Do you know why we wear red during Christmas?

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Red polka cardigan gifted from Ana | Ball tee c/o Giordano | Pleated skirt Thrifted
Shoes Parisian | Bag c/o Accessorize | Necklace custom-made by Aie
An attempt to make an e-Christmas card for all Style and Soul readers.

Every time I go on observing most people (something I really find myself doing), I can't help but hate at how the holiday season has instilled superficiality and materialism among us. Don't misunderstand. I'm not saying it's wrong to shop this season. What I frown at is the fact that a lot of other people overspend their money buying what? -  things they excessively have like too much food, clothes, shoes, etc. What's even more dismal is most of these people say they know the real essence of Christmas. But if that is so true then I disagree with how they go about it. 

Commercialism is one of the reasons why we wear red during Christmas. Santa Claus (a.k.a Father Christmas) was originally clothed in GREEN with fur lining (source: A Christmas Carol, 1843). In the 20th century (around 1930s), Santa's depiction as a round, welcoming old man clothed in RED owes its popular origins not to traditional values but to one of the most successful marketing campaigns in history - the Coca-Cola advertising (source: Live Science, 2011)

Santa's image as a benevolent gift-giving character has influenced the tradition of buying every Christmas.  Business enterprises have seen the major demand for presents, commodities, food, decorations and have lured people to continue shopping for more by putting up sales and introducing new items. As a digital entrepreneur myself, I know for a fact that Christmas is the most profitable time of the year for retailers throughout the world.  

All these I'm saying isn't hypocrisy. If you ask me, yes, I'll tell you I did shop for this season. But all I really wanted to say is when you have more than enough - more than enough food, more than enough shoes, more than enough clothes, etc; I just hope you'll be able to find it in yourself, to think about what your money is worth for other people (particularly our poor fellowmen). 

If I may quote my own self in my Christmas-related entry last year, I have always believed that it is not wrong to buy material things that for some people mean happiness (it's your money anyway). What I personally endorse is mindful spending and frugality. The only thing that I particularly condone is the act of "over spending" merely because Christmas is about Christ, not a month-long shopping ritual.

I don't want to spoil the holiday cheers for you. The birth of the Lord Jesus Christ is indeed special and worth celebrating. Despite my skepticism, I still celebrate this special occasion but not as lucrative as others do. I just want my readers to think about how they spent Christmas this year. 

I leave you with something to reflect upon: Did you really seek for Christ? Or you lost Him along the way while going over your lengthy shopping list? 

Sincerely wishing everyone a merry Christmas and I pray for all of you, especially the victims of the recent Typhoon Sendong in CDO and Iligan.


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  1. Love the "soul" in this post, Melai! I totally agree with every word you said. ☺ Merry Christmas, dearest!!!


  2. I love this one! As a humble common Filipina I don't have any shopping list and neither does anyone in our family. We didn't have a noche buena, (we just cooked a simple meal) and we didn't go shopping since my mom said I have enough clothes :)) Anywho, personally everytime I read people buying stuff waaaay out of my reach, I feel insecure and somehow a boundary is being set between. I guess Material Girl is really rampant around us!:D

    I hope you had a Merry Christmas, Ms. Melai :)

  3. great post! i totally agree on every word that you said.. it's okay to go shopping or have tons of fun this Christmas but let us not put Christ out of the picture.

    btw- love your cardigan ;)

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  5. Lovely outfit and you look stunning. Merry Christmas dear. ♥XOXO

  6. baaaabe! did i tell you na that you look extra, extra adorable with your new hair? i love! you look fantastic! hope you had a good christmas, by the way. oh, and thank you and octoarts for the invite-- we had fun here. love ya!



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