Thrift treasures: 18th Collection

5:56 PM

For my debut collection, I offered a good mix of street-style and summer clothes.

Particularly for this collection, I couldn't help but keep this unique black chiffon skirt with gray velvet lining and green blazer. But since I haven't worn them yet, maybe I'll still change my mind and sell them next collection. Hihi.

It was a very difficult decision to let go of this draping top that I found. I really, really, really like it (sob). However, I couldn't keep everything or else, I would be depriving the collection of more lovely items (the fact that I already took away two).

Photos by: JR Espejo
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  1. hello're building a lovely blog right here..I like it.:)

  2. hello melai!welcome to blogspot!hehe nice photos!I wish I have a camera like that and a very creative and patient photographer as yours. hehe me kasi I rely on my digicam and with my tripod haha!sometimes I ask my officemates to take my photos but you know you can't exploit them just to get a good shot gets?haha

    well about ukay hunting in Quiapo...hmmm maliit o malaki talagang sinusuyod ko!at nung sinama ko yung officemate ko napagod xa haha!I don't want to miss a single rack that's why my strategy when ukay hunting to big ukay stores is to search for the women's area, then start on the first rack then on to the next til I reach the last rack.hehe o di ba talagang nasuyod ko?haha! ako, lahat ng magaganda kukunin ko then I'll segregate later kung ano yung kasya skin at kung ano yung mgugustuhan ng mga customers ko. I don't buy items in new arrivals dahil mahal, but if it' worth the price (my mantra when ukay shopping) go and buy it!haha!

    I am excited about your collections and your blog too!ako din nauunahan ng mga buyers mo i like the animal printed boots you are wearing on the above pix hehe I hope kasya skin para pgbinenta mo haha akin na lang.

    Anyway, do you know where I can buy affordable secondhand or brand new na oxford flats? and one thing more, What is the specs of your dslr? can you suggest what brand and model yung mgnda?hehe and xmpre kung saan mura mkakabili?thanks a lot!


  3. hello there,melai!good thing i found another blogger who's fond of thrifting too!hehe.
    i love all outfits here esp. that black dress.your shoes are also from uplb pala.
    i love your blog.i wanna see more of your posts.mind if we exchange links?thanks.

  4. Hi Jing! Thrift lover too? Yey! Dumadami na tayo :)I e-mailed you pala ^_^ What links do you want us to exchange? I'm open to anything. I just don't know what links, I don't have a lot though. Thanks for dropping by!


  5. Hi, dear! I love the animal-print booties.. they're so sexy. :)


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