Regaining Momentum

3:06 AM

Top Bossini | Floral shorts F-STOP (Fashion Stop) SHOP VINTAGE | Bag courtesy of Tomato
Hat SM Dept. Store | Boots Timberland

In blogging, if there’s one thing I learned about taking a break, though it’s really important to have one every once in a while, I don’t recommend having too much of it.

When I took a blogging hiatus last May, my reason then was I needed to focus all my energy in ensuring the success of Bloggers United Bazaar (BUB). The tedious task of organizing an event had me burnt out, exhausted and uninspired to blog. But right after, instead of going back to my regular blogging routine, I've slipped back, unexcited to put my thoughts and experiences to words and have been really lazy to dress up.

After BUB, I still have a lot of things to do. However, being busy isn't a valid excuse anymore. I realized that I would always be busy no matter what. After one project, I would have another, and another one next to that. (How come Chuvaness blogs almost every day despite her busy sched? haha.)

This absence of motivation had me wondering. Has blogging become insignificant in my life now? It seems that way but I would like to believe that it's not. After all, I met a lot of lovely (from the inside) people in the blogging community and it has brought me countless blessings disguised as opportunities that I would be forever thankful for.

Have I lost the momentum? Probably. Or maybe it's cognitive dissonance; I don't know.

Style and Soul was born out of my love to discuss matters of my soul which are occasionally political, social and mostly personal and emotional while sharing my fondness for shopping and dressing up on a budget. Style and Soul wanted to say that not everything is and should be about fashion. However, today, the practice has been contradicting to this blog's initial mission. I have allotted a large chunk of it talking about clothes, shoes, cosmetics, brands and events instead of telling my thoughts on RH & Divorce Bill, the status of the decade-pending cases like the Vizconde massacre and Dacer-Corbito murder case, the flash flood that happened in Davao, the high inflation rate at present (despite the lack of salary increase), and so on, so forth.

For someone who keeps a style blog with sporadic advertorial, who's just in her first year of doing so, I feel extremely weird to be feeling this way (as early as this). Bloggers that I look up to have been in the community for years before having this kind of sentiment. I just sense an odd pressure to keep up with everybody's fashion posts, the same way I've been stressing myself on writing something that I think would contribute to my readers' awareness of social issues - putting me under unwanted self crisis and anxiety.

After this personal "check and balance," I still wouldn't be able to guarantee that I would not fall back to what the others usually do. As much as I love fashion, I guess I will always strive to find meaning in life, keep myself conscious and aware and let the person in me grow just so I'd lessen this feeling of remorse over my superficial and materialistic facet.

P.S. I missed you guys! I really do! :)


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  1. Hey, bb. I totally understand what you're trying to say. There was a point where I wanted to put everything in my blog and just share my thoughts and be able to start a discussion. But then again I started forgetting about it too. Don't be too hard on yourself. I'm proud to know someone like you who keeps herself checked by her standards of excellence. We all slip sometimes. But now that you're aware of what's happening, you'd be able to fix it. I know you can!

    xox sPam of frou-frou

    PS: I'm assuming you saw me at the French Film Fest? :))

  2. OH WOW. I missed you guys, too. It wasn't until Michelle Lim told me that I've been MIA for a month did I realize how long it had been. I still blog but the moments are stolen and I don't get to surf all your blogs na. :(

    It helps to keep a private blog, though. I started with private blogging 10 years ago and only went public last year, but every time I feel overwhelmed by the public blog, I go back to my private blog (it's in livejournal). It actually helps you regain your ME time.

  3. i love your skirt Melai! and congrats to BUB's success, (boo-ing to myself for not coming)but as i read with majority of the bloggers, it was a huge success :)

  4. @Pam: French Film Fest? I didn't go! Hahaha :)But thanks for relating with me :) Our lines of thinking come from the same environment so I know you'd understand. :)

    @skysenshi: Bea! Thanks for this advice! I'll try to go back to my LJ blog! :)

    @Rizzalana: Thanks :) You should totally go NEXT time! See you! :)

  5. Hey Melai. I understand where you're coming from, I think every now and again we all slip away from the routine of blogging and then it gets harder and harder to find the motivation to keep going. Your point about how there are bloggers who stay blogging for years before losing motivation really hit home for me- because I've been thinking that too. My blog is only 6 months old but even I sometimes lack inspiration and drive to post frequently.

    I'll be so excited to see you regaining momentum, and writing more about the issues you really feel we need to read about. That's what makes your blog different from so many others out there! But, I don't think you should feel too bad for blogging about fashion and make up and accessories and all the that superficial stuff. Because I was going to say...I love your outfit!

    Good luck trying to strike that balance. I know you can!

    x x x

  6. @Estelle: Hey dear, super thanks for this comment :) I really like it when you guys relate to me and engage in exchange of ideas about matters like this. :)

  7. Feeling ko kaya ganun kasi every entry mo, di lang naman basta-basta. Kahit na it's about style, palagi pa rin talagang may soul. And si Chuvaness, paid naman yun so she needs to make time for it talaga. Haha.

    I know na di kasingbongga ng blogs niyo yung blog ko pero ako din madalas tinatamad so I can relate talaga. Hahaha. Ang importante is pag bumabalik ka, marami pa rin talagang nag-aabang sa'yo. ;)

  8. Your blog entries have been greatly missed, Melai!:) And I don't think you should get pressured to keep up with fellow bloggers, because I think you always write with sense and more heart. So, for me, take your time and say what you really want to say :) Us your readers are just here!:)

  9. @Dominique: Salamat :)

    @Dewanti: Thank you! :)

    @Nariese: Aaaaw salamat. I have this feeling that nung nag-break ako, wala nang mababasa ng blog na ito. hehehe :) I know, sakit ng katam (katamaran) yun hehehe :)

    @Ava: Ava! Weee :) Thanks for supporting my "alibi" haha charing :) Yes quality over quantity :)

  10. Hi Melai! I think this post is timely! I just came back in June after two or three months of nothing. Let me say that I'd rather read sporadically updated blogs than ad-filled promo-laden blogs. I think it's great that you decided to take a break and will write only when inspired to do so. I like blogs when writers are passionate about what they write about. I may not like the same things but I like reading about how they feel about them. And I want to hear your thoughts about the RH bill!

    Arianne from A + B in the Sea

  11. awww... i get where you're coming from. soan and I have been blogging for 3 years already and there are times we have to take a break from it all. As much it is fun to attend events, get free stuff, see your stats rising, etc. at the end of the day, it boils down to what is important to you.

    blog because you want to. don't do it out of pressure or out of the desire to "please others". say whatever you want, whenever you want. in essence, blogging is an expression. it's your call :)

    i do wish to read more posts from you (but again, no pressure! haha) you always have our support :)


  12. dearest melai, i would agree with ava. your posts are missed terribly! i've always loved how you go down to the nitty gritty of things and you're not afraid to express what you really want to say. i had the exact same sentiments when i took a hiatus for 5 months--i believe i discussed this with you when we met in manila. i felt totally not like myself and i started to sound not like myself na. i thought it was really high time to just clear my head for awhile and find my voice again. now i'm back to blogging and i believe i'm coming out with a much clearer perspective of who i really am, and that's waht matters. we just had blogger meetup last night and we all felt the same about blogs and how they should contain a lot of personality and soul (as opposed to say blindly following trends, etc), and yours happens to be one of them. don't lose touch and don't let go. you're one of a kind here in the blogosphere.:)


  13. Im glad your still writing :) Blogging can get a little stressful, but I guess you have to remember what made it fun

    forever loving your style and blog


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