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I've come up with an acceptable name (not as creative as I wanted it to be) to call my entries every time I give a quick rundown of some beauty and fashion news. Since the word "announcement" has been overly used, the peg is similar to a news report - fast and informative.

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Since I don't really want to bombard my blog with individual press releases, neither do I want to copy-paste lengthy PR materials, might as well write a summary about it in one post. Whenever you see this Fashion News Flash (FNF) post, expect updates on your favorite brands or the latest in fashion, beauty and/or lifestyle.

Spend your summer staycation with Moonleaf
In my opinion, this is a subtle but brilliant campaign. Usually, summer vacation is costly. It's that time of the year when people travel a lot or spend for summer workshops . When you don't really have the budget to do any grand summer activity, or you're stuck doing a summer job or attending a class, feel free to spend your summer with Moonleaf Tea Shop.

With at least P70, hang out at any Moonleaf branch and catch up with your old friends, play board games, read your favorite book or bring your laptop and study, work or surf. You can also grab your favorite drink for take-out and have a picnic at the park or visit your friend's house for a DVD marathon or slumber party.

You don't have to spend that much. Summer staycation has never been this cool.

Get outdoorsy with Hang Ten
In contrast with all the pool or beach summer campaign photos from other fashion retail brands, Hang Ten deviates from the norm by highlighting "the great outdoors" reminiscent of its "adventurous California heritage roots."

In a press release, Hang Ten describes its Summer 2012 collection as a mix of stylish creations perfect for trekking trails and camping weekends. The brand launches three major selections of apparel: 1) surfing-culture-inspired swimwear (Heritage Collection), 2) a laid back line of earth-toned flannel shirts, button-downs and slim-cut trousers that are perfect for the wilderness (Camp Hang Ten), 3) and contemporary designs of parkas and hooded jackets that reflect a tailored and industrial woodcutter's style (Cotton Project).

Hang Ten promises newer fabrics and fresh cuts that aim to give customers the "best value for money and highest quality for their merchandise."

Eye for style: SUPER Sunglasses
A new eyewear brand will be available soon here in the Philippines. It's called Super by Retrosuperfuture, a label that claims to represent a certain type of fashion culture that it calls the "street couture." Initiated by Daniel Beckerman, Super is said to popularize acetate sunglasses made in multiple color graduations, and introduced shapes such as the "Flat Tops" and the "Ciccio," a mirrored Zeiss sun lens shades.

According to its press material, Super boasts of the brand as Hollywood's choice of sunglasses spotting celebrities like Beyonce, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, David Beckham and Kanye West among others sporting its designs.

Release date in the country is to be announced so kindly wait for more details.

Tomato channels Brigette Bardo and Cindy Crawford in its Summer 2012 Collection
With a fresh take on 60's golden age, Tomato stuns everyone with a collection of retro yet modern pieces to keep its clientele looking comfy but uber chic in this season's 30-plus-degree-Celsius weather.

Inspired by the sexy and classic style of Holywood star Brigette Bardo and classic super model Cindy Crawford, Tomato unleashes ultra colorful swimsuits and summer wear mostly consisting of contrasting shades of green, tangerine, browns and blues.

Complete your fashion statement with the brand's summer 2012 trends which include: 1) polka dot details, 2) cheerful color blocking, 3) irresistible mix of tribal, geometric and animal prints; 4) urban 60's style apparel, 5) breezy bohemian silhouettes, 6) and high-waist glamorous swimsuits.

Want to see more? Go to Tomato's website and facebook page.

Sophistication a midst summer with Memo
Memo is a brand known for its classic wardrobe essentials, office wear and corporate or business staples. This summer, it offers relaxed and comfortable pieces that are versatile enough for either a sophisticated look for work, or a dressed down ensemble for a day off.

In a press statement,  Memo proudly presents styles that are ironically classic yet contemporary for adults and professionals dealing with cold office temperatures then blasting climate heat after work hours. Maintain a fresh yet sophisticated look with the brand's classic and minimalist yet current designs in cool and vibrant summer colors and prints.

Stand-out with "Black Human" 
A breathe of fresh air. It's the best sentence to describe Human's monochromatic summer line composed of bold, striking and edgy pieces. Brace yourself for loose billowy tops, shirt dresses, harem pants and cowl sweaters that compliment its lack of color for unrestrained movement in the most fashion-forward sense.

In a plethora of girly florals, tribal prints and summer hues among all your shopping choices, capture everyone's attention with pieces that give off spunky, rock and avant garde vibes all rolled into one. A few neon brights pop out every now and then in some of the items to keep it relevant with this season's current trends.

Can definitely see out-of-the-box fashionistas Karl Leuterio, Paul Jatayna and Mike Magallanes sporting these items!

Summer SCENTsations
You don't have to worry about getting your favorite and expensive perfume to run out so fast. Now you can spray on generously with Carolina Herera's 212 Spray. According to Prestige Brands Philippines (PBP), the fragrance's exclusive distributors, the 212 Spray comes in a 250ml bottle, inspired by the spray paint cans nostalgic of New York city's street art world but with a sophisticated and luxurious twist to it.

With this format, the product targets to reach out to a younger generation of consumers. It is said to come in a His & Hers scent, with grapefruit as its main ingredient but differentiated by the presence of mint leaves for men and bergamot and mandarin for women.

Meanwhile, rock stars and those dreaming of the rock star life can imbibe the attitude, extravagance, allure and excess of this kind of lifestyle with Paco Rabanne's Black XS L'exces for Him and Her. This fragrance is for the rebellious, exciting, extreme yet talented, creative and sophisticated individuals.

In a press statement, PBP  depicts its scent as a "woody aromatic" smell for guys and "floral woody oriental signature for girls.

Carolina Herera's 212 Spray is available at all leading department stores for P1,650 (men) and P1,800 (women). Paco Rabanne's Black XS L'exces retails at P4,600 (100ml) and P3,600 (50ml) for Him and P5,050 (80ml) and P4,050 (50ml) for Her.

Zac Efron for Penshoppe
With Bench, it was Lucy Hale but Penshoppe evens it out, closing what is said to be the "biggest endorsement" contract with Holywood A-lister, High School Musical lead  Zac Efron.

Bernie Liu, Chairman of Golden ABC, the umbrella company of Penshoppe, says that Zac Efron reflects the brand's "humble beginnings to being Holywood's first endorsement choice."

Consider yourselves the lucky ones as Zac Efron visits the Philippines together with Penshoppe's other foreign endorsers in an up-and-coming "All Stars" fan conference happening real soon.

The first-ever Candy Style Awards  
Candy Magazine will present 8 Candy Style Stars who provided young girls with fashion inspiration all-through out the year.

See your favorite celebs and mingle with Candy Cuties on May 4, 2012 at Rockwell Tent, 5:00pm - 9:00pm. Visit www.candymag.com for more details and updates.


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