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I realized that I have never mentioned my barkada for the past five months that I've been blogging. Maybe it's because, for some reason that I'm not aware of, I just have this thing of compartmentalizing the different aspects of my life - that my real life is still different from my blogging life. It's such an irony how outspoken I can be about opinions and principles and yet keep it mum when it comes to my biological family, my deeper personal struggles and the rest of the people in my life.

I have kept them from my readers the way I have hidden this blog in the dark to them. And in theory, maybe the only person in my life that I've shared here is my boyfriend because he was the only one who knew what I was up to.

While the other bloggers started during their teen years, I opted to blog a bit late, in my 20s because I wasn't really open to write anything about my life. And while other bloggers inspire their readers with their personal experiences, I try to keep my talambuhay sharing at a minimum for I couldn't shatter the wall that's been keeping me from entirely putting it out there.

So for the first time, you'd be seeing my high school friends. Since we started college, we've only seen each other every sem break, every Christmas, and on each other's birthdays (at times we couldn't make it though). We've kept in touch thanks to technology but we hardly go out to watch movies, to eat or hang out and the like.

My friend Polyzhea has definitely won her battle over obesity after regular exercise and healthy diet!

Despite hardly any bountiful amount of quality and bonding moments, in my heart, I treasure them very much because I honestly don't have a lot of really good "friends". I only keep a few in my heart and I truly choose who to love and trust the most because I'm one of most guarded persons that I know.

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  1. it's cool to finally be "introduced" to your barkada, melai! :))

  2. Aww it looks like you had a really good time with your friends :) really interesting ring btw


  3. I think I understand your wanting to keep your "real life" and blogging separate. It is hard enough to post pictures of yourself out there, imagine how much harder it is to include your "inner workings," too. Having said that, it takes great courage to take the next step with this post, so congratulations!

    Also, I love your ring and pin! :)

  4. what a wonderful pop of yellow. :)

  5. hey
    i love this yellow blazer
    it's amazing

  6. Thank you Melai! =) hiya nmn ako =)
    Me loves you yellow blazer! =)

  7. i love your blazer forever, melai :) and bonding with friends is the best :)

  8. your yellow blazer is stunning! love it!

    xoxo, missingbee?

  9. yey it's the pretty yellow blazer!!!


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