BERRY in love

11:56 PM

My boyfriend and I love anything blueberry especially blueberry cheesecake. One of the things that triggered our connection (pre-relationship period) was when I gave him a blueberry cheesecake slice as a friendly gesture without me knowing that it was his favorite. The only reason why I bought him that was I couldn't make up my mind so I just picked what I personally like instead.

From then on, we clicked, became really close and the rest is history (turning 3 years)!

After learning about the newest blueberry variant from Red Mango during the brand's anniversary afternoon mini party, I was really excited to share it with JR. He hasn't tried it yet so I'm planning to go to Red Mango and grab him one on Valentines and go back memory lane. *cheesy*

Among the rest, this one's my favorite and I actually don't need any topping to make it taste even better. Masarap siya as is, promise! And I'm not just saying it because I'm promoting it. I was also amazed when the president explained that they really went to Korea to test and develop the product before bringing it here in the country.

Just in case if you want to put toppings, try their suggestions above. Also, check out the blueberry swirl (with ice cream) as well.
Ava said she really liked it!

Like me, I'm sure you'll fall BERRY in love with Red Mango's new BERRYLICIOUS variant. During the launch they promised more new products to come this year and I just can't wait!

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  1. they all look so delicious! yumm I wouldn't mind having any one of the above!

  2. oh my, youre making me crave for froyo!

  3. BLUEBERRY is my ULTIMATE fave flavor! ^^. Am trying it soon! ^^

  4. @ Pop Champagne: I know right!

    @ Rand T: Thanks!

    @ Liezyl: Hehehe. Give in to that craving. After all, it's healthy!

    @ Ann: Pareho tayo :) Yes yes go try!

  5. awwe! same favorites eh? sweetest!
    i dont know what's wrong with me but I've never ever tried eating yogurt. for real. this post makes me want to try one today!

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  6. I love red mango. Everything looks so delicious. Stumbled upon your blog and its so cute :)

  7. Love your blog. Now following.

    Gorgeous. Love your style.

    Check out my blog if you've got time and feel like it. It would mean a lot. I've just started.
    Karoline Kalvo

  8. everything looks sooo delicious!!! I wouldn't be able to decide!

  9. it is so beautiful ** i want one :(

    follow us :)

  10. Love Red Mango. MMMM. Great blog you have here! I like your style!

    xx THE CHEAP

  11. oh my that looks delicious!!


  12. a definite must try! heard the ad over at 89.9 this berries myself! im craving now, darn it!...lovely blog by the way...follow you! =) xoxo Cheryl

  13. hala! i lurve red mango! my favorite is their green tee yogurt..topped with almonds and peaches. <3

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  14. YUM! i love fro yoooo :)

  15. yummmmy... haven't tried red mango since.
    at mukang gusto ko n.. dahil sa post na ito.. hehe. it looks so BERRYlicious.

    hi melai :)


  16. i love frozen yogurts so much!
    and berry has a delicious taste!
    if you mind you can check my new post on my blog :)
    nice to meet you

  17. yummy!!! love frozen yoghurt!

  18. true. ok na xa as is! haha miss u melai


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