Observe with sensitivity

8:48 PM

April 21, 2010

Allison David Wong, a contemporary artist from Hong Kong is currently featured by the Metropolitan Museum of Manila, showcasing her works in SM Mega Mall and SM The Block for the whole month of April. The exhibit reflects on the communication aspect of human sensory experience.

The various artworks displayed do not only appeal but also challenge our senses. In one of her quotes, Wong said that It's not enough to observe with the eyes. There is a big (and very distinct) difference in observing with the senses and observing with sensitivity. I think I somehow get it (in my own way of understanding things). Sensitivity makes people see above the surface, beyond the superficial.

The exhibit is a blend of mosaic portraits, abstract paintings, sensory boxes, sculpture and mixed media art - contemplation of the interconnectedness of life and the world.

Mixed Media: 3-D rocks made of paper and wire

JR interpreted this as an endless and unknown journey (represented by the swirls) to oblivion (the hole).

One of my favorite pieces is the sensory boxes wherein you have to peek in first to see the image. It somehow reminds me of a kaleidoscope.

These are what you'll see inside.

Tactile artworks with braille feats.

Abstract painting with texture.

Sculpted colorful rocks.

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