What I got my boyfriend for Christmas

11:22 AM

I gave him a camera flash as a gift. After the Facehunter event, we took the time to take some more photos to test it out.

I like that it is actually very helpful for night photography. Plus it has a built in or attached diffuser (and light panel to bounce off the light) to maintain the image's natural look.

Even though the flash isn't attached to the camera, it still works. In the first photo, JR holds it while I take his photo. Cool effect noh? (1. The anonymous effect, 2. The "I found a treasure" effect) Haha.

Sometimes I feel like it's unfair because JR knows that all he has to give me are either shoes, bags, clothes or accessories as gifts. For over two years that we've been together, thinking of what to give him has always been grueling simply because he has everything. JR dislikes shopping and is not so much into clothes. He wears any shirt, polo, pants, slippers or rubber shoes as long as it fits him comfortably. One time I gave him a tee from Roxy, which I truly knew was in his size, but didn't fit him. Oh that was such a heartache.

Well I know he loves techie stuff. But damn, they're expensive! Hahaha. He owns a kindle (e-book), gaming gadgets, a DSLR, and so on and so forth. And so, aside from giving him a sports watch (way back during our first year), what else is left for me to give him?

When I found out he intended to buy a flash, I didn't mind shelling out a few pesos (it's not a few! hahaha). At least I didn't give a gift for the sake of giving. I'm happy knowing that it was what he really wanted. Plus, it was a good way for him to save up anyway.

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  1. Melai, your a really sweet girlfriend for buying JR something that he likes. It really shows how much he appreciates it :)

  2. AW <3 You are such a sweetie! Men are weird animals we can never figure out. XD

    sPam of frou-frou

  3. wow! what an awesome gift...well, buying that flash for him can also benefit you for your outfits posts...and you can do more amazing outfits shots for your store. win-win melai! :D

    happy new year!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  4. I agree! It's really hard to find an inexpensive gift for men!

  5. strong pics! I hate the blood!
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  6. sis anung model ng flash yun? and hm did you buy it? thnx... :)

  7. love the photos!amazing outfit,love the shoes!:)

  8. I can so relate. My bf and I have been together for 10 years and it's always been so difficult getting something for him. So I just always go safe and buy him shirts. haha. He seems to have everything na kasi.


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