Yes I was there too. (Forever 21 opening)

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If everyone goes to the Forever 21 opening...will that mean they will all come to school next week wearing the same thing, feeling like unique, individualistic fashionistas? (Joseph, 2010)

At least more girls will dress better; even if they do in the same way. (Kim, 2010)

DUH Joseph, I'm gonna wear everything I bought next year pa! It's my style! Hahaha. (Nissy, 2010)

It started with my friend Joseph's facebook status then comments that followed were either interestingly funny or hilarious. And this one came from my boyfriend.

I don't know Forever 21 until today. (JR, 2010)


Black top | Colorful high-waist shorts Thrifted | Peep-toe Booties Ichigo |
Long cover-up Vivienne Westwood | Slashed Necklace DIY | Bag Thrifted |
Earrings Dept. store | Black socks | White belt Herbench |


That's how I left the Forever 21 store today after checking out racks and racks of clothes (along with about more or less a hundred other girls) because I realized that I'd rather spend my shopping savings on ukay, Divisoria, Quiapo, and department store shopping.

Yes (with a slight chuckle). I, the one who swore (to myself) never to go to Forever 21's opening day, the one who swore not to give in to the at-the-moment fashionista "craze", like every trend-savvy shopper in Metro Manila, ended up checking out the brand's flagship store in SM Megamall today.

Won't be using this shoe. I'll be selling it in my store! Hardly used. Wore them here and during my friend's wedding only (to be posted soon).
I need shoe closet space. ^__^

Price range of apparels is okay but pretty much just the same like Bayo, Kashieca, Kamiseta, Oxygen some Topshop and Zara items, etc (in short, like most brands in the mall). Accessories are affordable enough.

I liked a few items but aside from the fact that I am kuripot (so I plan to buy at least two items only if ever), I wasn't patient enough to fall in line and I meant LIIIIIINNNNNEEEE. So maybe, I'll just go back next time when there are "fewer" people. Saw a lot of girls with fab outfits but I was way too lazy to take pictures. Shy din kasi ako eh! Haha.

At first I was all cheers. I made it.

After a few minutes waiting... I looked bored and ready to leave.

While waiting in line, I saw my orgmate Joseph (contributor/photographer of Rogue magazine, daily newspapers, etc.). Thank god I had someone with me because my boyfriend really wanted to get out of there, go to the hardware store or book sale. Since Jo went there alone, we decided to be window shopping/ actual shopping buddies for the day.

Check Jo's blog for wonderful photos! Cutie much? ^_^

Jo wasn't that happy with the men's section of the store. We went to Oxygen then SM department store for their 70% sale promo. Weee! I bought new shoes. That's all.

Jo was like: What? P700 for a white shirt? My favorite white tee is from Divisoria. Just P90.
Yes that's our price standards haha. Echos.

Since it's our 25th monthasary, I had to leave Jo and go with JR. For more cheap thrills, we dined at Max's because they have an all-you-can-eat-chicken treat. Yey for JR only kei. I had tofu! Boo diet and healthy eating. Haha.

That's about eeeet! Oh wait! My necklace was inspired by Ann Demeulemeester Fall 2010 key accessory. DIYed it myself. I just slashed relentlessly on my old gray shirt and tadah! That's the product of my experiment. Though it doesn't look exactly like it, I'm still proud of my own little project. Haha. Lots of people kept on looking. Maybe they were wondering what exactly this is. Haha.

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  1. i love the colorful shorts! you pulled them off so well! by the way, what camera is your boy using to take your photos?

  2. were there. i'm so jealous...
    but i'm kuripot too..hehe. and i'd still want to spend all my money on ukay2x because they're of damn better quality than items on the mall. but what i love about f21 are the mean, they have the same prices as so fab and celine...and the designs are better. more up to date..the heels are taller at 4.75 inches...okay, okay i have to stop rambling...hehe.

    thanks melai for the support and for the sweet comments on my dramatic blog posts...i am going through a lot right now and reading the encouraging comments on my blog really help me get through the day...

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  3. Hi Melai! I can go with you next week sa suppleir ko!Wag lag wednesday coz I have class.

    I like the DIY necklace can you make me one?hehe and the opening of FOREVER 21 is OMG grbe to the max ang excitement ko when I heard of it but as you said on your post I AM KURIPOT TOO!

    Text me when do you want to go!:)

  4. i love your scarf.. it's unique :) xoxo from indonesia

  5. @Kookie: wait I'll ask my bf again. hahaha I'm bad at model numbers. hahaha.

    @Denise: Sige text kita ASAP :)

    @Gizelle: Aaaw don't worry. I like you so much I don't know why. Hehehe.

    @TQL: thanks for dropping by! :)

  6. I'm kuripot too! I agree with you, I'd rather go ukay or DV shopping. But I hafta admit I want to check out f21's rings hihi. Sana nag cheat day ka muna sa diet, I also tried Max's chicken all you can, naka 4 na manok ako *takaw*

    Nice photos Melai! Looks like you had fun talaga kahit wala ikaw binili haha. Ang kulit ng pictures mo habang nag hihintay sa pila! :p

    Lee []

  7. Haha. That's what I told my friend too when she asked me if I went there. Sabi ko, mag-uukay na lang muna ko. Punta na lang ako dun pag konti na lang mga tao. Haha.

    Pero naisip ko, meron na ring Forever 21 dati sa old SM Annex. Nakakabili lang ako dun ng mga sale items. Ang mamahal kasi. Haha. I was young then. ;p

    And lastly, pwede ko bang gayahin yung DIY necklace mo? Haha. Sarap niyang gamitin in one of our shoots. :D I love your shorts! :)

  8. ahh you look amazing! i want to go to a forever new;) they dont have them here

  9. You look cute!! love the colors of your pants

  10. gah! looks awesome. i really wish there was an f21 here :(

    xx raez

  11. I know what you mean, girl! I wish I still went to school so I could see all the girls wearing their new F21 clothes. How funny :)

    I just LOVE the photo of you in line. It's so cute and you're the only one facing the camera! ALso the men's section in F21 is just terrible. It is literally a tiny little corner.

    I was also scoffing at all the F21 hype but I just had to check it out when I was in Mega to see the buzz for myself. It was nice to see the area and watch all the fashionistas go wild. Some people were taking it so seriously!

    Anyway I just love what a thrifty and practical shopper you are <3

  12. nothing good out of that store. we didn't buy anything either. sigh

  13. My mistake, did my previous comment get in? :/

    Anyway, uulitin ko... hahaha

    1. Sorry I just dropped by here just now. Awesome site of yours! I love the whole of it. And if I haven't promoted you hardcore in my blog, that's because di mo pa ko binibigyan ng awesome ukay guy piece that you promised! hahaha epal

    2. You're still uber-hot and fazion.I miss you na rin! :)

    3. Is 21Men open at Forever21? I want, if ever.


  14. oooooh, you're a friend of otherjoseph?? i've been stalking, um, following his photoblog for years now!

    anyway, F21 was crazyyyy. my boyfriend & i spent more than two hours inside, & i regret it more than him, because at least he ended up buying something! he had to line up for the dressing room TWICE tho, which was a load of crap. the salespeople wouldn't go & get him a different size for a shirt, because it wasn't their department or something, meaning he had to get it for himself & line up again, can you believe it?

    then, i was supposed to get a few accessories, but i was so tired & grossed out by all the hypee that i decided not to buy them at last minute, upon reaching the cashier at that.

    god. i'm not hating. it seriously just wasn't THAT impressive.


    boat ride through the sky

  15. thank goodness i didnt go, i was planning to with my friends, but i was busy so they went on theyre own. they said it was soooo crowded. and now i see, it was. :|
    love your shorts and your necklace btw, awesome inspiration :D

  16. love you slashed necklace! aw, Jo's very cute!
    check my new post ;)

    xoxo, bee ♥
    Missing Bee?

  17. To everyone:

    thanks for all the comments! You guys make me smile :) I'll try to post a tutorial pero kasi I'm very busy. Haha. I hope I find time for it :)

  18. Great outfit, so colorful and full of details. Just stopped at your blog now :)


    D E G A I N E

  19. Yeah it wasn't very impressive (got 3 items lang, mostly basics) and yeah the longing to go thrifting right after was very strong!

    Make me a gray scarf also!!! Hahaha x

  20. aaahh yes! forever21 isn't that bad.. i love their accessories!! and their jeans, but i agree with you.. i'd rather go to divi or ukay for my pieces just because they're cheap and stylish too. it's just a matter of picking out the right items para you don't look like everyone else.

    Animated Confessions

  21. hi Melai:)
    omg.your outfit so your short btw! :)

    and that conversation so funny :))


  22. Wow, the line is really long!!!

    I am a Forever21 lover as well, but I love buying it here in Bangkok because it's cheaper and the items are new and I get great discounts....

    plus the sales here in Bangkok are just totally amazing...

    wish it was like that in the Philippines.

    Oh well, even though you ended up empty-handed but your outfit looks great Melai. That is even more beautiful than those inside the F21 racks...

    take care love

  23. i love your style! followed you :)

  24. i soo love your neckpiece!! where did you get it?


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