I'm still the lucky one

9:09 AM

Some people used to think that my boyfriend and I are such an unlikely pair. But despite all our differences, I can't ask for anything more because I already have someone I love who's always been caring, supportive, loving, faithful, smart, hilarious and interesting. I feel sooo blessed!

On our 40th month, JR and I went on a date at Stacy's in Capitol Hills, QC. I instantly fell in love with  this quaint, vintage-inspired restaurant after discovering it on Gela's blog. The best thing about it is that, you get to enjoy an all-day breakfast, home-cooked comfort food goodness in this must-try dining destination. 

For this date, I wanted to be more feminine so I decide to go with this button-up top with fancy lace details courtesy of Closet Chic and my floral 50s-inspired high-waist full skirt. For a modern twist, I paired it with my F-STOP lego heels instead of the usual baby doll shoes or pumps.

Top Closet Chic | Skirt Thrifted | Lego heels F-STOP (Fashion Stop)
Top from Closet Chic, black floral pin not included
Heels from F-STOP
The interior is quite charming in delightful shades of pastel colors with quirky decorations. It may be too dainty for some male customers but it's homey ambiance and not to mention, deliciously filling meals, will definitely win them over!

Smiling faces will greet you once you enter Stacy's. And even before you receive your order, first-timers (like us) will be surprised with free popcorn, floral mallows and strawberry pretzels! 

I couldn't stop munching the popcorn! Gutom? Haha. 

We ordered Home-baked Chicken Parmesan (P190), Herbed Cream Dory Fillet with Aioli Dip (P175) and French Connection (if I remember it right). Everything on their menu is affordable, around P150+ per meal which they serve in a neat presentation and satisfying proportions (that can even be shared by two). 

We loved everything that we had that night. The Chicken Parmesan was scrumptious and the cheese literally melted in our mouths. My Herbed Cream Dory was cooked to perfection, the fish wasn't mushy and I could taste the herbs they've put on it. It also came with an Aioli dip that was tasty and had a sour-cream kick that complimented the dish very well. Even the side vegetables were cooked perfectly.  

The biggest surprise for me was the French Connection. At first, I didn't like the idea of a french toast with cream cheese and ham to be dipped in strawberry jam. I was really puzzled at how it would taste like. But seriously, you have to try it! The flavors all came together in a delightful way. 

When we were asked to sign a comment card for comments and suggestions, we realized that Stacy's is just missing two more things and it would be the perfect all-day breakfast resto - pancakes and waffles!

After this sweet shabby-chic dinner, I can't wait to get back at Stacy's, hopefully on a day time so I could take more lovely photos. I also plan to bring in my friends because I'm very sure they'd love it and you would too!

P.S. To my loving boyfriend who always reads my blog, I love you and between you and me, I'm still the luckier one. 


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  1. love your lacey-floral outfit :) bagay sa theme ng resto :)

  2. Hi Melai!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. :) Anyway, I really really like your shoes. Ultimate color blocking heels! ;) I wonder if they're comfy? Hindi ba deadly? Haha

  3. What a picturesque place! I love your skirt melai.:)

  4. you both are the luckiest! super hirap na kaya makahanap ngayon ng perfect match! So happy you found that one person you makes you feel the best you :)

  5. reminds me of the "Your Universe" by Rico Blanco. I always tell that to my boyfriend too. =)

    Happy 40th month! You look beautiful. =)

  6. you look so pretty with your skirt, i love the look! ;)


  7. What a cute place!!! Happy monthsary to you and your boyf! :)


  8. 40th month? WOW! <3 You guys are amazing! Happy monthsary to you and your boyfriend! <333

  9. I have always been in love to your shoes since the first time I saw you wear them on one of your posts in the past. Couldn't remember which pero I know it was some sort of a gathering with other bloggers eh. May contest pa nga..Basta un...I'm hoping I can get a pair of that soon! =))

  10. YOu looks great :)



  11. Sarap naman!!!! Love your shoes Melai!!

  12. wow you look fabulous!! :D
    i love the heels

  13. thanks a lot! that place looks sooo cool!

  14. I love your top! ;)

    Jamie Kate

  15. I love your outfit dear!:) Girly and chic!<3

  16. You look so lovely, Melai!

    Fashion Blogger

  17. Love the look, Melai! Sooo vintage!
    Wah! I wanna try out Stacy's! I'm thinking it's kinda like Banapple? :)

  18. LIKE! *sweeeeetness*
    i know how you love your man..
    you're blessed to have each other.
    more happy years for both of you.

    obtw,, love the place.. hope to visit it some time. weeeha!


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