New year's greetings, a firecracker casualty and a 2011 baby

2:50 PM

I turned bokeh of lights into fireworks!

Happy new year!

I know this is a belated greeting but I'm still saying it anyway. How was your new year celebration? For me, it was an unconventional one for 2011. It was my first time to spend it without my family. JR and I were in PGH (Philippine General Hospital) doing firecracker casualties photography for photojournalism.

I can feel your pain kuya.

A 2011 baby!!

Aside from us, doctors, nurses, security guards, policemen and media people are out working on new year's eve. Hope you had a great one! It was definitely an experience for me. No outfit post because I was wearing a shirt, shorts and sneaks to be comfy and safe while out in the field.

And since I didn't catch the fireworks, I posted something that I took a few days before Christmas that kinda looks like it (pwede na! haha) using bokeh of lights.

A prosperous new year to all of us and may we all change for the better.

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  1. An interesting new year's eve, my sistah! :) Happy New Year Melaisky! :)

  2. the bokeh lights looked amazing! i hope the guy in the pictures became okay though :)

    happy new year!

  3. oh, wow!!!!!!! i can feel kuya's pain too... hay! i dunno why people wanna risk it with fireworks tlaga! in alabang, where we spend our new year's, no one was allowed to use fireworks... there were roaming policemen and all, and it was still fun!

  4. Kamusta naman! Na-surprise ako sa photos mo! (I'm blood-averse! Haha. Tipong nanghihina talaga ako when I see blood!) Love the bokeh light effects though! And a 1-1-11 baby! <3

    Happy new year, Melai! :)

  5. Melai!!! Ack! Bloood! hahaha! Happy new Year!

  6. Wow that sugat is scary :( that's why i never play with fire crackers and the likes. And exciting christmas baby!

  7. hala nagulat naman ako! hahahaha! bigla ako nanghina! haha! pero i love the bokeh thingy! happy new year melai! :)

  8. i love the blue lights, i hate the blood, i love the new year baby .. thanks for dropping by happy new year!

  9. that is some way of celebrating New Year! But I wouldn't expect anything less from such an amazing person as you :D

    Btw, text me your email! I have resorted to just sending you guys links to the pictures of the bazaar XD

    sPam of frou-frou

  10. omgosh girl, as much as i hate to see blood (*faints*), that photo of the man with his hand bleeding, is a great shot.. you captured the moment kung baga! and sorry to hear you didn't spend new year with your family...

    and great bokeh shot! i always fail on doing a shot like this... :( BOO!

  11. loving the lights! But uhhh I can feel his pain too!

  12. hala! dapat pala sa PGH ako tumambay eh. booooo. nagaabang ako sa ER ng medical city wala naman happening. Anyway, at least you're with JR.:) happy new year sis! miss you see you soon!

  13. wowwww that second photo kinda surprised me! hehe lovely blog dear xo

  14. OUCH. :( I don't really like firecrackers. :-/

    Happy New Year!

  15. The composition of the shots are beautiful, so hindi ako masyado na-horrify sa dugo. Hehe!

  16. Happy New Year to you! Wishing you love and happiness :-) xoxoxoo

  17. Happy new year!


  18. This is so different from all the new year's outfit-posts we see everywhere. Awesome photos.
    xx from Sweden

  19. hello!

    i don't know if i've interpreted it right but you just copy the html into a 'third party html/ add your own html' gadget :)

    you can reach me at kisforkani[at] if you need any help/or if i've answered a completely different question to the one you have asked

    x thankyou!

  20. Unconventional new year indeed! Seems kind of fun and exciting though! Poor manong :( Kasi naman, not careful. Haha :)

    Happy New Year! :D

  21. kawawa naman si kuya :( feel na feel ko ung pain nya.awwwch :S

    and inggit ako.ang cute ng bokeh! ma igoogle nga un hehe thanks sa comment pala <3


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