To the person I call Tatay

5:20 PM

He is undeniably my Tatay.

I'm not going to pretend that I'm the best daughter in the world.
Because I'm not.

A lot of times, I don't understand... your job, your principles, your priorities.
Especially when I was young and growing up.

But now, I've come to accept that I am only second to others.
In the same way you've accepted and understood my failures and mistakes.

I've opened my mind and I'm not demanding for anything anymore.

Just continue helping our fellowmen.
For I admire your mission to be there for others, and appreciate the fact that being red doesn't take away your thoughtfulness, humor, sweetness and loving nature.

Thank you very much for everything and love yah! My father's day greeting goes out to all!

Sa mga itay na manggagawa,
sa mga itay na nagsasaka,
sa mga itay na namamasukan
sa mga itay sa ibang bansa,
sa mga itay sa opisina,
sa mga itay na may negosyo,
sa mga itay na tambay sa kanto,
sa mga single dads,
sa mga housebands,
sa lahat ng lalaking may anak na,
Maligayang araw ng mga ama!

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  1. yeah the shoes are really cheaper and they are all trendy!:)

  2. if i can 'like' in blogspot, i would definitely clicked on it..hehehe. it's amazing how as we grow old, we now have an understanding of our dad's ways...and we get it.

    surely missed a lot of your posts!!! i sooo love your outfit in the last's so colorful and just free...and the boots you had on where you were wearing a lace dress, we have the same one..welp, almost as yours had spiky studs on em..

    ps. thanks for the encouraging words on my last post melai..really helping me to get through this.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  3. Hi Melai, you are absolutely cooool! I am a fashion moron you know, and am totally fascinated by people like you who eat, drink and live with style! Cute cute photo with your Dad. I miss mine terribly. He got picked up by angels 4 years ago... thanks for visiting my blog, btw... :)


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