I'll always be the lucky one

8:18 PM

And it all feels like yesterday.

We just happen to happen (still happening *wide grin*).

Every time I think about it, I'm always very grateful that God has written a love story waaaay toooo different from the fairy tale I prayed for. More than two years ago, I would talk to Him every night, heart to heart, deeply desiring for me and someone else to work out. Never did I miss on praying for it (constant list: blessing acknowledgments, wishes for family, love, friends and self; plus miscellaneous, haha). You know the ending of that tale: "It didn't work out."

When you were as close-minded as me when I was younger, believing that the first should be the last, it'd be heartbreaking (for sure) when things don't turn out the way you really want it to be. Was it too idealistic? I think not. My brother was able to do it. So posible 'di ba?

But as the old saying goes, "Things happen for a reason." Insert frame: JR - my second chance at love. The teddy bear of my life.
I'm still at awe at how time really flies at a rapid speed. What seemed yesterday was two years and some days na pala.

Took this while JR was watching TV.

A long shot. I find it surprisingly funny when JR thought I was something he couldn't reach. JR was a friend of a friend. Then a friend. Then a buddy (a sweet and thoughtful one).

Back when we were still friends, most of our pics have this peace sign. haha.

"JR and Melai" is too lengthy of a narrative to tell (a lot of little details in between). Believe it (or not), w
ithout the romantic rituals (no awkward stage and courtship), one day it just became us (pinag-usapan naman of course, haha).

All-time most favorite photo.

A friend once said that his wish list said, "Find happiness and romantic stability like Melai Entuna." I laughed, feeling flattered. Other people think of us as a great couple (thank you!) and in staying the way we are, there is no secret recipe (promise, cross my heart); only "little things" that we do as a couple.

The best way to our hearts is through our stomachs. I'm no cook but JR and I eat out a lot (esp. fast food) and ban restaurants (or branches) with bad food and/or service. Before, we had a list of must-try bistros and checked them out on either special occasions or any time actually. At random circumstances, we cook/bake each other something. ^_^

1) Heaven and Eggs pancake, 2) Henry's Grill grilled squid, 3) Sebastian's chilly burger,
4) Yoh-gurt yogurt with fruits, 5) Hungree Burger giant burger, 6) Yours truly home cook meal

It doesn't have to be somewhere abroad or far away but I consider "going out" as traveling. I like it when we go to a mall, another city or a park we've never been to as a couple. It can as simple as having a joyride or exploring the city.

JR and I went to Subic hot air balloon festival.

When we're busy doing school stuff, at times we do not talk at all (we face our own laptops on diff tables), just being with each other is enough (though I make sure we get a break). We support each other's jobs. He would help me take photos for my shop, I watch his gigs, and now, we're working on a shoot together (great!).

JR reading something on the net.

JR accompanied me to a wedding reception that I hosted.
(Each other's number 1 cheerleaders!)

The eternal prerequisites should always be there: respect, support, understanding, patience and most of all, love (in ample quantities). The few little things I mentioned among the many (go crazy, let go of inhibitions, watch a movie, give one a massage, play a game and other too many to mention) only mean: bond. Keep on finding time to spend with each other, everyday is a chance to get to know each other more and always have fun.

Partnership. Friendship. Relationship.

For some, it is sickening sweetness. But what can I do?
I love him always. My love grows everyday at an exponential rate.

P.S. Single and happy? Single and lonely?
There is always someone out there meant for you. In God's time. ^_^

Photos by: JR Espejo and Melai Entuna (et. al) other photos from laimehpits.livejournal.com

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  1. "JR - my second chance at love. The teddy bear of my life." Awwwwww sweetness! <3

    Melai! Your post moved me so much, I'm kilig and smiling like mad while I'm typing this.

    Happy 2nd anniversary! We may not know each other personally but I'm sincerely happy for you and your boyfriend. Wishing you guys more love, more cute photos and more years together! Teka, buntong hininga lang ulit ako hehe. Hay.. <3

    Lee [spunkandglam.blogspot.com]

  2. @ Lee: Ei! Thanks! Super late post na to. June 2 pa dapat pero hinabol ko pa rin, thanks! I'll post next about your tagged questions :)

  3. at times we do not talk at all (we face our own laptops on diff tables)

    my boyfriend & i are the same! usually, he reads his comics, & i'm looking through blogs. then, we'd both stop sometimes, cuddle for a bit, & then go back to what we were doing. haha. it's funny, but all the same very comforting!

    happy anniversary to the both of you! stay in love. :)


    boat ride through the sky

  4. thx,,you link was done,,check on my list..did u follow me with google acount or bloglovin??
    so keep in touch..

  5. AWWWWWW. That's so cute. And I like how you love food. Going to try that Hungree Burger. Where do you find?

    A from A + B in the Sea

  6. I'm going for that Hungree Burger.

    And congratulations. :P

    A from A + B in the Sea

  7. @Gela: When I think about it, I'm sure we feel the same type of kilig. Yeehee.

    @Dorothy: Followed you through blogger. Thanks so much. Yes I'll keep in touch.

    @A: Placed a comment on your page :) HB is in Pasay :)

  8. wow this is some screwed up internet that i have now, probly this is my 5th attempt to leave a comment:) just wanted to say that your story is touching, melai-- you may not have shared your full story itself,but anyone can sense a huge amount of depth and maturity in your relationship:) glad you found the man who changed your views about love and made you believe in love again. here's to more amazing years together, both of you!


  9. This post was very sweet! Thanks for sharing with us, Melai.

    I like this line best. "A friend once said that his wish list said, Find happiness and romantic stability like Melai Entuna." A great compliment to you guys :)

  10. you look soooo cute together!
    and you look like you have so much fun which is definitely important for a relationship..
    harry and i are the same too..we just goof off and talk about nonsense..hehe.

    happy anniversary melai!
    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  11. Melai, I love this post... I'm glad that you found the teddy bear of your life. You are perfect together. xoxo

  12. omg, you're the cutest couple ever ! I've read your whole article and almost cried ahah <3

  13. awwww you two are gorgeous:) so cute, best couple hehe


  14. what a super sweet post!
    you both make an awesome couple..jealous ;)

    eclectic du jour

  15. OMG! Thanks to everyone who placed their comments. I wasn't expecting this. When I made this story, it was for selfish reasons - just to surprise my boyfriend with a lovely post. I'm happy people find this short entry touching and inspiring.

    I hope all of you continue to believe in love. Thanks for wishing us the best ^__^. I know right! We do look cute together. haha.

    I'm also touched by all the things you have to say.

    THANKS! Dotie, Mel, Slanelle, Lea, Gizelle, Eden and B!

  16. nice blog!
    your pictures are cool and funny


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