POSH NAILS Weekend Pampering

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As one of the organizers of Bloggers United, we have experienced working with Posh Nails during our first event last May as one of our very generous sponsors. We at Bloggers United also organized an intimate bloggers pampering day last May to feature their Tomas Morato branch. And so, when another opportunity to collaborate with this nail service salon arise, who am I to say no to blessings that I love? (Go! Basta keri ng schedule, why not? Haha.)

The timing was so perfect because I wanted to have pretty nails for the Hang Ten event (will blog about it soon) and for my upcoming whereabouts so it would look presentable and hygienic. Recently, I'm meeting a lot of people and my toxic schedule has caused me to partly neglect my nail care.

I scheduled an early pampering appointment last Saturday at Posh Nails Commonwealth branch and invited Bestie of Capricious Club to come and join the fun! By the way, a couple more bloggers were also invited for a Posh Nails pampering service so definitely be in the look out for their upcoming blog posts about it!

Getting There
Commuting to Posh Nails Commonwealth branch is easy. Simply go down the public transport when you see Ever Gotesco mall, cross to the other side using the overpass and ride a tricycle (you'll see the terminal right away) going to Lites Bldg. along Holy Spirit Drive street. It's not difficult to find since you'll see a huge Posh Nails signage when you get there. It is located at the ground floor so you can quickly ask the security guard to tell you where exactly it is. Parking space is a bit limited though so better to come early!

Posh Design Interiors
When I arrived, I was just awed at the dainty, girly and modern yet vintage interiors. All Posh Nails branches have this cute white-pink-purple themed salons but what makes the Commonwealth branch stand out to me is that it has antique furnishings. Turns out, the owner of the franchise happen to own the antique furniture store next door. (Kaya pala! :))

I love that center patio furniture. Don't know what it's exactly called but sure feels like a princess when you sit on it! 
Look at the lamp shade!
Creative flower pot! So cute :)
Antique center table. Love the injection of vintage pieces in their decor.
Amazing mirror inside the massage room!
Oriental wall decor with light peeking through it.
Waiting area!
The Service
Ms. Malou, the manager was very accommodating and asked us about our preferred service/s. Bestie and I were pretty modest and I was very shy to even pick out the most expensive on the list so we had their themed service which was in a mid-price range (P675). They highly recommend it to their clients as well. 

They gave us some drinks before we start getting pampered. I had the Coffee Scrub for my hands and feet. The smell of the caffeine was pretty strong and I love it. Yum! I'm not a big coffee drinker so the scrub was a good alternative. Haha. Two lovely personnel from Posh Nails Commonwealth attended to all my needs and for that time, I felt like a princess. They also gave a very relaxing massage before finally putting polish on our nails.

Bestie documenting her pampering and then she took my photo haha :)
They let us choose from a variety of colors. Subconsciously, I chose light pink for my nails while Besite picked out purple! Haha we laughed about the coincidence but it wasn't really our intention to go with the brand's trademark colors. Still, the shades looked great on our nails.

Even the nail polish bottles are place on a vintage-looking furniture. I love it! :)
Our appointment was 10:30AM but I got there a bit late so by lunch time, the service wasn't finished yet. I was surprised when the manager bought us food. Nakakahiya kasi feeling ko nag-abala pa sila but I really appreciate the gesture.

Pink glass for my ice tea and Jollibee for lunch. :) Really considerate for them buy us luch. :)
What's more touching? They gave my mom a free service too! It was definitely an AAAWWW moment for me. She came there to just drop me off and when they offered her to stay, for a sponsored service as well, mas lalo akong nahiya! But it was one of my weakness, when my mom too got a pampering for herself. I think she really deserves it. As a doctor she has been so stressed the past couple of weeks and I'm just so thankful that she got the break that she really needed.

My mom :)
 Thank you again Posh Nails Commonwealth! We loved our stay :) Come take a visit to a branch near you! :)
After this, we were invited by the manager to drop by the owner's antique store but that's up for a different entry! Posh Nails services are pretty affordable so if you need some quick nail fix or some real pampering, visit any of their branches. For a list of services, click this link here.

Posh Nails Commonwealth
Lites Bldg. Holy Spirit Drive
Brgy Holy Spirit Commonwealth, QC, Philippines
Business hours: 10AM-10PM (Mon-Fri) and 9AM-10PM (Sat-Sun)
Contact: 990 0706


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  1. ME!!! I want free pampering! hehe :)
    ang saya naman nun

  2. The place is soooo dreamy <3 you have a very beautiful smile ;)

  3. Ang ganda lang <3 It's so pink!

  4. I'm IV-ed to coffee so the idea of a coffee-based pampering sounds heaven to me. And I can't get over the pink and purple interiors! Wish they had a branch closer to home. Oh well, maybe I'll try this when I go back to school (my "goal!" my prayers were answered hehe).

    Thanks for the "blooming" thing - you too, you're getting more and more gorgeous by the post. :) Serious, no joke. :)

    xoxo Xta

  5. What a cozy place to pamper!

    Fashion Blogger

  6. the place looks really cute with the decorations!! your nails look soo pretty too

  7. i was amazed at the skill level of their staff! super galing, cleanest mani ped i ever got! my nails are watermelon. thanks again! :))

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  8. Loving the cozy ambiance of the store!!! :)

  9. OMG! the place is looooks soooo cute!:">


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