Meeting with Multiply and invitation to their party!

10:47 AM

Bloggers United has been keeping me the busiest these days. Although I still have a couple of other projects on the side, Bloggers United is on my top, urgent list of things to focus on. It's only a few days away before the event and we're scrambling to find more sponsors (apart from what we already have) because we are really trying to look for more funds so we could give more to our chosen charity, GMA Kapuso Foundation.

I'm meeting brands and companies (with Aisa and Anahere and there and how I wish I could blog about it all. But for this entry, we had another appointment with our event partner Muliply Philippines to further discuss and finalize the details of our partnership. Multiply has been really, really supportive of bloggers nowadays and we're so thankful because having them on board for this event is such a blessing! 

And so for this, I've put on another top courtesy of Closet Chicsome cool tie-up jeans and cut-out heels sponsored by Trunkshow. For three blog entries in a row, I've been advertising and wearing my Closet Chic items so you guys would be familiar with the brand. My sister's friend owns it and it would really mean a lot to both of them if I help in my own way of promoting it.

Nautical floral top c/o Closet Chic | Pants Thrifted | Cut-out heels c/o Trunk Show
Printed Bangle from Tomato
Clock ring from Elan, Skull connector ring from F-STOP (Fashion Stop)
Necklace from F-STOP (Fashion Stop)
Add Closet Chic on Facebook! They are on SALE!
Some people find it ironic that I strongly promote other online shops when in fact, I have an online fashion boutique as well. You know, I believe competition shouldn't be about pulling others down. Do you remember buzz about an online shop owner that was caught (screen capped) bashing another online shop owned by a very famous blogger and brand ambassador? That was really disappointing and, well... sad to look at. And although everyone has moved passed it and the issue is over, it is also an example where people should learn from because it only shows that unhealthy competition really backfires

I created my Shop Support segment (a year ago) simply because I know how it feels (I've been there) to have a hard time in marketing and promotions during the time when F-STOP (Fashion Stop) was merely starting from scratch and I didn't know anyone to help me out. What the segment really aims is for me to help other online shops as part of my advocacy to a healthy competition and fellowship in the online selling industry. And hopefully, get most of you guys (fellow online sellers) to do the same!

In line with this "fellowship" that I'm talking about, I'm calling all multiply sellers and shoppers! Let's all get together and go the the Multiply Shopping Party! When we went to Multiply's head quarters last Monday for the meeting, I also had the chance to grab an invite. The Bloggers United team will be there for sure and we will get to see their other amazing guests! Don't miss it! See you everyone!

After our meeting with the marketing team of Multiply, we had a lot of our photos taken below their building! 

I was Aisa's out shot photographer that day :)
With my girls Ana & Aisa! :)


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  1. Hi, Melai! I love your necklace and that clock ring! <3

  2. I really love ur outfit! Especially the clock ring!:)

  3. H Melai!

    Ever blooming ka talaga!
    three hearts for you!


  4. babe, super love how you styled yet again the closet chic top!:) and i super want your necklace!!:)

  5. Ang ganda ng pants, ng shoes at ng clock ring mo! :)

  6. Hi Melai!

    I love your outfit! It's so flattering but not nakakabastos. :)

    -Carmi C.

  7. I'm super excited with BU 2! :) Can't wait to see and experience what you girls are working hard for :)

    Fashion Blogger

  8. ansaya lang natin!!! love you both!

  9. looking good melai!! awesome work tlga on bloggers united! see you guys soon!

  10. sooo proud of you three.. :)
    knowing you're all busy w personal works and stuff, you still find and give time to help all the bloggers unite.
    kudos to you!


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