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April 21, 2010

The old saying says "Try and try until you succeed." But what if your trying appears "too hard" to others? How do you go on when people tell you, you can't; when you yourself think you can't?

These thoughts were brought about by a kid's movie. My boyfriend and I recently watched How to Train a Dragon by Dreamworks out of curiosity since it did so well in many movie reviews. Kick Ass was a first choice but in a jack-and-poy match, we ended up seeing the animated film instead.

The movie is a witty, engaging and heart-warming piece of animation with good storytelling. The adventure is intended for the kids but the sense of humor and message are geared more for adults. The protagonist of the movie reflects one's struggle to make a mark, to create a different path and to prove everyone wrong.

Animal-printed blazer Thrifted | Neon tank top | Black leggings | Blue snake-skin low-heeled pumps Thrifted | Studded bag Maison Gilfy | Body armor necklace Anagon | Accessories Quiapo |

I love the well lighted entrance of SM The Block.
Made my skin fairer than it actually is. Haha.

The only thing that I wanted to change about this outfit is the leggings. I didn't have any other (the other one's in the laundry). If I were wearing stirrups, my legs would seem slimmer and longer.

In How to train a Dragon, different weapons were used to slay various types of dragons. I, on the other hand, have a different armor of my own. I want to share one of my most favorite pieces in this look. My latest purchase is a body armor chain necklace from
Anagon, an online store selling different kinds of accessories for affordable prices. Named after its owner Ana Gonzales, I admire and deeply respect the great job that she has accomplished in her web business. Being new in blogging and online money making (I have my online store too), I feel proud of my fellow online tinderas.

Body armor chain necklace from Anagon

Upon reading some parts of her blog, I found out that she has just been featured (very recently) in a TV show, only her first time in four years of accessory making. Any seller would truly consider that as a milestone (
Even I would like to guest in a show one day. So yey, congrats to you Ana!). She's also very easy to transact with, no troubles at all.

I've been lusting for armor accessories since they came out and thanks to Anagon, I didn't have to spend too much on it. I'm a first-time buyer as well and expect me to keep on coming back. ^_^

Some of the armor chain accessories
Photo credits:

Another recent buy is this Maison Gilfy bag. It has two of my favorite elements, studs and sequins. I like how the studs are not overly placed on the bag and so does the sequins. I won't have a hard time pairing it with anything in my closet and though it's not that big, it has space enough for everything that I carry with me such as my kikay kit, gadgets, planner, umbrella and other accessories (shades, etc).

Meanwhile, I found this blue snakeskin low-heeled pumps just in time back then when (I call it) Mcqueen's reptile collection was released. No second thoughts! When I found out it fits, I bought it right then and there.

Photo credits: JR Espejo

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  1. I LOVE your outfit!! The neon is an amazing color pop :D

  2. i like this sis! :) thank you so much for the feature! :) i love how you put your clothes togethes, fashion-art indeed!!
    see you around online! :)
    all the love to all of us online tinderas! :) =)

  3. i love the movie how to train your dragon too dear.ganda.kakaiyak.

    oh melai, i adore your blazer and fab!
    you look great. :)

  4. weee! glad you moved to blogspot melai! :)
    cute outfit! i esp love the blazer and body harness! so chic! will add this blog to my blog roll ;) have a lovely day ahead!


    whos yer photographer?kudos!

  6. Aaaw. Thanks Karl! My photographer's my boyfriend ^___^

  7. i love the blazer! :) you own a lot of great pieces!! :)


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