Pretty handsome no more

7:44 PM

I feel like a girl again.

My hair has been growing. As you can see, I'm now able to style it like this. What do you call this hairstyle? I dunno eh. Haha. Isn't it refreshing? All those bangs away from my face. Surely keeps me feeling a few degrees cooler despite the unbearable Manila heat and humidity.

Ever since I cut my hair short (boy cut to be specific), I've never been able to grow it the way it used to be. I kinda like shorter hair better. Don't get me wrong; in any way, I don't mean to offend girls with long locks. But I think a short cut gives a person a lot of "personality". During my long hair days, I would always feel ordinary, I was just like everyone else.

See-through crochet tunic Thrifted | Black leggings & inner |
Black & gold sequined purse
Bazaar | Studded boots Thrifted |

A short hair cut is something not everyone can carry with confidence. However, it surely pumped up mine. I proved to myself that I could rock any hairstyle. It was the ultimate test; one of the most courageous things a girl can do - cut off her long locks.

From having long, short, with bangs/ without, curly, colored, with highlights; seriously, believe it or not I've done them all... well almost. I thank my small oval-shaped face for that haha. The only thing I can't attempt is to shave my head. If I look like Natalie Portman I won't mind. But I don't so I can't teehee.

Flashback hairstyle photos from my dead friendster account. Waaha.

I am in love with these boots. I pair them with everything in my closet!

It was also my boy cut who jump-started my clothing experimentation. I had to veer away from feminine styles and adapted androgynous edgy ones to compensate my smashing "do". And so, here I am, in my most fabulous age ever.

A lot of people urge me to keep my hair longer. They are usually old friends who miss my long hair, and new ones who are curious on what I would look like. Just for a change (uuhgain?) you know. What do you think? Share your thoughts (whether it's about my hair, your hair, or just hair in general)!

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Photos by: JR Espejo

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  1. yehey!kita ko na posts mo. ^=^
    i love your see-through top,dear!

  2. i've had long hair for most of my life, & when i cut it real short a few years back, i
    definitely felt sexier & more confident. i really want to chop my hair off right now, but i've to keep it long for my sister's wedding on February. i'll do it after the wedding! :D


    boat ride through the sky

  3. If a girl has short hair I always assume she is cool, fun and low maintenance! Filipinos usually seem to find long hair beautiful (very traditional) but short hair to me always looks so sassy and spunky. It can make any outfit look more playful.

    I think your new direction of style will compliment your hair perfectly.

    Also friends will always have different opinions. Haha! You look confident with your hair now-keep rocking it, Melai!

  4. Love the hairstyle... girl na girl ka dito. And I love the boots... fabulous look Melai.

    Psst... matulog ka na, late na ha! Hehehe! xoxo


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