Brand Collab: Accessorize, Shoe Etiquette & Closet Chic

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Dress SM Dept. Store | Blazer Thrifted
I missed the last day and finale of the recent Philippine Fashion Week because I had a hosting job for Accessorize's All About Bags Event in partnership with Bloggers United. If only I can split myself in two, I would love to attend both events but work has to always come first (of course!). 

A few days ago, I've put up an announcement promoting Accessorize's All About Bags Sale and this intimate bloggers acquaintance party is the best kick off for the brand's month-long promo. For the record, this is not an "End of Season" type of sale wherein you'd get all the out-of-trend styles and designs. I know for a fact that this is definitely a treat because you may get as much as 50% off on new arrivals as well! This is Accessorize's way of thanking all of its shoppers who have showed tremendous support for the brand for the past three years.

For the event, I decided to put on something really feminine and dainty, which is appropriate to Accessorize's branding. If you regularly read this blog, you'd probably notice by now that I love wearing "something on something" ensembles like print on print, stripes on stripes, crochet on crochet, lace on lace and so on and so forth. 

That Sunday, I was dressed in a floral on floral (on polka, on animal print... haha) outfit which sort of strays away from my usual edgy style. I just hope the mix of prints, in addition of polka dots and zebra print, doesn't turn you off, haha. I wore everything on purpose because I wanted to showcase some gifted items from generous brands.

Big reveal when I take off my blazer, haha
First stop: Closet Chic's zebra print sling bag. I'm not quite sure if you've noticed but I've been wearing Closet Chic in a lot of my outfit posts (here, here, here, here and here) because the brand has been very kind in sponsoring me with a lot of items. I can't thank Honey (the owner) enough for believing in my advertising skillzz, hahaha. Closet Chic doesn't only have affordable clothes (promise, no bullsh*t) ranging from Php 180 - Php 300+, it also has trendy bags like this. Just to prove you I'm not kidding, check out her online store and see for yourself.

Second stop: Shoe Etiquette's floral wedges. These shoes, along with my brown boots, were given by Ate Denise when she went here in Manila in preparation of her son's birthday plus a sudden dinner with blogger friends. Being a seller of shoes myself, doesn't stop me from promoting her online store. I really believe in healthy and friendly competition because everyone is doing their best to make a living here. So no conflict for me, haha! Plus, her shoe designs are different from what I sell and yet all are gorgeous as well! If I'm not heavily saving up, I'd buy a lot from her too!

Socks, SM Dept Store
Third stop: Accessorize necklace and bracelets. Of course, as the host of the event, I get to have these accessories for myself. I love my job, hahaha! Even though I'm more on the tough aesthetic, I still adore the brand's girly accessory line. They have pieces that I genuinely want for myself. Plus, having some trinkets of my own from the brand, I know their items don't just look pretty. They last long too and doesn't get worn out so easily. Aren't these cute?

Fourth stop: Something invisible from Prestige Brands Phils... my perfume! A few weeks ago, I got a bottle of Acqua Colonia fragrance which I will tell you more about, in my following posts. It was my first time to use it in this event and I got a lot of inquiries and compliments from fellow bloggers about this scent! It's more on the powdery side and so it's perfect for my all-floral blooming outfit.

So there, even though it's obvious that some of my items are sponsored, everything that I'm saying isn't contrived. When I say I like the items, I really do. It's not just a blab of praises just to get more items in the future. It's a personal opinion. And because it's personal, I deserve to be honest to myself at the very least. 

Will tell you more about the All About Bags Event when I get copies of the photos from the official photographer. The downside of being an events host is having... oh well, zero photos, haha! I'm so used to taking my blog photos kasi, haha!


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  1. Hello, Melai! :) I love the whole outfit! Cute socks and wedges! Hihi <3

  2. Super love the outfit <3


  3. loving that dress ate melai :) you look stunning :)) super love ko ang floral wedges and accessories :D hehe! take care po :))

  4. Loved the dress and the bag! :)

  5. We have the same dress! I love how the way you style yours with a blazer! :)


  6. So pretty, Melai!!!! Kahit di kita/amoy sa photos, you look so fragrant!! :)

    Fan ever since I saw you!! haha!,
    Nina of =)

  7. The back of your dress, cool!! Sexy and sweet ang drama pala. XD

  8. I love this look! I can't believe that jacket is thrifted. It looks brand spanking new :) I do like the clash of prints. I love print on print but it's such a tricky style to master. Kudos to you!

  9. MELAI! i love your dress! and what a lovely surprise at the back!

    toni perfumed red shoes


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