Sun, Flowers... and Algae?

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It must be tiring to see my Boracay trip post after post. As much as I love taking photographs, one thing I learned after this trip is the value of self control. Too much photos leave me restless from all the sorting and editing that needed to be done, including the blogging that comes with it.

Memories of the laughs and smiles of the #LiveTattoo weekend experience still linger. However, the alarming sight of algal blooms on the beach is sadly unforgettable. 

I went to Boracay on a whim. My personal knowledge of the issues about the beach itself was close to zero and fellow blogger Raleene had to fill me in on the details of a recent entry posted by one of the most influential bloggers in the country, Ms. Cecile of, about the E.Coli threats plaguing the popular local beach.

Take a closer look at my outfit photos. Notice how green the beach is? The pictures don't lie. The algal blooms covering the vast stretch of Boracay beach looked terrifying. The water was green, I kid not. In order for you to swim, you have to walk further down the water till it reaches your knee or hip for you to catch the blue sea.

According to the local residents, algal bloom or lumot is common and seasonal in Boracay. They claim that the beach is lumot-free from June to November. I've gone to several beaches and I've never seen anything like it at all (since it was my first time there). Whenever the waves would come, it brings algae with it.

Belt, bangle Random | Sandals Solemate

Together with Cheyser and Raleene, we chose not to swim in the sea. We opted to take safety precautions and took a dip at the resort pool instead. Other measures included drinking bottled water only and trying to avoid anything with ice. Better safe than sorry I guess. 

When I decided to check the article online, it was scary reading how doctors in St. Luke's would say they get E.Coli infection cases "all the time with people coming back from Boracay." When I got back in Manila, I couldn't stop talking about the algal blooms that I've seen and my friends would contribute more experiences about having diarrhea, vomiting and abdominal pains after a vacation there. 

People were amazed by my photos in the Salt and Sand entry. The camera can only capture so much. 

As much as I wanted to uplift Boracay and help the country boost its tourism, I am really worried. The local government should help itself and really work on this. Yes, it's fun to go there (it really is) but the beach may be a little bit of an upset. If you have plans of going there, or have already booked your flights, I really suggest you swim in the resort pool just to be safe. 

On that note, I wish you all the best this summer and I leave you with more of our vanity shots. 

P.S. I'd like to thank those who read / visit my blog. I appreciate it.

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  1. tsk, grabe naman ang algal bloom. That's pretty alarming considering that Boracay is such a beautiful place. The population may have somehow affected the algal bloom. Imagine all the trash people contribute, diba? Syempre, that could have affected or boosted it. Sayang lang kasi Tourist spot ang Bora. I just hope that the Local officials will do something to minimize or control, and even clean the area. Great post Ms. Melai! :)

  2. wonderful! we love your dress :)

  3. this is sad. reason why i would rather go to unknown beaches BUT i hope the government and the people of boracay would do something about this problem real soon.


  4. @Channie: Yes, I'm just really concerned so I feel the need to post this. Thanks Channie! :)

    @Hanna: Oh my, thanks! :)

    @Vanessa East: I know, sad nga... Sana talaga they fix this soon!

  5. you look so divine on that dress! :)
    love your hair..

  6. Looking good in Bora!! So fresh, chic and young <3

    please join my friend's giveaway:

  7. i love this post coz it's honest, and your beach outfits are lovely melai and of course...the photos! :)

  8. Such a great post!


  9. Amazing dress! So beautiful!

    Kisses Anne

  10. I love this dress!! Great outfit!!!

  11. love the maxi ddress!!! =)


  12. I love your hair! And that maxi dress makes you look so tall and skinny, it's gorgeous. You have a lovely sense of style. Lovely post :)

  13. @Roxanne: Thaanks!

    @Carla Cee: Appreciate the compliment!

    @Jonessa: Aw dear, thank you!

    @Sophie: Thank you!

    @imfashionstoned: Flattering :) Thanks!

    @Enne: Thanks!

    @Marianna: Thank you so much!

  14. I can't even imagine how deteriorated Boracay is now. :( I'm sad that I haven't been there yet, and now it's like this na. :( I hope they could do something about it. Lovely outfit, btw, Melai!! Really can't believe your dress is thrifted!! You pulled it off well!


  15. wow!! your floral maxi dress is so pretty!! i LOVE the outfit too!!
    the issue concerning Boracay is indeed very alarming :(

    ps: thanks for commenting on my blog!
    pps: regarding your question, yes I do post-process my photos using photoshop :)

    paint it stripes
    New Post is up, Hope you can check it out and maybe follow? :)

  16. I love your maxi dress with the crochet vest! :) I've never been to Boracay but I hope the issue will be fix when I visit it. I love to see the real Boracay..:)))


  17. @claudine: thanks dear! :)

    @arnie: let's still hope that it will improve for the better. :) Thanks!

    @czar: thank youuu! :)

    @readytobeextraordinary: thanks! yes, i hope so too :)

  18. Gorgeous outfit! And I love your hair!! :)

  19. Whoa? Seriously? I've been wanting to go to Boracay but darned, getting sick from the water is scary. So glad to see numerous posts up again :)) keep 'em coming.

  20. Hey, I just went to Boracay this April 26th. Might I say that there are only certain parts of the beach that has algal bloom. If you're stayin in a hotel which has a "green" beach front as you might say, don't limit yourself on the pool. Explore the whole beach! :) The whole beach is free, you can always choose a better spot if you dont feel the algals there. I might as well congratulate myself from walking to station 1 to station 2 just to explore Boracay :)
    Ps. The best part of to enjoy the beach was around 4-5:30 before sundown. Beautiful white sands when low tide!!! The best :) :)

  21. I felt the same thing when I went last May 4-6. It was my 4th time in Bora but I never experienced such since I don't go every summer :| It's kinda disappointing though, especially that it's this season when tourists actually go to Boracay. :|

    I didn't swim too! It looks horrifying and scary to walk on those algae. :|

    By the way, you look gorgeous in your floral dress. Well, as always! :)


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