The mismatch maker

5:30 AM

April 17, 2010

There are times... when we end up with the people we've never expected to love, we become friends with those we may have thought to be irrelevant and we lose the ones who have always stayed close. We believe we've got everything figured out only to discover we are lost once we're almost there. We always ask why but even without answers, in time, they seem to (and will hopefully really) make sense.


When I went to JR's place for his grandma's birthday celeb, it was as simple as "I wore what I wanted." Again, I'm in my ever-favorite denim shorts (helping me survive the heat) and recently acquired black wedges (my F-staple).
BTW, who said one can't pair a pink floral blazer with a neon green top with handwriting print? I just did. It seemed like a perfect mismatch but I like it. Actually, I think I was able to pull it off. Haha.

Floral blazer | Denim shorts | Neon green top Black Sheep | Black criss-cross wedges | Necklace YRYS | Random rings and bangles

The Internet as a new media has helped styling (and fashion in general) evolve to something unthinkable. Back in the days, stylistas stick religiously to the rules on pairing closet pieces: plains on prints and vice versa, same color for shoes and bag, no to mixing gold and silver, etc. But now, the sea of fashionistas all over the world (flooding the blogosphere), each with the power to influence and be influenced, have shared their culture, personality and aesthetics in fashion. This has broken existing rules and created new ones. Today, though there are still trends people in general still follow, there's only one prevailing (and timeless) directive, "Be true to yourself."

It's funny how I look like I wasn't wearing anything underneath. Haha.

Photo credits: JR Espejo

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  1. love the floral blazer. gonna have to visit black sheep soon.

    you look gorgeous. colorful, fun and gorgeous!

    hey you're here to stay na ba?

    I am Denise Katipunera

  2. Ate Denise, hindi ko alam na nagcomment ka. haha. Yes I think I'm here to stay na kasi naman I realized na mas user friendly ang blogspot sa livejournal. Like it better here :)


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