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Lee of Spunk and Glam tagged me to answer these questions. I am more than delighted to share parcels of me through this short Q & A portion. If you have no idea about who I am, maybe reading this will help you see me more as a person other than an ordinary blogger of some sort.

Thank you Lee for this!

1. What do you do for a living?

Technically I am "unemployed". I'm a Broadcast Communication student from the University of the Philippines - Diliman (supposedly graduating this semester).

What I usually do as a broadcasting student - on/off camera productions.

However, I own F-STOP (Fashion Stop), an online boutique selling vintage and brand new clothes, shoes and accessories.

Click photo/link above to view my shop.

Aside from that, I'm also a freelancer. I do whatever as long as I'm qualified or when basically asked to do so in exchange for money (haha). I host events and work in a few indie films (production design department, wardrobe and styling, talent/minor acting roles).

Some hosting stints.

My friends call me a production diva because I do prod managing, directing, shooting and editing for small-time videos. I used to be a writer-contributor for SMART telecommunication on one of their projects called Fone Serye and did some radio voice acting as well. So it's safe to say that I freelance for any media-related jobs. ^__^

My film production experiences.

Bembol in the house yo! Working with Bembol Rocco
(a famous and classic character actor in the Philippines)
was such a bliss!
I can't believe I've worked with Lino Brocka's prime talent back in the 80's.

2. What is your blog name and why?

Blog name: Style and Soul.

I'm very much interested in fashion ever since I started my shop. Though I'm a late bloomer, I'm loving fashion more and more because of the new things I've learned from other people, magazines and fashion sites. This blog is basically about an ordinary girl's take on fashion and style and how she translates that into her wardrobe choices.

She's a girl who's not yet sure where she's headed to in life. And though she loves bags, shoes, clothes and accessories; she also thinks these are too superficial and materialistic. And so, she wanted to blog about matters of her soul whether these are personal, political or social - my own little way of contributing to the world.

3. Who is your favorite singer/band and why?

1) Beyonce 2) Lady Gaga 3) Usher 4) 2ne1 5) Jason Mraz

There's a lot!

I love their Korean fashion. Very quirky and colorful yet fierce. Sandara Park's perseverance to reach her dreams inspired me a lot.

Lady Gaga
She's an icon, an innovator, an original, a stand-out - every thing I wanted to be (just not that crazy and all sexy).

Jason Mraz

I love his acoustic happy songs. Really set my mood right.

Beyonce and Usher

Both are hot, talented and good dancers. I am a dancer my self so I really admire artists who have the moves!

4. What is your favorite restaurant and your favorite thing to eat there?

Friuli! It is a small Italian restaurant in UP village with really yummy pizza and pasta for an affordable price. I also like Flaming Wings for their wicked oreos!

5. What is your favorite item of clothing?

A black tank top goes with anything!

6. Who is your favorite fashion icon?
No one in particular. Every blogger, every editor, every icon, is a source of inspiration. ^__^

7. What is your personal fashion style?
My personal style is mood and lifestyle based. Very resourceful may I just say. I think I need a whole new page to explain this. Haha.

8. Where do you usually go for ukay-ukay or bargain shopping?
I usually go to Anonas and Cubao only because it's easier to commute from my house. haha.

PS. Feel free to e-mail me or comment if you have more questions. Thanks everyone!

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  1. wow you're from UP Diliman too! In my time as a student, girls from the Mass Comm college are one of the most chica :) will definitely check your online shop btw

  2. Thanks for answering Melai! I enjoyed reading your answers, and I love the photos too :D

  3. ooh! my boyfriend's been wanting to take me to Friuli for a while now, but we keep forgetting! i'm going to bring this up w/ him right now.



    boat ride through the sky

  4. I love your answers to the questions. You definitely are a production diva! :)


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