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I believe that fashion can be a tool for social, cultural and political commentary. Thus, my new blog segment, "Beyond Fashion" uses fashion to attract and words to impact.

An all DIY outfit. Red color of the day.

Red stripes cut-outs DIY | Shorts DIY | Black Bootie-wedges Ichigo |
Bib Necklace DIY | Bag Maison Gilfy | Rings and Accessories Quiapo

A battle cry for good governance.

Today, the inauguration of President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III has taken place at the Quirino Grand Stand in Manila. A sea of yellow flooded this oath-taking event with over half a million Filipinos, while the rest watched the coverage in their own homes, full of hope and joy as the nine-year term of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo ends.

As a new chapter in the country’s history unfolds, the ending of Mrs. Arroyo’s stories of corruption and anomalies remain open-ended. More than a week ago, the incoming Pampanga congresswoman (Arroyo) bid farewell with a speech that sounded odd indeed from a President who claimed that she has left an impressive legacy by developing the economy, creating more jobs, improving the poverty situation, and all the sugar-coated words about being the best leader that she can be.

Her quotable quote, “Look around you, blah blah blah” got me laughing my ass off basically because she has tried so hard to win the people over. Even too much actually by bombarding the people with her propaganda, releasing all these pro-government ads and even publishing a book for God's sake - all a pathetic attempt of clearing her name.

I cut my shirt into this! Tadah!

She asked the people to "look around" but maybe she herself didn't. From my point of view, I would have to agree with what economist Solita Monsod said that progress, above from the "physical" one, is something that is felt by the people,and certainly not what’s written on paper or on any document containing statistics of Philippine growth and advancement.

As a person who has made a story about the impoverished Filipino farmers who have toiled for years without a true land reform; as a person who belongs to a lower middle class family; as a person who is proud of her father for bravely seeking justice for maltreated labor workers; I couldn't relate to the "improvement" the former president has bragged about.

All her so-called projects, with all due respect to Mrs. Arroyo, didn't and wouldn't compensate for all the money she and her minions pocketed from the national budget – all of which came from taxes, all of which were the people's hard-earned money.

A leader, she is considered to be but never a servant-leader, which we all know is characterized by putting the country first above self. And as Professor Luis Teodoro put it, being everyone’s President, after all, is the last thing that Mrs. Arroyo, has been.

From a simple outfit post, I represent myself from the red (not yellow) side today. I hold incoming Congresswoman Arroyo accountable for the:

1) extrajudicial killings and desaparecidos during her term(creating this culture of impunity)

2) the killing of the Freedom of Information bill

3) the suspicious government contracts, (like the ZTE broadband deal)

4) Fertilizer scam

5) the “Hello Garci” alleged election fraud last 2004 (which questioned the legitimacy of her term)

6)the 250 and other midnight appointments just before the elections, (which now are potential flashpoints of crisis in the Aquino government)

7) the violations of human rights that so palpably distinguished in her regime

8) the problematic 2010 automated elections (which the country paid for in billions)

9) who could ever forget the Maguindanao Massacre (one of its state witness was gunned down)

10) the leery, terminated Memorandum of Agreement between the Muslim rebels (Bangsamoro)

11) And many many many more.

In the inaugural speech of President Aquino, I openly support the formation of a truth commission that will investigate all the scams left unanswered. As he said, there can never be forgiveness and reconciliation without justice. If Mrs. Arroyo's definition of forgiveness is leaving everything behind without holding her (or even them)accountable, then forget it. Insincere apology unaccepted.

Today is a new beginning for the Philippines. The President's battle cry for good governance and corruption-less (hmmm...) administration. And though my mind is not as positive as most of my fellowmen are today, it's not because I don't believe. It's just because I try to keep my expectations lower while waiting if justice will be truly served. However, deeply inside my heart, I am hopeful like everyone else. God bless the Philippines.

Let's hope everything will be okay!

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  1. I just love your top dear!!!! I am so envious that you can make your own it...

    god bless the Philippines :D

    take care love

  2. melai, make me a bib necklace too!:) hehehe love it.

  3. ohh. hey thankss. i got my white blazer from mango. i don't know whether if its available in your country. :) I'm considering buying other blazers too. :) goodluck saving, i got my slr already, and i love it!

  4. i super love the diy bib!!!

  5. the DIY bib is soooo adorable Melai! I like the bow tie part, cute. Galing! <3

    As for the rings girl, sa 168 ko sila nabili. Pag nadaan ulit ako, take note ko yung Pasilio number para madali mo makita.

    PS: Baka nag doble yung comment ko, i encountered an error dun sa una ^__^

    Lee [ ]

  6. GMA seriously needs to DIAF. i didn't vote for Noynoy, but his inaugural speech makes me feel really hopeful about our country. also, NO MORE WANG-WANGS! i hope everybody does their part to make for a better Philippines!

    with that said, I LOVE YOUR TOP. :D


    boat ride through the sky

  7. this is such a cute outfit !
    im very much into your top and the jeans combo :)
    nice facial portrait as well ! the bokeh behind is fab !

  8. love your top so much!! great DIY

  9. I think it's great that you are posting about important issues like this. And also good that you reminded us of the faults of the previous admin. While the spotlight may now be on P.Noy, it doesn't mean GMA is no longer accountable for all the crap she pulled.

    It makes me sad to read comments of people who are immediately putting down Pres. Noy or criticizing right away because of his 'empty promises' or 'sweeping generalizations'. I did not vote for Binay but I respect that he is the people's choice. I just think all this intrigue about Noy and Binay is such an unnecessary negative start to our new administration.

    I am hopeful too. I know his administration will not be perfect but I would just like to see some progress :)

  10. I love what you wore. and also your comments on PGMA's administration.

    Fashion Toy Gun

  11. I didn't take the tricycle from Magallanes (I usually ride with a friend) but I think it is directly beneath the train station. I suggest getting off at the right entrance, i.e., right coming from Cubao.

    A from A Plus B in the Sea

  12. you are a true iska to have written these. i just hope that with a new administration, things will be better for all of us.

    p.s. love your top and the red color looks fresh on you :)

    xo, cherie

  13. Hi Melai! Thanks for dropping by my site and for the sweet comment. Let's wait and see for the future of our beloved country, a big Hurray for P.Noy, love your outfit it's so cool! ..Have a nice day!

  14. Mabuhay ang Pilipino... reading your post made me feel the real UP spirit all over again. I agree with everything you said. And yes, progress must be felt.

    Love your DIY outfit... you are so cute Melai. You can easily transform from a sophisticated lady to a cute and pretty girl in a jiffy. :-)

  15. coming from a corrupted country as well, I certainly know how it feels..
    great work on the diy :)

    eclectic du jour

  16. lovely shorts!!


  17. CUTE OUTFIT, GIRL! And the DIY bib is lovelyyy! I like your blog :D

    And thanks for following, you've just gained a follower, btw!

    classique chérie


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