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Maybe a lot of us are familiar with 2ne1. For those who aren't, they are an all-female pop group in Korea. Before them, the only Korean singer that I'm truly in love with was Boa. Try looking her up. She's exceedingly talented - a great singer, explosive dancer, equating to a total performer. However, since 2ne1 was launched last year, I also became a fan since then.

Aside from their catchy (really not bad at all) songs, and fine (take note, LIVE) performances, they are also ridiculously fashionable. They've taken K-pop fashion to greater heights. Not only trendsetters, they're also standouts as well. I love all their styles - from pop, pop hiphop, to high fashion and glam.

Extremely stylish and sophisti-cute (sophisticated + cute) indeed.

2ne1 in pop/ pop hiphop outfits. Pic 2 (L-R): CL, Minzy, Dara, Bom.

I'm amazed at how everything looked so well together even though loud prints are paired with another kind of print. It looks too much for others maybe, but
I think they're the only ones who can carry this kind of look. I personally couldn't wear this or else, I'd look T.T.H. (trying too hard). Haha.

2ne1 in high fashion.

2ne1 in glam and sophisticated looks.

Their fashion sense as a group keeps on getting better. I find it irresistibly tempting (redundant, I know!) to blog about them. Most of their clothes are either customized by their equally brilliant stylists Seung Ho and Danny, and/or altered from Japan. They are awesomely fierce and feisty! Gaaahd!

2ne1 in 2010. Screen caps from their latest MV.

2ne1 wears couture. Minzy's studded vest and graphic floral leggings are both from Givenchy's 2010 Summer Resort Collection while CL's snakeskin dress and leggings are from the late Mcqueen.

2ne1's Bom and CL in a high fashion photo shoot.

Apart from this fashion feature, I just want to write about how happy I am for Sandara Park for making it this far now.

2ne1's Sandara Park

Curiosity was the initial reason why I checked them out. Here in the Philippines, we all know that one of its members, Sandara Park, was formerly in Pinoy showbiz. She was a product of a famous talent show in one of the biggest networks. Though she didn't win, she was a runner-up and Filipinos immediately embraced her cuteness and sweet (a little childish) personality. It was also the time when Asian TV soaps (mostly from Korea) were at its peak and so, her rise to fame was an easy one.

It was a shock for everyone when Sandara decided to go back to Korea to study and try her "luck" there despite her already-established stardom here. After some time (maybe a year or two, I'm not sure), she returned to the Philippines but it was too late. Filipino fans have moved on and she wasn't as in-demand as she used to be. Heartbroken by it, Sandara fled back to Korea once again.

In 2009, after hearing that she, together with three others, would be launched in a singing group, I checked out for myself what the fuss was all about (and also how Sandara is now). I was pleasantly surprised by their MV. I thought it was actually pretty cool. I remember that after watching it, I played it again to have a second look. Sandara changed much - she's spunky, fully of attitude, really had presence and unexpectedly improved (so, so much).

But it wasn't just her. 2ne1 is actually a really talented group. My equal favorites are Minzy and CL because they're really very goooood both in singing and dancing. Bom is the diva (reaching those high notes). And though Sandara placing last in terms of talent (just being brutally frank (T.T) ), her genuine personality (not to mention her humor
) shines above the rest.

Read Dara's Star Diary (specifically
part 6 and part 8). Being in 2ne1 wasn't an easy road. She had to wait for a long time for this break. She's 26 last year (though it doesn't look like it) but it was only then that she became who she is now. If it were another person, maybe it'd be more difficult to hang in there for something unsure. It was inspiring how she did everything to live her dream.

Yes, maybe it was a mistake at first to leave Philippine showbiz. But no matter how hard she fell, she kept on going and is now conquering that stage.

I wonder... how long do I have to wait? If you're someone who's also waiting for your one chance, one shot at something in life. Try waiting a little bit more. They say there's a time for everything.


Photo credits: Google Images

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