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I didn't want my previous post to be toooo long. I know how short are people's attention span in general and so I was my own gatekeeper and just decided to cut my journal after the 2ne1 feature. This post is a sequel to "Fall flat on your face. Just keep walking and take center stage.", a few thoughts about 2ne1's outlandish fashion sense and about having to wait for life's biggest break.

I had a few looks that were (in one way or another) influenced by 2ne1. It may not be too evident because there's nothing K-pop-ish about it. Others may not see 2ne1 in it at all. Haha. But of course, even though my style is based on something else, in the end, the outcome is (and should always be) true to myself. That's the most important thing I guess. Knowing who you are and not dressing up for anybody else.

April 13, 2010

Before JR (my boyfriend) and I went to continue our shoot for my store's latest vintage collection, we dropped by the mall to purchase a cheap laptop charger (from CD-R King). Mine's power supply was dead and it's been weeks since I've missed on using Niccollo (my laptop).

My mall outfit was inspired by 2ne1's "
2010 Big Project Girl Group Cross-Dressing Photoshoot”, a collaboration between Star News and fashion site Style M (based in Korea) for the fashion magazine Arena’s May issue. The girls were dressed in full denim on denim (very "in" now). The styling was aimed to be slightly androgynous (that's why it was called CDP in the first place) but lace accents, scarves, earth-colored accessories and white touches maintained a feminine feel.

Lace blazer Thrifted | Denim pants | Black lace tank top | Black criss-cross wedges fashionstopshop.multiply.com | Clear glasses Bazaar

Would you believe I don't have a denim top yet (except for a blazer)! Honestly, I hardly buy clothes if the reason is they're in trend this season (doesn't mean I don't really follow trends though, I still do of course). So instead of strictly doing a certain member's look, I fused Dara's pants and CL's top for my own style.

My lace blazer is actually highly similar to what CL's lace long sleeved shirt from D&G.

I'm actually fond of folding my shirts' sleeves in general.

February 3, 2010

Note: This is not reblogged. Haha. I know, the pictures were taken months ago (still with longer hair, no highlights!) but I haven't had the chance to post about it because I was too busy with my RPN 9 TV internship then. I wore this on the second to the last day of my on-the-job training experience.

Ever since 2ne1 popularized poker shirts, I was dying to have one! I've thought of buying one online but before I decided on it, this loose poker top fell right into my hands in one of my thrifting adventures. It's unbelievable right?! When I saw this, all I could think of was "OMG! This is sooo 2ne1!!!" I only got it for $1.5 (holy smokes)! Since then, it has become one of my all-time favorite pieces in my closet. I actually wear it a lot because it's very comfy and the material (cotton) and design (loose with bat-wing sleeves) helps me withstand the heat.

Loose, bat-wing sleeve poker top Thrifted | Skinny jeans | Fringe and studded suede boots Thrifted | Brown faux leather cuffs Bazaar |

I always wear it on off-shoulder for that sexy appeal.

Though it's not exactly the same (I don't need it to be anyway), what matters to me is that I have a poker shirt now (in excellent condition) and it's really fabulous! Whenever I wear this, people kept on asking me where I got it (*blush*).

All my photos taken by: JR Espejo
2ne1 photos: Google Images

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