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In my previous posts, I told you the story behind my absence from the blogging world. But despite the lack of blog posts, in one way or another, I’ve managed to squeeze in some events in my schedule. I know, kakasabi ko lang na naging busy ako! So how was going to events even possible right? I know right! But oh well the operational word I said was “squeeze in,” haha.

It may be waaaay (how would I emphasize that further?!) toooo late to post these but what the heck right?

Posh and Pretty
Bloggers mani-pedi bonding day

Aside from the brain, the hands and feet are two of the most overworked and neglected parts of the body. Of all the blogger events that I’ve gone to, having a relaxing and intimate night with close blogger friends while having my nails prettified is definitely a fresh experience. A break from all the social parties and major outfit dilemmas, a free manicure and pedicure bonding day is something that I look forward to again!

SCENTer Stage
Tomato’s fragrance launch
Each stand-out and stylish look ought to have a complementary scene-stealing scent. With that in mind, Tomato has come up with a pair of scrumptious fragrances not just to match its collection of fashionable wear and accessories; but also to boost confidence among the ladies. Looking the part also requires smelling the part and Tomato’s newest fragrance line keeps you smelling Oohlalicious and Vavalicious while dressed up at your best.

Tattooed in Time

Globe Tattoo X Swatch

Street style fashion and the realm of Cosplay are two different worlds and it’s nice to come out of the comfort zone every once in a while. As Globe Tattoo celebrates the individuality and creativity of the new generation, Tattoo partners with Swatch to bring to life out-of-this-world online characters in an exciting Cosplay competition along side with the launch of Swatch’s New Gents collection created by noted Japanese artist, Hiroyuki Matsuura. Crafty and unique designs of locally homegrown talents walk the runway to complement each of Matsuura’s wrist art. Kermit Tesoro, Louis Claparols, Jerome Lorico, Eric delos Santos, Jerome Ang and Martin Bautista all showcased specially-designed creations inspired by the six Gent characters of the latest Swatch collection.

Need for Speed

Dubbed as the fastest USB Modem designed to connect to HSPA+ 4G networks at the speed of 10mbps, Globe tattoo released its newest product Lamborghini stick with its cutie-pie racer endorser Marlon Stockinger. Since I haven’t tested the product, I can’t really say anything about it, so just read reviews all over the internet.

Bravo Filipino
Freeway’s National Collectors Series featuring F.Sionil Jose
First in its fashionalism campaign, Freeway launches the fifth installment of its Nationalist Artist Collectors’ Series Fall 2011 Collection featuring the works of National Artist for Literature, F.Sionil Jose. Previous collections pay tribute to National Artists Nick Joaquin (Literature), Ang Kiukok (Visual Arts), Jose Garcia Villa (Literature) and Ramon Valera (Fashion Design). For the first time, the brand features a living national artist whose writings about social justice and anti-elite views have gained international recognition.

F. Sionil’s works are featured in a pocket collection of trendy graphic tees and tailored tops and dresses made not just for casual dressing but also for work and special occasions. The event was also graced by TV and theater Cherie Gil, gifted musician/poet, journalist and artist Lourd De Veyra and prima ballerina Liza Macuja-Elizalde.

Whew! These are just some of the events that I failed to blog during my absence so imagine how many more are left for me to publish! But I'm not worried. I know I'll get to minimizing my backlogs soon since I'm still regaining momentum.


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  1. wow even though you have pending entries you made it really creative!:) great comeback, melai!

  2. Wow! Super busy ah. Nice compilation! I wish I could go to those events too! :)

  3. dope post! love the idea of how you compiled these great events. so inspired with how you manage your time. you're really good at it. more power to you and Godbless melai.


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