In the flesh: FACEHUNTER's Yvan Rodic

10:02 AM

Yellow top w/ pleated details and puffed sleeves F-STOP (Fashion Stop) | Fur vest Thrifted
Harem pants Bazaar | Necklace Anagon

Thanks to everyone who appreciated my outfit. Hihi. *Kilig much*

Yvan Rodic, the Swiss photographer/street style blogger, more popularly known as Facehunter had his book signing at Fully Booked in Bonifacio High Street last December 29, 2010. The event was well attended by some of Manila's most stylish fashion bloggers and chictopians.

He is currently having his Asian tour (he has already visited Singapore, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Taipei and Beijing) and thanks to Adidas Originals and Status Magazine, his quick stop to Manila was made possible.

I was an hour late and upon getting there, I could really tell that I'm in the right place just by looking at the whole crowd; each one dressed in his/her most fashionable ensemble. My tardiness had me missing out on Yvan's short talk and Q.A and at the same time left me with no book to purchase as all were sold out earlier.

Nevertheless, I still had fun meeting new bloggers and bonding with the friends I've already made during past events. It was non-stop photo taking and chatting. The event took a while because Yvan was gracious to really talk to everyone and not just sign the books. I was a bit envious as others had their moment with him; but at the same time, I still had a blast just by mingling with everyone.

Being one of the pioneers in fashion/ street style blogging, Yvan indeed has come a long a way from where he started. He's not only enjoying millions of hits, he is also earning money by doing the things most of us could only dream of - travel, take photos, meet interesting people and experience the whole world and its various cultures.

By consistently blogging for five years, his used-to-be little blog paved the way for him to have a book, a web TV show, collaborations with big brands and opportunities for travel and adventures around the globe. Now, he has also expanded on a visual diary where other non-fashion photos are posted. In Yvan's words, Facehunter "has evolved into a multi-platform for the exploration of contemporary culture".

These achievements are indeed inspiring especially to those who also aim to be successful and accomplished bloggers in the future.

Photos by: JR Espejo and Melai Entuna

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  1. Yay! Love the pics Melai, and still totally gaga over your outfit that night (:

  2. taray! bet ko ang fur vest! ^^ ganda.

    i missed this. i was in cotabato for xmas. haaay. ^^ jinggit lang key to the max from the photos.

  3. oh, so jealous you got to meet him!
    everyone was so fashionable!!

  4. The fur vest was thrifted? ahhh I'm inggit! =) Great styling! I also love your shoes!


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