more than four hours to be able to completely explore the rest of the place. Since I got there using our own bus service, I couldn't give a reliable commuting advice to fellow tourists. However, here are some directions that I hope would help you! 

How much would it cost you?
Standard entrance rates for Gardens by the Bay are $28 SGD for adults and $15 SGD good for two conservatories while you have to pay an extra of $12 SGD / $8 SGD if you wish to step foot in the other biomes. Also, an additional of $5 / $3 SGD each if you're planning to go to the cruiser or OCBC Skyway to take a closer look at the Supertrees and get access to a captivating bird's eye view of the entire leisure destination. 

18 Marina Gardens Drive
Singapore 018953

* * * * * * * * * * *

For all the walking we did, I was lucky to be wearing something very casual and comfortable. These wedges were an early Christmas gift Fashion Exchange (F/X) my latest blog sponsor this 2013. I've worn these since early morning (4 AM) until the afternoon. That's a major wow considering that it was my first time to put these on. Of course I had to slip on some sneakers by the evening. Strolling around in wedges for almost the whole day can be quite tiring too. 

Top, DIY thrifted  | Leggings, F-STOP | Lace top (inner) and bangle, Landmark | Shoes, Fashion Exchange (F/X)
Super comfy wedges from Fashion Exchange (F/X)

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  1. melai your photos are so wonderful :) and also, your outfit is so nice! love the print

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  2. Love your outfit! Must plan a Singapore trip soon. First and last ko nung 2009 pa wala pa ata yan hehe :D Hope to see you again soon prolly on a trip? :D


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