Thank you! Telebasura feature

12:46 PM

Paint-splattered dress/top Landmark | Denim shorts | Chain layered necklace Babo | Fringe necklace Telebasura | Gladiator sandals Department Store | Over sized brown bag Thrifted | Faux snake-skinned bangle, Faux leather studded cuffs Bazaar |

Thank you Telebasura Design for the quick feature. They saw me wearing Telebasura in one of my outfit posts in my livejournal blog. Actually, I would have wanted to buy the larger, mixed color (black and white) fringe necklace with chains. However, I am a person who's very budget-oriented haha.

That time, I was dying to have a fringe necklace (it was a booming trend then, November 2009) so I just bought the cheapest one among the designs. I paired it with piled-on black chain necklace in order to put life to it.

So you see, I'm really frugal and practical when it comes to fashion and styling. I'm not the type who spends a lot just for a pair of shoes, a top or just a piece of clothing. When I splurge, I make sure I have items good for a week, complete from head to toe, on a 2k budget haha.

Speaking of being spotted, you can also catch me in tumblr (I recently opened one). I call it Style and Soul RAW. But more on soul this time, I think. There's a different kind of rawness in it, I speak my mind in a conversational way - so yes it is in Filipino (or Taglish since it's really conversational). Hello Filipino readers!

I'm as real as I can be here in blogspot (it's all about who I am). But heellooo?! In my ordinary day to day life, I really don't speak straight English unless it's acad-related (basically papers, essays, recitation, speech and the like).

I'm sort of plugging (shamelessly) my tumblr only because I really enjoyed myself - there's something about speaking your own (mother na, native pa) language. It gives a person more personality and life. Whatever's in my head goes straight to tumblr. Also, I enjoyed doing quick posts and reblogs!

I'm relatively new in tumblr. Do you have a tumblr account? If yes, comment here! I'll check it out and follow if I like. I want to follow people!

Photos by: JR Espejo

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  1. i have a tumblr too but haven't really explored it yet. i'll check your site :) love all your accesories btw. have a great day!

  2. pareho tayo a budget-oriented then when it comes to clothes.that's why I only splurge on ukay.haha
    i love your dress and accessories.parang gusto ko rin bumili sa telebasura.hehe
    btw, yung glasses ko bigay ni Mike (toxicdiscoboy).

  3. congrats on the feature, Melai!
    cute dress you have there!


  4. @Melai - oo nga papa rehab nako excessive shopping palagi. :c hehehe pero d naman bumibili ng super mahal. heee:) And love the top I was wearing on the show super! It's by Tsumori Chisato and I just got lucky found that top in ebay! And thanks babe sa compliments:) Ikaw kaya ang beauty!!!:)

    Anyway. love your dress here! and you always have nice accessories:)

  5. Telebasura's coming out with a new collection very soon! I know this because B and I were in the same barkada as one of the designers. :P Go buy!

    A from A Plus B in the Sea


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