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Say hello to my New Year's eve polka number! (dress, thrifted)
R: Square bangle from F-STOP; the rest from bazaars
Necklace gifted by Anagon
Thanks to my sister for saving me from my camera and taking these instagram outfit shots!
Ballet flats | SM Dept Store (Solemate)
First post for 2012. 

Maybe some of you are expecting me to write about something heavy to go with my Christmas entry but not today, haha. I prefer to kick things off on a light note since I just came from a vacation. Nope, I didn't go on a trip somewhere but I went on a break to give myself my much-needed "me" time.

We're now on the fourth day after the year 2012 opened and I'd like to share with you how the past few days have been for me.

2012 Salubong.
My nanay (this is how I address my mom) has asked me to come up with a new year's party that would gather our neighbors in the apartment building where we live in. Nothing grand, really. We had a simple celebration revolving around the concept of bayanihan. Each participating household brought any dish for everyone to share. I prepared bakya parlor games for the kids while some tenants volunteered to provide the prizes. My big brother and I also played Santa by giving aguinaldo to the children in the form of crispy 20 and 50 peso bills. For the adults, I borrowed my friend's videoke microphone so they could entertain themselves by singing along to their favorite songs. The night culminated with all of us welcoming 2012 with sparklers while watching the fireworks display supervised by the men from our building.

For the past 20 years that I've been living here, we've never had a new year's party and I feel accomplished and really glad for being able to put up a get-together that paved the way for the residents to mingle and to get to know the other at the very least. Lavet!

General cleaning.
Not only did I clean my own room, but my boyfriend's desks and shelves too. Both of us want a fresh start and the perfect place to begin is with each of our own personal spaces. A neat and well-organized room has an effect on one's productivity and disposition and so I did a major closet clean up, placed all my shoes in clear plastic boxes, changed the sheets and curtains, filed all my papers, readings and documents, and segregated my accessories, bags, apparels and beauty products accordingly. I also sent all my dirty clothes to the laundry, mopped the floor and removed the dust off the ceilings and corners. All of these took about three rounds of cleaning for two days.

Going home everyday to this room is such a stress reliever. It's been about five days since I've done this and so far I've been doing my best to maintain it (crossing my fingers!).

Business meetings.
Aisa, Ana and I are officially back to work. Bloggers United opened a lot of doors for our team - opportunities we never really thought would come to us out of what-was-thought-of as a small endeavor. I don't want to jinx anything because our team has so much potential of working in a variety of projects and collaborations. I'm just whole-heartedly grateful to everyone (companies, brands, people) who have put their trust and faith in us. I pray for God's best for us, we who have come from the very bottom, just to place ourselves in a cut-throat industry.

Soon this January 2012, the Bloggers United X Multiply charity selling site will be in active operation. Watch out for that. Support us by donating your items. For more information, e-mail me at

Prepping a business comeback.
After a hectic schedule because of Bloggers United, I decided to take a supposedly quick break from handling F-STOP. It's been three months since the hiatus and even though I don't really need to maintain the business anymore due to the projects that I've been receiving, I couldn't let go of it. I loved the business dearly because it was my stepping stone on getting involved with fashion and eventually into blogging. I can't afford to lose it completely because I've been really attached to it. Plus, it doesn't hurt that it gives off extra income right, haha.

The only thing I'm upset about is starting the year with tons of backlogs to blog about. I aim to flush everything out within this week. Hopefully I succeed in that! I haven't had the chance to drop by the blog sites that I usually follow but I know everyone's doing great as well. How about you guys? How's the start of the year for you? Feel free to share! Happy 2012 everyone!

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  1. Cleaned our room too for a fresh start!:) hee :) Love the outfit, melai!

  2. Happy new year, Melai! You look great in this polka number! Hope your 2012 is fabulous!

  3. melai i love your dress! I miss you hope we can meet naman this 2012! :) HAPPY NEW YEAR TOO YOU! :)

  4. you look great w/ bangs, Melai!

    hope you're easing well into 2012. :)

    boat ride through the sky

  5. Love your dress!


  6. You look great with your NYE outfit!! ♥ Wish I own such kind of dress, too! Anyway, ang saya rin ng celebration niyo! Really happy for you. Congratulations to all your success, Melai! You truly deserve it. Happy New Year and I hope to see you more this 2012!


  7. love the polkadot dress! oh and the shoes are awesome! :D

  8. Happy New Year Melai...really cute polka dot dress. I need to do some general cleaning too, in my room and at the office. HAVE to do it soon.

    Anyways... let's bond more this year. :)

  9. Love your dress! where did you buy it? :)

  10. Melai, happy new year to you!! So glad to finally see you at the BU bazaar. :) Congrats again! And as always, you look so stylish as ever. Love the hair so much!!! :)


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