A reader's treat: Hang Ten's Special Event

10:52 PM

Sheer gypsy top & Necklace F-STOP | Skirt courtesy of Closet Chic | Belt & Boots Thrifted
Most of the time, I've always been busy to the point that I just blog and simply approve comments without even bothering to reply to them. Lately, I've realized how much I've neglected my readers and/or visitors when I was supposed to make an effort to belong in this "community." I remembered my first few days in blogging wherein I'd comment to my favorite bloggers' websites and wondered if my replies to their entries even mattered to them. 

So when the opportunity landed on my lap and got invited to Hang Ten's Special Event held at their flagship store in SM Mall of Asia, I wouldn't pass up the chance to give one blogger (especially a starting one) the experience of being a part of blogger events. I told myself, it's not my day but my reader's day.


The winner of my Hang Ten mini contest was Paulyn. She just started blogging a few months ago and this was her first blogger event. If there's one thing you should know about me, I'm not the friendliest person in the world and most of the time, people's first impression of me is intimidating or a snob at times. I'm friendly promise pero sa mga close ko lang. Urgh should work on that! Haha.

I kept on calling her buddy or "anak." Wala terms of endearment lang :)
Anyway, I was nervous to meet her (totoo!). What if she finds me boring? What if she thinks I'm intimidating? What if she'd feel out of place? What are we going to talk about? All I could think about was to give her a great time in her first-time blog event experience. 

We were supposed to meet first then go there together but plans changed because the bus that I took was really slow (as in ang kupad) and so, I asked her to go there directly. Did I say I went to MOA riding a bus? Yes I did. Wearing this! Whaaat?

This top is from F-STOP (Fashion Stop). It's a nude sheer chiffon gypsy style blouse with cute ruffle designs. The price is just P250 (mura!) along with my other vintage treasure apparels being sold in my store. Must shop F-STOP now (daming affordable)! Meanwhile, one of my sponsors, Closet Chic gave me a lot of clothes to wear so here I am in one of the brand's items, this lovely textured navy skirt. 

Very cute details right? CLOSET CHIC is also on sale! Click here!
When I arrived, the program is almost finished and a human bingo game was about to start. Everyone was shocked to find out my trivia: I have an exotic pet. I call it a conjugal property between me and my boyfriend JR. Haha. A bunch of tarantulas and a scorpion named Scorpee. If you don't believe me, then you might as well check these (here, here, here).

Afterwards, there was a styling game. We were paired with a male blogger (huhu so so sorry, I forgot cuz I'm horrible with names! :( ) and it was a bit awkward. We didn't know each other and we were very shy to interact. I didn't want to assert anything plus I couldn't really think that time, haha. And so, we came up with a pretty simple mannequin compared to most teams but it's okay, I enjoyed it anyway. Who won? Oh it's Lissa's and David's entry, the love birds of Manila's blogging community, haha joke lang

Time passed by quickly and Paulyn and I didn't get the chance to really talk that long but at least we got to chat about the basics, about blogging and eat together during cocktails. I made sure that I didn't make her feel left out (I really hope I didn't) and I would check up on her every now and then because she's like my baby! :) While eating, we bonded with our other blogger friends, Aie, Ana, Ava, Aisa, Nikki, Anne, Tracy, Alyssa, Vern!

Thank you Hang Ten, it was a great idea to bring in the readers with us. And every time I get a chance to invite a reader to any event as long as I'm allowed to (sometimes kasi strict sa events), for sure I'll bring them (actually, YOU) along! 

Our awesome readers! This day is for you guuuys!
Yuummm cupcake! Di ko nakain. My sister ate it while I was sleeping! :(
More items to giveaway! :)

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  1. Love love your outfit! so lovely!

    Fashion Blogger

  2. Am surprised people find you snobbish when you look so friendly and nice just like pax!haha
    i know what you mean when you're new in blogging and you comment and you wonder do they even bother reading it? *sigh* anyhoo, i hope to see you again babe sna next time i get to chat w you nman.haha

  3. I loved the whole post, but your outfit is perfection! I love the skirt in particular, the detailing is amazing!

    jo from slowcatharsis.blogspot.com

  4. I love your outfit Melai! I totally understand how you feel, i'm friendly pero not to everyone. Kasi naman nakakatakot na rin maging super bait ngayon! Hehehe :)


  5. my favorite outfit of you so far! haha. parang ito lang yung keri kong suotin!:) more power to you!


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